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About Dr Mathai's International Holistic Center

Soukya International Holistic Center is a World’s First Holistic Health Centre, a family-run organization founded in 2002 and headed by Dr. Issac Mathai M.D., a holistic physician who is an internationally renowned holistic health consultant. Soukya Ayurveda Retreat is a residential medical institute that offers the most authentic and genuine Ayurveda treatments delivered by 4th generation Ayurvedic doctors.
Soukya Bengaluru has its own herb garden where they grow over 300 medicinal plants & herbs which are the key ingredients of oils and medicines made in house. Soukya Ayurveda Retreat is India's 1st NABH Accredited AYUSH Hospital since 2012. Soukya Ayurveda retreat centre has won multiple awards such as ‘Best of India Place for Nature Cure’ by India Today in 2006, Prestigious ‘Best Wellness Centre’ by National Tourism Awards 2008-2009 in 2010. Soukya Bengaluru is also the Winner of the ‘Best Indian Holistic Health Resort’.

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How to Get There

Soukya International Holistic Center spread across 30 acres of beautifully cultivated land in the countryside east of Bengaluru, Samethanahalli less than half an hour from the airport.

List of services, treatments, health care programmes offered

Soukya International Holistic Center offers the following services:

1- Wellness Packages

2- Ayurveda Treatments

3- Ayurveda Retreat

4- Ayurveda Panchakarma


Doctors/Experts (Names)

1- Dr. Issac Mathai M.D.(HOM.), M.R.C.H (LOND.)
Co-Founder, Chairman, Managing & Medical Director
Dr. Mathai is from a family that has a tradition of homoeopathic medical practice for over 50 years. Having worked with his mother Dr.Annamma Mathai as a child, Dr.Mathai imbibed the knowledge, compassion, experience and above all, the need to serve mankind. He is an internationally renowned holistic health consultant and a medically qualified homoeopathic physician, He graduated from the A.N.S.S. Medical College - Kerala, India and took his M.D. (Homeopathy) from the Hahnemann Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, London, following this he took his M.R.C.H. (London). He also studied Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Acupuncture at the W.H.O. Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China, and received training from the Mind-Body Medicine programme at Harvard Medical School in the US.

During and after his education as a Homeopathic doctor he met with several renowned doctors. He worked at the 101 clinic in London for 10 yrs which is Europe’s First and largest Holistic Healthcare clinic. During his time in London, he realised when he taught Yoga and Transcendental Meditation that integrating different systems of medicine gave far better results and no side effects rather than following one system of medicine, thereby envisioning a Holistic Centre in India integrating different systems of medicine. As India is the land of ancient medicine especially with the 5,000-year-old Ayurveda which originated in India, he decided to start the centre in India which would provide holistic medicine for people around the world thus showcasing India as a Holistic destination to the World.

2- Dr. Suja Issac PhD M.Sc., M.Phil. (Foods & Nutrition)

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Suja Issac holds a PhD in Foods & Nutrition and has graduated with a B.Sc. in Home Science and went on to do her M.Sc. and M.Phil. in Foods & Nutrition at the Women's Christian College, Madras University. Both her M.Sc. and M.Phil. dissertation work, which was conducted at the Madras Medical College and the Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai were awarded the 'Best Thesis Award' from the University of Madras. She was a professor at the Women's Christian College, Chennai and the Mount Carmel College, Bangalore where she taught Foods and Nutrition and related subjects. Dr.Suja Issac is the driving force behind the design, architecture and landscaping of SOUKYA. Due to her passion and innate sense of design, aesthetics and critical attention to minute details SOUKYA has turned out to be a Haven not only for guests from over 100 countries but also abode to rare species of birds and animals.

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Packages (32)

soukya bengaluru The Ayurvedic doctor selects the ayurvedic oils based on your body type which is used in the massage. In addition to the beneficial effects of massage which reduces stress, improves circulation and relaxes taut muscles, these ayurvedic oils have a rejuvenating effect as they also help eliminate impurities. They also reduce hair-loss and dandruff, condition the scalp, and improve sleep and eyesight. This kind of oleation serves as an absolute preventive measure against many ailments related to the Vata dosha. The massage is more effective when done by 2 therapists. There is a lot of oil used in the massage and these massages are done man-man and woman-woman only

It is the massage of the legs below the knees which improves circulation to the extremities, is beneficial for diabetics, increases joint mobility and muscle tightness and is useful in destressing. Shirodhara a continuous stream of oil is gently swayed on the forehead to relax the nervous system at SOUKYA wellness resort in Bangalore, India

Shiro means head and dhara is a steady flow of warm ayurvedic oil which is specially selected by the ayurvedic doctor. Dhara can also be done with other ingredients like buttermilk, but they are specifically chosen as per the condition. Shirodhara involves a continuous stream of oil that is gently swayed on the forehead which completely relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind. It is very beneficial in conditions like hypertension, anxiety, insomnia and psychiatric problems and also is effective for paralysis, senile dementia and other neurological disorders and improves the memory as well.

Finely chopped herbal leaves and herbal powders are warmed in medicated oil and bundled in a poultice which is used for the fomentation massage. In cases of rheumatism and other diseases, fomentation in the affected area brings great relief. Ellakizhi promotes better circulation, relieves stress, and treats osteo-arthritis. It is also ministered to those with spondylosis and sports injuries resulting from soft tissue inflammations and joint pains.

This specialised massage uses ayurvedic powders or churnas to help reduce obesity, impart mobility to the joints and strengthen muscles. The most promising benefit is an all over slimming and toning effect on the body.

