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EUR 75.00 Avg. Price / day

The National School of Yoga

The National College of Yoga is for everyone. Each session is unique and respectful of each body, not an ideal or idealized body, but the "body of the day." Adapting to the present moment to better lead the participants to the state of Yoga.

Women, men, from 16 to 80 years, athletes, pregnant women, young mothers, various people, from all backgrounds, some subject to professional stress, family, with frantic rhythms of life, others aspiring to a life of balance, wellness, both physical and psychic, and others seeking answers to their spiritual questions, a way of life ...Common to all of these people is the desire to practice bodily discipline, adapted to their needs, their age and their bodies and meet their expectations ..

What are their expectations?

A large audience with varied expectations: Some are motivated by one or two classes per week, others engage in personal deepening by attending three-hour courses, to two-day seminars on a specific theme or in residential seminars of 5 days.

And of course, many follow the teaching of vocational training in order to pass later taught yoga at the National College of Yoga. And finally, there are those who already teach and attend classes as continuing post-training.

What is the specificity of your courses?

The yoga I teach is adapted to each and every situation.Specifically, during a course where present a dancer and someone who had had an accident in the hip, I will propose variants for each posture so that anyone can achieve according to his ability and his "body of the day." With personalized service, based on a thorough knowledge of functional anatomy and "Spyraldynamik"(concept co-founded by Yolande Deswarte, physiotherapist teacher living anatomy in training CNY), I develop each course respect for the body of everyone but especially for all participants can experience the state of yoga and enjoy its benefits in everyday life. Yoga is a practice that is open to all.

Similarly, according to the outside temperature, the body does not have the same opportunities. hips openings will be easier in the spring, summer. In winter, when the body is stiffer, they will be offered less frequently, or with a specific warm.

When can you feel the first benefits?

For most people, from the first course! At the end of the first practice, the mind is quieted, the body is refreshed, breathing is free and it feels good. With regular practice, this state will last longer and longer, thanks to the "body intelligence" ...


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EUR 75.00 Avg. Price / day