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"In practice (abhyasa, ampyaasa), and distancing non dependence (vairagya, vairaagkia) stop the fluctuations of the mind"

With this sutra Patanjali said the centuries before the main pillars of Ashtanga Yoga, for the conquest of peace and therefore our happiness as human beings. Abhyasa is a dedicated, continuous, rigorous research (practice at all levels) to address repeated failures.

Under the leadership of Dimitri in Abhyasa Ashtanga Shala taught the traditional system of Ashtanga Yoga, as reached us until today by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of mysore, South.

Offering the system sets of exercises and philosophical lessons pave the way to flourish the real purpose of yoga, which is none other than thinking and independent individuals, where the real teacher is the practice and the practitioner himself same.

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by car from Athens In Attaleias trafic light, turn to the left and immediately turn right (farmacy on your left). In the second street turn right (after the English school), you are in Adrianoupoleos street from Perama After the Ioniko's stadium, in Attaleias trafic light (third in a row) turn right (farmacy on your left). In the second street turn right (after the English school), you are in Adrianoupoleos street

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Abhyasa Ashtanga Yoga Shala Reviews

3.5(9 reviews)

Theodora Verriopoulou

A teacher in every sense of the word... and one of the few that those who would like to see us and make them act the same... The best way to meet the yoga <3

Katerina Valma

Good start dimi!! It's so nice to see something so special and unique like your teachings to school, so i hope you continue to teach us and to our empneeis.

Catherine Gaitani

Demetris me your job always touching the perfect simply because you're never satisfied with anything less! I'm glad you started something yours means you did it with much love, effort, thought.. and that's why you will be rewarded! Good start!

Poppie Petropoulou

I hope your new path to be creative, full of inspiration and love. Good start!!! Keep it in your fire burning...

Sofia Alexopoulou

Good start Dimitri, I hope the new journey that you start to take you to beautiful places..!!!

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