A linen bag filled with churna (medicated powder) is used for fomentation, the duration of which varies according to disease conditions. This is effective for ailments due to Vata and Kapha disorders as it produces a therapeutic sweat, which relieves neurological disorders, rheumatism and arthritis.

This is a special Ayurvedic treatment to set right the degenerative changes in the retina and lens of the eyes, to strengthen the optic nerve, ciliary muscles, and to correct the refractive errors in diabetic retinopathy, etc.

Application of medicated paste on the crown of the head is called Thalam. Thalams are of various types according to the nature of the ailment.

This is a palliative treatment for ailments in the head region. It is good for diseases affecting the cranial nerves due to Vata disorders. The treatment is named after the folded piece of cloth used to cover the crown called the pichu

This is a traditional Kerala Ayurvedic treatment meant for disorders of facial nerve and different neurological disorders of facial muscles. This is very important in treating facial palsy.

This is a special ayurvedic treatment for lower backache or sciatica of different etiology. Warm ayurvedic oil is held on affected area on the lumbosacral region.

This is a special ayurvedic treatment for different kinds of neck complaints including cervical spondylitis, I.V. disc prolapses, arthrosis, etc.

This is a special ayurvedic treatment for the knee joint conditions like arthritis, tendon injuries, sprain, etc.

This is a special ayurvedic treatment for a variety of heart diseases including angina pectoris,

soukya bengaluru This treatment includes procedures like cleansing, massage, herbal steam, gentle scrub, nutrifiying packs, toning, rejuvenating and moisturizing. This is done with combination of ayurvedic herbs based on the constitution, and fresh fruits and vegetables according to skin types. This nourishes the skin by providing vitamins and minerals and rejuvenating the pores. The pack heals and lightens scars, evens out the color tone, soothes and moisturizes the skin and makes the skin soft and supple. It also stimulates the deepest layer of the skin to make healthy new growth.

This exotic massage is a signature treatment of SOUKYA, the special protocol being developed here. After application of the ayurvedic oil based on your body type, the hot lava stones are used to massage your body. Excellent for tired and aching muscles and to destress the body making you feel lighter than ever. It relieves spasms of the muscles by improving the circulation. It also tones the muscles, relaxes the nerves, helps mobilize fat in a mild way and removes the stiffness from the joints and improves posture.

soukya bengaluru An intensive treatment that works on neuro muscular tissues, strengthens the nervous system and tones the body. The strong and vigorous massages with deep pressure used in the strokes helps the very stressed body and also helps in weight loss. It tones the muscles and helps to get rid off deep seated toxins.

Pizhi' means 'Squeezing' and 'Chil' means 'Vigorous movement.' It is a procedure of squeezing large quantities of warm medicated oil all over the body with one hand and massaging with the other hand. When administered many times in succession is found to alleviate pains and is very invigorating. This is a unique contribution of Kerala. It has also been proved to be highly effective on its own for treating diseases caused due to vitiation of the Vata humour, especially hemiplegia, paralysis, muscle spasms and other degenerative diseases affecting the muscles. This massage protects you from illnesses and builds up your immunity for a healthy life. It is very useful for rheumatic diseases, sexual weakness, blood pressure, nerve weakness and helps to arrest the ageing process.

A bolus of Navara or Shastika rice cooked with milk and herbal decoctions is made into a fist-sized bundle called a kizhi which is used for fomentation. This is done after the application of medicated oil over the whole body and this induces a sweat. It has its proven efficacy and indicated in muscular disorders, neurological anomalies from paralysis to neuralgias, emaciation, and blood related disorders. This in healthy individuals gives a sedation effect, improves blood circulations and metabolism, makes body feels lighter and relaxed. It makes skin soft and gives special luster and glow. It is used not only as part of Panchakarma but also as an effective treatment for many diseases due to Vata disorders. This strengthening formulation helps combat neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, and malnutrition of limbs.

This is the application of herbal preparations in paste over the hairy part of the head for 30 to 60 minutes. Ingredients of the paste vary according to the nature of the ailment. This is helpful in treating sleep disorders, headache, herriplegia, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, hair falling, premature graying, dandruff, etc.

soukya bengaluru It is a kind of immersion bath where the patient is made to sweat while sitting in a tub filled with a specific warm medical decoction for the whole body or different parts of the body like the hips or feet. This is good for rheumatism, painful urination, hernia, lower backache, arthritis, etc

An exotic facial using fresh, natural beauty enhancing herbs like milk cream, curd, mint, honey, turmeric and various other ayurvedic herbs. The fresh herbs rejuvenate the skin and the aromas relax the mind. It also helps remove scars, improves the complexion and it soothes and moisturizes the skin.

soukya bengaluru A complete facial procedure using a combination of ayurvedic herbs and the highly nourishing and detoxifying mud from the Dead Sea. The high mineral content of the mud is what makes it so effective in detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin by improving the flow of nutrients to the skin surface.

Unless the toxins that get harboured in our body at every level are released, a fit and healthy lifestyle is impossible. We help cleanse the body with special Ayurvedic cleansing treatments, deep cleansing mud packs, naturopathic hydrowashes and herbal packs.

A practical diet programme combined with Special Ayurvedic weight loss treatments, specific yogic exercises and weight reducing hydrotherapy treatments. The package is individually designed to help lose weight. (Note: A holistic health evaluation may be needed in some cases)

Our Special Ayurvedic formula addresses the ageing process in a most profound way. Our experience so far with guests has also included the revival of senses that were once lost ! Such is the impact of the treatment that includes the best of Ayurvedic and Naturopathic protocols which include revitalising hydrotherapies, mud and herbal packs.

