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In, the oldest yoga practice should acclaim the yoga sutra Patanjali (second century. BC.).This is the classic Yoga or Raja yoga, which seeks spiritual liberation of the human being (moksha).

Hatha yoga, it is a later form of Yoga, "Yoga of force or violence" fast track developed by Nâtha or Siddha-yogis to the twelfth century., And seeking bodily perfection as a means access to spiritual liberation. This form of yoga is codified in Sanskrit text entitled Hathayoga-Pradipika, "Little Torch of Hatha Yoga", composed by Yogi Svatmarama (XV c.), And commented on by Brahmananda, which must be added the Gheranda Samhita and Shiva Samhita.

In the West, hatha yoga has become popular as a search for the best individual being and to each other. This success is due to the fact that, unlike yoga sutra in "eight degrees" (Ashtânga), Hatha referent text Yoga (Hatha Yoga Pradipika) is practical in nature and is a large place to postures (asana) and control breath (pranayama), which are the third and fourth degrees of yoga of Patanjali, but are the first and second degrees of Hatha yoga; Unfortunately the difficult techniques are neglected in the West (bandha, mudra, hear the inner sound) and concentration disciplines in the third and fourth degree of Hatha yoga, doing lead to the Raja-Yoga with its aspiration to Deliverance conditioned existence.

Western practice of Hatha Yoga aims to be a search for unity of all physical and psychological conditions that make up the human being. The practice focuses on the testing of complementary opposites, such as: female / male, movement / stillness, inspiration / expiration, strength / letting go. Posture, breathing, meditation, may in turn culminate in practice. With the maturity and increasing difficulty, they combine two: postures / or postures breathing / meditation, and three: posture / breathing / meditation.


Since 2007 Quarterly Statements for employees in business to White Butterflies in Colmar and Mulhouse (educators, psychologist, doctor, health supervisor, AMP. Education authorities in Andolsheim (teachers)European institutions in Strasbourg (employees in the torture of service in the world, preventing burnout.


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Yoga Jean-Marc Lassiat, 7 Rue des Tirailleurs, 68000 Colmar, France
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