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A graduate of the "School of Sacred Arts" in Indonesia , Barbara Gardenia teaches a gentle style of yoga active for all levels.She practices yoga for 10 years in Canada where she was able to acquire a very spiritual dimension of it. His courses will take you to a profound journey of yourself while remaining in joy and good humor. "People learn better while having fun!" You would she say after his previous career in the management of video game creators.Back in France in 2012, she devoted her life to spreading harmony and welfare worldwide through writing, meditation, workshops, coaching and Yoga sessions.


Yoga is an ancient discipline from. Patanjali (200 BCE) codified what was to be the original work of Yoga and laid the foundation of all educational lines in "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali."

The word Yoga means "Union" of the self with the All.

Yoga promotes and develops the centering qualities, presence and availability, which are essential to move towards our inner dimension. It helps pass the dispersion state to a state of unity, harmony of body, heart and mind, the foundation of this discipline.

Regular practice of Yoga develops concentration, alertness and sensitivity and teaches us to know ourselves better to deal more calmly with stressful situations without being overwhelmed.Unified and refocused, yoga ensures greater availability every day, to ourselves, but also in relation to others and to the environment.Yoga does not require special skills. He almost instantly facilitates mental and muscle relaxation. In the medium term, it develops flexibility and promotes better overall health.

Hatha Yoga

Yoga classes offered in BarbaYoga in Puteaux are being Hatha Yoga .Hatha Yoga is an active practice that develops as the stability and strength that flexibility and flexibility. The courses emphasize gentle stretching, keeping awareness on breathing and the present. Hatha is to aim balance : between strength and flexibility, lightness and heaviness, movement and stillness. The mind is then released and the practice becomes like a moving meditation that can act as a conduit to a deeper exploration of being.

Hatha Yoga is an ideal complement to other physical activities like running or climbing.This practice requires no special ability , depending on your energy when you can participate in a mild course or a dynamic course.

sweet course

The sweet courses are very rejuvenating and ideal for deep relaxation . The pace of the course is slower than the current dynamic and therefore better suited to people who do not practice more sport. The time for the stretching is most important and most postures are performed on the ground . The sweet courses are accessible to all (except in case of major health problem).

dynamic course

  • Dynamic classes are energizing and invigorating and allow simultaneously deep relaxation.
  • More standing postures are performed in these courses and sequences of postures such as the sun salutations, always listening to the body and in harmony with it.
  • Although they are "dynamic" way, they remain soft compared to other yoga styles, which allows beginners to join them.


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BarbaYoga, 53 Rue Arago, 92800 Puteaux, France
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