This addresses both the cleansing and revitalising of the body through special ayurvedic protocols, different kind of packs, hydrowashes, Reflexology and Acupressure.

This ancient, authentic, time tested treatment is highly recommended annually for those above 40 and biannually for those above 60. This Special Rejuvenation protocol cleanses and revitalises the body to a new state of health.

This ancient, authentic, time tested treatment is highly recommended annually for those above 40 and biannually for those above 60. This Special Rejuvenation protocol cleanses and revitalises the body to a new state of health.

This is for those who would like to experience what an Ayurvedic treatment would be like. This package offers a full body Ayurvedic massage done by 2 therapists simultaneously (also referred to as the 4 hand massage) and Shirodhara.

Ultimately stress management is self management. Our treatment include our Signature Ayurvedic Hot Stone massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Yoga, Meditation, special ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments for distressing, refreshing packs and soothing hydro-therapy treatments. (Note: A holistic health evaluation may be needed)

Our unique revitalising programme will instill in the body a new zest for life. This is achieved through our specially designed Ayurvedic revitalising treatments, mud packs, Reflexology and Acupressure.


Soukya Ayurveda Retreat offers 5 types of accommodation during the retreat.

1- Delux Room

2- Deluxe Special Room

3- Super Deluxe

4- Super Deluxe Special

5- Suites



In Soukya Ayurveda Retreat a long-term dietary plan is created by the Doctors, Nutritionists & the Culinary team and served to each guest, based on their Ayurvedic body-type and lifestyle, to sustain the health benefits gained at the centre. Soukya International Holistic Center serves Sattvic food, which creates positive vibrations in the body and contributes to a pure and calm mind which is central to the concept of a healthy lifestyle in Indian philosophy. Soukya International Holistic Center's balanced, personalised, healthy, organic, vegetarian cuisine is based on the principles of low fat, low salt, and low spice. 

Reviews Of Dr Mathai's International Holistic Center

- Dr.Neeraj Verma (Delhi) after 14 days stay, September 2016

"An excellent place for a break from stressful routine, yet get medical, physical, mental benefits. Thanks to ever willing dedicated staff, doctors and salute to the vision of Dr Mathai. Thank you Soukya, will meet again."

- Ms.Shikha Sahu (Jharkhand) after 21 days stay, September 2016

"Once again I say, I am blessed to have discovered Soukya. As I was looking for a place to help myself, far off from the daily tension of life. Finally it’s here! Feel great after a 20days stay, going back rejuvenated mentally and physically + plan to visit here once a year for someday for sure. Everything is excellent out here. Thanks to Dr Mathai! For visualising such a beautiful concept and letting us avail it."

- Ms.Hilde Hyrat (Norway) after 14 days stay, September 2016

"Thanks to each and every one who is working here. You make this a wonderful place for vacation. This has been the most refreshing experience. Hope to see you again!"

- Ms.Parul Shah (Bangalore) after 8 days stay, September 2016

"A very special, magical space, healing and restorative to the last cell of the body, mind, spirit and soul. Congratulations Dr Mathai, Mrs Mathai and the team for meeting such and extraordinary environment. God Bless!"

- Mr.K. J .George, Minister (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, September 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Soukya. The environment is very relaxing, rejuvenating and the treatment excided my expectation. I will be recommending this place to my friends and family and I will definitely return next year.

- Mr.Michael D Souza & Ms.Eleena D Souza (Dubai) after 10 days stay, September 2016

“Dear Dr Mathai, this is my third visit to Soukya. At the outset both my sister Eleena and I would like to convey our heartful- Thanks to your good self, Dr.Suja and all of the Soukya staff who took such careful care us both for the past 10 days. We both feel completely rejuvenated in mind and body. Especially my sister Eleena is very thankful for the vigorous and trustworthy manners we were treated by your staff. My sister is truly happy with healing of her frozen shoulder ailment. Once again thank you for everything."

- Ms.Sabera Sheikh (Malaysia) after 8 days stay, September 2016

"What a pleasure it is to return to Soukya and to meet Doctors on my first examination/complaints/meeting. They are massive and made my anxiety, history. Of course meeting Dr Mathai again was a bonus. Thank you for your prescriptions. The staff were delightful at the dining hall. I will return again and again to this serene paradise. My love to Dr Mathai and team-not forgetting everyone in Admin.

- Ms.Shahira Akhter (Bangalore) after 12 days stay, September 2016

"I congratulate Dr Mathai and family stay with from of Soukya .Dr Mathai enterprise is nothing about of paradise. It has been a very fulfilling stay for me and I am sure to return next year. Soukya surpasses all others surely with its excellent and most comforting staff and doctors I have come across anywhere. Soukya in serene, calming, therapeutic and rejuvenating to anyone who is undergoing any ailments or stress. I hope and wish we get to see a soukya in Delhi too!"

- Mr.Phiroze Seth (Mumbai) after 28 days stay, September 2016

"Once in a lifetime experience. Must congratulate Dr.Mathai on his leadership. It’s the place the staff that makes the experience blissful. Keep it up!"

- Mr.Brij Tanti ( Pune) after 14 days stay, September 2016

- Mr.Frans Visscher (Netherland) after 4 days stay, September 2016 "Fantastic experience. Excellent staff members. This has certainly improved my knowledge about well being. My best wishes to Soukya."

- Mr.Alleti Maheshwar Reddy ( Hyderabad) after 8 days stay, September 2016

"It has been a wonderful experience and a very good time. Dr Mathai & Mrs Mathai has created a new world, a heaven with good staff, ambience, caring team of Soukya. Amazing experience I wish I would come whenever I get time. My best wishes to Dr Mathai and his entire team for their care and concern."

- Mr.Manish Tiwari,Minister ( New delhi) after 9 days stay, August 2016

"This is my second visit to soukya. I was here this time in 2015. Dr Mathai & Dr (Mrs) Mathai have created a heaven on earth. The ambience is so serene and calm. The food, treatment and care is just fantastic. It is truly a world class institution. Thank all. The staff for their care.

- Ms.Priya Golchha ( Kolkata) after 22 days stay, August 2016

"This is my first visit to any holistic centre. I must say I loved every moment. I spent here, wow what a humbling memorable journey it has been. To everybody to Dr Mathai and his team keep smiling. Hope to see the same soukya when I visit next."

- Ms.Ayesha & Dr.Amina Almarzooqi ( Dubai ) after 11 days stay, August 2016

"I love soukya always, when I came first time I thought you are doing your best to please your guests. Second time I realize it is your way of doing your marvelous duties. Thank you so much for all teams, doctors, receptionists, dining, housekeeping, cleaners, gardeners and all staff and everyone in soukya. See you next time."

- Mr.Anil Kumar K.S (Bangalore) after 16 days stay, August 2016

"My 16 days stay was the most amazing experience in my life.This place in “heaven on earth". I would like to thank Dr.Mathai and his team for giving me such a wonderful experience. Staff in this place are most amazing people. I would love to come to this place again and again."

- Mr.Ajay Mittal (New delhi) after 10 days stay, August 2016

"This was the best gift I could have given to my self on my 60th birthday. The place far exceeded my expectations in every which way. Ten days spent here gave me rare opportunity for deep reflection and for discovering my self. I go back fully rejuvenated and re-charged. Dr Mathai has created and maintained an amazing place. Everything is perfect. All staff from Gardner, housekeeper, kitchen, therapists, doctors, front desk, accounts etc. seen to have some unique sense of service which can come only by “spirituality" and Dr Mathai deserves full marks to create that feeling in all these people. A lab for all HR, motivationists and people leaders. Truly a place to detoxify body, mind and spirit. A big Thanks."

- Ms.Katie Mulloy (UK) after 8 days stay, August 2016

"What a journey its been. Thank you all so very much for your experience, your professionalism but above all your kindness. Much love.

- Ms.Edda Schulz and Mr.Rakesh Asthana ( USA) after 8 days stay, August 2016

"We had a very good experience and a very relaxing stay with yoga and some Ayurveda treatment. Service was excellent and people very friendly."

- Mr. & Mrs. Manjooran (Bangalore) after 4 days stay, August 2016

"We had a very good experience and a very relaxing stay with yoga and some Ayurveda treatment. Service was excellent and people very friendly."

- Mr. & Mrs. Manjooran (Bangalore) after 4 days stay, August 2016

"Peace and tranquillity prevail scenic and healthy environment. Once in soukya you are in the lap of nature, on oasis in the desert -against the back drop of an unplanned concrete jungle. The hand of a genius is discernible in the soukya paradise. Wish him all the best." - Mr. & Mrs. Manjooran (Bangalore) after 4 days stay, August 2016

- Ms.Tran bich ha ( Vietnam) after 18 days of stay, July 2016

"I have the same comments as my daughter as above. We travel every two months and never experienced the special service as here.Professional and very warm from everybody. We will be back next year with our friends.

- Ms.Hema Chhabria ( Bangalore) after 19 days stay, July 2016

"SOUKYA- an amazing place-with fantastic doctors- A salute to Dr mathai. All doctors are awesome. Delicious food each day by the chef and therapists were execellent in their service. Soukya is such a lovely place to come and relax and rejuvenate. The organic vegetables and fruits are to die for. Everything under one roof-a paradise on earth thats SOUKYA.

- Ms.Chitra Krsihnaswamy (Coimbatore) after 12 days stay, July 2016

"I came here to relax and get therapies. I am energised more than I expected. The atmosphere is so good and enjoyed being here.Especially loved walking in the natural,unpolluted atmosphere. Doctors and staff are so sweet and felt like home."

- Mr.Ajay Malhotra (London) after 8 days stay, July 2016

"I came here to relax, detox, feel healthy, energetic, to learn yoga, have fresh air, for some treatments, a good balanced diet and I must admit that all my objectives have been met. The place is heaven and staff is the best I have ever seen. Thanks to soukya for a great learning and I am sure I will come back again."

- Ms.Nooraine Fazal (Bangalore) after a week stay, July 2016

"Overall a rejuvenating stay mentally, physically and spiritually! The physical environment, the attitude and expertise of every member of the team, and the processes are aligned seamlessly to Soukya’s mission and values. The core team can pat itself on its back for making the lead from a good health centre to an institution… No say all achievement! Thank you for an awesome stay!"

- Ms.Shamma Al Nowais & Mr.Yaqoob Al Mansoori (UAE) after 4 days stay, July 2016

"Serenity concludes this place. Its an amazing place to get rejuvenated and get energy from the surroundings. The staff is excellent and friendly. We will definitely come back.

- Ms.Prem Hirawat (Chennai) after 8 days stay, July 2016

"Soukya is very beautiful place. This is my first visit to Naturopathy I was scared,but after I came to Soukya I really liked it so much. Very Homely, very kind, Good atmosphere,very good staff and good doctors.It was more than expected. I will come soon. Love your staff and Dr’s Lovely Gift. Thanks."

- Mr.Shankar K (UK) after 8 days stay, July 2016

"Same feedback as before.Wonderful people, great place, very good hosts everywhere."

- Ms.Eliamma Rao (Bangalore) after 4 days stay, July 2016

"Soukya gathers into an warm embrace and you leave here feeling rejuvenated and touched at a very deep level!"

- Mr.Anuj Wadhwa (Delhi) after 36 days stay, July 2016

"Revolutionary concept. Its high time humans go beyond conventional medicines and appreciate the ancient culture and well-being. Soukya has made a comfortable effort in maintaining the sanctity of the practices along with providing modern day comforts. God Bless the team!

- Ms.Sai Shivani (Bangalore) after a week stay, June 2016

"A blissful stay at soukya!!!Must say that Iam feeling much better and peaceful staying at soukya.The staff here really need a round of applause for the excellent service and hospitality.The team of doctors and therapists are excellent.Iam sure of coming back soon to Soukya for more time with myself and nature.God bless you all!Keep up the good work.A big thank you all Doctors."

- Ms.Sandhya Rajgopal (USA) after 15 days stay, June 2016

"Consistently very high quality of service and therapies.Immaculate maintainance of plush grounds is uplifting.Am sure I will be back."

- Mr.Ramesh Ramakrishna (Dubai) after 12 days stay, June 2016

"A wonderful experience.I enjoy the treatment and the hospitality all the time.Going back rejuvenated and happy.Looking forward to my next visit."

- Purnima Jagatiani (Bangalore) after 3 days stay, June 2016

"A wonderful stay.I cant complain or find a single amendment needed.Excellent service and make u comfortable.Customer Delight as they call it."

- Nidhi Sachdev (Delhi) after 8 days stay, June 2016

"Very good experience.Excellent facility.Very calming.Will definitely visit again."

- Mr.& Mrs.Devendra Gupta(Delhi) after 10 days stay, June 2016

"Overall a wonderful experience.This is a blessing for health.Commendable efficiency in every area.Very well organised.Keep up the great work."

- Mr.& Mrs B.K.Rathnakar Rao(Bangalore) after 10 days stay, June 2016

"If there be an heaven on earth,this it is.This is the perfect place for the expert healing being done here by reknowned experts under Dr.Mathai.We had a wonderful stay."

-Mr.Amit Nanavati ( Chennai) after 9 days stay, June 2016

"Out of the world experience! Great place & excellent staff.Very friendly and polite people to take care of every need.Th efood quality is exemptional and the best of all is the treatments offered.Kudos to the entire eam of Dr.Mathai and everyone else.Will surely come back again!"

- Dr.K.S.Ravindranath (Bangalore)after 3 days stay,May 2016

"Different world,natural greenery,lawn,trees,birds,flowers.Naturalist’s paradise.Place to forget the entire world,refreshing,relaxing and rejuvenating experience.Full marks for persons who have planned."

- Mr.K .V Raju(Bangalore) after a week stay,May 2016

"Standards are well developed and maintained.Highly appreciate management team and entire staff.Excellent holistic health center."

- Ms.Smeeta Chakrabarti,(New Delhi) after 15 days stay,May 2016

"Overall an excellent experience very peaceful and harmonious.Staff are excellent.Rooms are spacious.Doctors and therapists very caring and helpful."

- Mr & Mrs Mahendra Jain,Ms.Snehal Jain ,Mr.Soham Jain(Bangalore),after 4 days stay,May 2016

-we fell in love with all the lovely little lotus ponds,flowering trees,grazing sheep and colourful birds.All the trees laden with fruits –the place inspires health,well being & nourishment and we are all inspired to our very core" Thankyou!

- Mr & Mrs Vemi Prabhakar Reddy,(Andra Pradesh)after 4 days stay,May 2016

"The whole systems are well planned and the way therapy and other activities are done keeps you busy all throught out the day and special words for the therapists and the food served.We would come back without failure and also inform our family about this lovely place created by Dr.Mathai."

- Ms.Munira Al Mulla,(Dubai)after 16 days stay,May 2016

"I enjoyed your therapy and feel relaxed.All doctors are friendly and kind and all staff are good.Dining food is good.I think I will come back."

- Ms.Al Anoud Al Marzooqi (Dubai),after 16 days stay,May 2016

"It was an excellent experience for me in soukya I enjoyed the place and I feel relax and Iam satisfied with all treatment was made for me.Sure I will visit this place once again." Thankyou!

- Mr.Shashi Suvarna,Mrs.Chandravathi Suvarna & Mr.Muralidhar,(Mumbai)

"Excellent therapy and very good service by the respective therapist.The doctors were also informative and hands down to the basic.The yoga and the meditation techniques taught was very helpful. Also the staff at the restaurant were very careful serving the food and took special care to follow the diet being prescribed by the doctors to the patients.Last but not the least the surroundings of Soukya was ethical and gave a freshness in all forms.We would also like to thank each and every staff member of soukya.Look forward to visit again."

- Mr.K.Ravi,Mr.B.Srinivas Rao & Mr.Chickkarayappa,after a week stay,(Bangalore)May 2016

"It was a uncomparable comfort and feelings we all had in Soukya.We will be back soon to enjoy the great hospitality and environment and great people of soukya.All the Best!"

- Mr.Benjamin Villasenor (Mexico) after 28days stay,April 2016

"After searching in internet among 1000 places,I decided to come to Soukya,and after my 28days ,I can affirm that I made the right decision.Iam going back home with other body,other mind and other spirit and all this was possible.Thanks to the relaxing peace that soukya gave me and to the help,attention and kindness of doctors,therapists and all the personal.Thankyou to all of you.See you next year!"

-Mr.& Mrs.Ghanshyam Dhanuka (Assam) after 16 days stay,April 2016

"It’s a paradise on earth.The best part is that you have taken the best of all three including Naturopathy,Ayurveda and Homeopathy.Feeling truly devine and blessed."

- Mr.& Mrs .Sunil Bansal (Kolkata) after 8 days stay,April 2016

"4th Visit.Soukya the same as always home away from home serene,special & Magical.Staff so helpful and always smiling.Doctors and therapists always helpful.Dr.Mathai have a great place and a great team.Look forward to come again hopefully for a longer period this time.Thanks and love to everyone at Soukya."

- Mr.Jonathan Brett Baker (USA) after 8 days stay,April 2016

"Once Discovered never forgotten.I now have 3 time in 5 years from USA.I come because the Dr & staff make results happen.It is always hard word.But at the end of my stay I see my body clock turned back 15 yrs."

- Mr.A.S.Patil (Bangalore) after a month stay,April 2016

"It is excellent place to any person who really need to keep his life well.Excellent treatment,Diet,Doctors and staff.Iam proud myself Karnataka have this centre.Many many thanks to Dr.Mathai for having this centre that too in Karnataka."

- Ms.Fatma Almarzooqi (Dubai) after 3 week stay, March 2016

-when my sisters has advised me to come to soukya I come to be in good health but from the first day I discovered pleasant things that they are happening in my life.The spirit of every person in this place touches my soul.I learned a lot of good things and value each breath I will take every moment."

- Ms.Susan Rahman(Bangalore) after 6 day stay, March 2016

"Once again a nurturing,rejuvenating experience with the warmth of the doctors and staff…Wonderful healing happens to your body ,mind and soul in SOUKYA."

- Ms.Valli Subbiah (Chennai) after a week stay, March 2016

"The serenity of the environment,the dedication of the management and the sincerity of all the therapists greatly healed the body,mind and soul.Thankyou!"

- Ms.Meera Subherwal (UAE),after a 3 week stay, March 2016

"Soukya just keeps bringing me back!Thankyou for a complete recharge.I go back feeling rejuvenated and ready for the world.Bring it on!!Once again I hope to see you all in the coming future."

- Ms.Sagarika Ghose (New Delhi) after 14days stay, March 201

"What an energising,relaxing and enlightening 2 weeks at soukya.Brilliant doctors,wonderful therapy and hands on smiling staff.I will be back!God bless Soukya."

- Mr. & Mrs.Ashok Kirpalani (Hong Kong)after 10 day stay, March 2016

"We have really enjoyed our stay in soukya.Would like to thank the staff and management for the wonderful hospitality."

- Mr.Rajiv Mehrotra (Delhi) after 20days stay, February 2016

"A wonderful warm and nurturing space for healing in an environment of comforting care.A great team of doctors who know what they are doing,therapists with a sensitive touch and staff who treat you like family.A retreat for mind,body and soul.This is because of the compassionate leadership of Dr.Mathai and his wife."

- Ms.Uma Anand Iyer (Bangalore) after 15 days stay, February 2016

-makes it a calm and serene place.Its a refuge from outside world a place were one learns a new about holistic healing.It helps one calm down.Thanks Soukya for the top class hospitality and facilities."

- Ms.Maura H Brackett (USA) after 20 days, February 2016

"I have been coming to Soukya from USA for 13 years.The holistic care keep my 80 year old body healthy and fit and they follow up with guidance for the coming year.Soukya is an environmentally glorious and calm 30 acres of gardens.Within the organic gardens they grow their own food,a medicinal garden for their own medicine,a 2km walking path,a yoga building for daily therapeutic yoga and a nourriture of birds.It reaches out to the body,mind and spirit."

- Ms.Vibha Kalathia (Pune) after 16days stay, February 2016

"Soukya is a beautiful,serene and calming place.Every person,every plant,everything in nature is at balance here and respects strong commitment towards life makes you want to live a life with such a balance and commitment across your body,mind and soul.Soukya is a true form of transformation that does not seem to cease and this enables everyone around here to embrace transformation within themselves too with ease.We will be back for sure.Our big thankyou to everyone here(even the rabbits).Keep doing what you do best as its definitely working."

- Dr.Salwa Alnuaimi (Dubai)after 20 days stay, February 2016

"Leaving but carrying Soukya in my heart ,hoping to come back again.Beautiful place managed and run by beautiful people.Thank you and god bless you all."

- Mr.Mark Dean Jones (Hong Kong) after 13days stay, February 2016

"Soukya is a magical place.The placement of every plant,tree and smile comes from the heart.There are no short cuts in life and soukya does not claim to be one.What it is ,is a place to find balance in mind,body and soul.Its an amazing place.I will be back! Thankyou Dr.Mathai & his team."

- Ms.Pallavi Shah and Ms.Kunjali Shah (USA) after 14days stay, February 2016

"We come back and back because this is such a caring and loving place and we come to get well and we do."

- Mr. & Mrs. John Carter (NewZealand) after 6 days stay , February 2016

"What a beautiful surrounding,healthy food,service from dining team was superb;gardening;housekeeping team so friendly.Some excellent treatments with the yoga and evening practice.Thankyou all!"

- Ms.Jeyanthi Sithara (USA) after 8 days stay, January 2016

"Soukya is a beautiful place that is well planned,tastefully decorated,very well organised and co-ordinated by a team of efficient,polite and respectful staff.My friend and I had a great experience here.We will plan to visit soukya again in future and will recommend our friends who need treatments."

- Ms.Mini Raheja (New Delhi) after 8 days stay, January 2016

"Once again a great experience.Going back happy,healthy and charged up.Thanks to each one of you from Dr.Mathai,Drs at the therapy,the therapists,the gardeners for creating this heaven."

- Mr.Ahmed Almudaiheem & Mr.Abdulaziz Alanbar(Riyadh) after 12 days stay, January 2016

"More than expected.Thanks to everyone from management to labours.Hope to be back god willing.It was also a good chance to refresh memories with my friend."

- Ms.Anjali Nair and Ms.Suchitha (Dubai) after a week stay, January 2016

"Excellent experience.Congratulations to the brain behind it and to the dedicated staff a very big thanks.Without you all this excellence will not happen.Thankyou so much for making our stay here the most beautiful days of our life."

- Dr.Amina Mohammad Almarzooqi (Dubai) after 15days stay, January 2016

"I came with some expectations,leaving with love,comfort and happiness.Thankyou.Best people always provide the best.Thankyou all and every single person in soukya."

- Dr.Kim Sung Chol ,WHO (New Delhi) after a day stay, January 2016

"This person centered and holistic health care centre would be the future model for people who want to be healthy forever.Thanks for all the hospitality given to me which was very much appreciative.Wish further success for the healthy mankind."

- Ms.Vibhuti Patel (USA) after 23 days stay, January 2016

"Another lovely stay in this beautiful little paradise.Surrepticious food,Super service and terrific treatments.Soukya’s gorgeous grounds feed my soul.Thanks and hope to return."

- Ms.Sandhya Rajgopal (USA) after 11days stay, December 2015.

"Wonderful place,very well maintained,fabulous services,Royal treatment by efficient and pleasant mannered staff.I will recommend this retreat to any one who seeks holistic well-being,healing,recuperation and rejuvenation.I feel like a whole shiny new person!!Awesome!"

- Ms.Jo Foley (London) after 6 days stay, December 2015.

"This is a enchanting place I cannot believe it has taken me so long time to return.I love its serenity,its ethos,its staff but most of all I love the gardens."

- Justice Arun Mishra (New Delhi) after 9 day stay, December 2015.

"Its indeed a comfortable place for stay with so much natural beauty around and warm look again makes it a beautiful place to stay."

- Ms.Antonia Leach (UK) after a month stay, December 2015.

"My month here at soukya has been an unlifting and in every way healing experience due to the extra-ordinary setting,dedicated and thoughtful doctors and an unsurpassable team of therapists.The food was so good that I didn’t notice the restriction that had been placed on my diet.Iam very blessed to have been given this opportunity to achieve better health and look forward to my return sooner rather than later!Thanks to everyone and wishing the Mathai Family everyone at soukya a joyful Christmas/festive season and a peaceful new year!2016."

- Mr.Jackiy Ramani (Bangkok) after 7 day stay, December 2015.

"Really enjoyed my stay and want to stay longer.Already planning when I can come back.The whole team at soukya are professional and thankyou for all the advice which I can take back and apply in my daily life.Feel very happy and relaxed and very happy with the treatments."

- Mr.Tanweer Hyder (Australia) after 8 days stay, December 2015.

"Excellent experience of healing as always.Thanks to the professionalism and politeness of doctors ,therapists,administrators,staff in the dining area and at the reception.The experience was wonderful as always .Keep it up!"

- Mr.Raafat Chirazi (Dubai) after 9 days stay, December 2015.

"Thankyou for a warm and healing retreat.Your gentle and caring treatments helped me heal greatly.I arrived physically and emotionally depleted but Iam leaving refreshed and restored.May god bless your oasis of healing and keep you well."

- Mr.Jayabardhan Mishra (Orissa) after 15 days stay, December 2015.

"Many many thanks to all my staff and regards and pranam to all my doctors.Wish to all our staff and therapists.I feel the bliss and satisfaction on my stay."

- Ms.Manasi (Bangalore) after 2 days stay, November 2015.

"Great experience.Peaceful and calming.Extremely well maintained and soulful experience with nature.Thanks and gratitude to Dr.Mathai,Mrs.Suja and team."

- Mr.P.S.Reddy (Chennai) after 12days stay, November 2015.

"Very good institute,well maintained.All the staff in every Department are pleasure in doing their duties most sincerely and willingly with a smile.Rooms is very comfortable.Food is good.Treatments are excellent.Doctors are taking care of the guest’s health problems very well.Yoga classes are conducted well.Whatelse you want!!!.Will visit again after 6 months.This institute is doing a great service to people in taking care of their health problems and improve their health to lead a happy and healthy life.Wishing all the best."

- Ms.Lyndy Kimball (USA) after 14 day stay, November 2015.

"I return to Soukya every couple of years to receive treatment to improve my overall health and well being.Initially I came to Soukya and was treated for a condition which western medicines is unable to deal with and in few months was symptoms free.I was basically given a new life.Dr & Mrs.Mathai have created a beautiful space where profound healing takes place.Iam eternally greatful for having found this extra ordinary center for Healing."

- Mr.& Mrs.Chromey (USA),after 22 day stay, November 2015.

"Soukya is an Oasis!We are nourished by the beautiful surroundings ,the calm,attentive + caring staff,the artful therapy,nourishing and colourful food.All balanced with Yoga and meditation.A Unique experience in a unique location."

- Ms.Lina Tabbaa (Jordan) after 15days stay, November 2015.

"All together an enjoyable and useful experience.Soukya came highly recommended to me and it has not failed to reach that expectations.The doctors are amazing in caring.Thankyou for all your attention.Thankyou therapy staff for always smiling and professional.Thankyou dining room staff for great food.First time in spa I don’t get hungry yet lose weight.Will definitely come back."

- Mr.Naresh Verma & Ms.Nilam Verma (USA) After 5 days stay, November 2015.

"We were here just for 5 nights .Our experience was been unique and uncomparable.Treatment and Hospitality has been very professional and again A++++.Food variety and quality has been delicious,Healthy and better than any 5 star Hotel.We definitely plan to come back."

- Ms.Suleima Abu Risheh (Jordan) after 13 days stay, November 2015.

"Beautiful experience,at the right time,gentle but professional.Thankyou Dr.Mathai for the quality time spent explaining and guiding me.Thankyou all doctors and therapists for your care and patience.Thank you Dining staff.Thank you to all the staff behind the scene."

- Mr.Ajit Sharan,Ms.Neelam Sharan & Ms.Aditi Sharan (New Delhi) after 8 days stay, November 2015.

"Wonderful and rejuvenating few days at soukya.From cafeteria staff to the therapies,doctors,hospitality staff all very trained ,experienced and going beyond duty to make your stay comfortable.A very warm welcome given by Dr. & Mrs .Mathai .Special thank you for everything.Wish you God’s grace and blessings ahead to you and family."

- Mr.Om Prakash & Ms.Pallavi Omprakash(Bangalore) after 4 days stay, November 2015.5.

"God’s own place-created by Dr.Mathai.No words can explain its beauty,serene atmosphere,natural environment,wonderful team of doctors and staff,housekeeping and all others who make you feel on top of the world..This is my third visit to SOUKYA this year-though short ones.I like everything here and thanks to Dr.Mathai and Mrs.Mathai for their outstanding hospitality.I really wonder from where he got such dedicated staff! Thanks for everything."

- Ms.Silvia Hirchmann (UK)after 10 days stay, November 2015.

"This was now my 3rd visit here and each time I leave feeling renewed body mind and soul.Many thanks to the whole dedicated and exceptionally friendly Soukya team.You all together made my stay so carefree and enjoyable."

- Ms.Komal GB Singh (New Delhi) after a week stay, October 2015.

"SOUKYA-Is a dream from which I don’t want to awaken!In such a short while I sense a deep healing of the mind body and soul.This place is surely blessed by the creator and the Universe(who)/which works through Dr. & Mrs.Mathai,the gardeners and the entire staff-who are examples of compassion;love;care;dedication and hope.Soukya is Magical and Blessed!!Thankyou everyone!"

- Mr.Rajinder Paul Singh (New Jersey) after a week stay, October 2015.

"Over all experience was very good.Staff is great in every area Dining,Therapists all are very good and professionally trained.I feel great at the end of my treatment.Thanks to all the staff members and doctors for making this a wonderful stay."

- Mr.Tameem Ravat (South Africa) after 44 days stay, October 2015.

"Iam greatful for everything that god has blessed me with.I have found an amazing change both internal and external.Soukya was definitely a journey to remember.The staff and doctors are kind and very helpful.Special thanks to food and beverage department for serving me the most delicious meals.The senery,plants are beautiful and a lot to the ambience.Definetely deserves a second visit."

- Ms.Sabera Shaik (Malaysia) after 8 days stay, October 2015.

"Arriving past midnight at any Airport can be daunting but the pick up service and Check-in in Soukya was very good.I have nothing but praise for this fantastic oasis of health and would recommend it to everyone.Syabas Dr.Mathai and team."

- Mr.Bharath Mahey and Mr.Kishore Mahey (New Delhi) after a week stay, October 2015.

"Amazing Experience Excellent Environment.The peace quiet and beauty of Soukya’s greenary,flowers plants Bliss of all.Smiling helpful courteous staff, patient doctors and caring therapists have benifited for wellness programme over a week’s stay and will return again and again.To experience Tranquilty peace and wellness of our bodies and mind."

- Mr.Paul Rushton (UK)after a week stay, October 2015.

"Many thanks for a very inspiring and relaxing stay.I have felt clear benefits from a short time here and will take a number of ideas home with me.Soukya is a beautiful,harmonious place and many thanks and best wishes to all the friendly and gracious staff."

- Ms.Shilpa Reddy (Newyork,USA) after a week stay, September 2015.

"I had a wonderful week here at soukya!Everyone who works here is so kind and professional which truly stood out to me.The therapists were very relaxing and helpful.Iam very glad I got to experience this.Thanks to the amazing staff."

- Ms.Anne Frances Davis,( Australia ) after 9 day stay , September 2015.

"A Wonderful first taste of Ayurveda and Soukya.The gardens are wonderful-always something new to find or see.Staff are excellent. Felt very much at peace. Leaving very relaxed" . Thankyou!

- Mr.Arjun Ramesh(Bangalore) after a 3 week stay, September 2015.

"The resort is as expected upto international standards.Staff are extremely Courteous and well trained.Keep up the good standard of Hospitality".

- Ms.Susan Rahman (Bangalore),after a week stay, September 2015.

once more. Is is wonderful to see the familiar faces of the dedicated doctors and staff.Doctors have been a calm source of understanding,comfort and guidance. Loved the warmth of the garden staff and their smile and Namaste as you pass by."

- Mr.Arindam Bhattacharya (New Delhi), September 2015.

"Wonderful experience in a peaceful, relaxed and beautiful environment. Best part is there is no rigidity of rules in terms of don’t. I Had a truely rejuvenating experience and will surely come again. THANK YOU!"

-Mr.Nick Omeya (Nigeria) after 5 days stay, August 2015.

"What indeed experienced at soukya is far more than what i have read and heard of the place. A wonderful place for self realization and recovery. The hospitality of the staff and the doctors is magnificent. I will come from Nigeria with more people. God bless soukya, God bless Dr. Mathai who visualized soukya."

- Ms.Ulfath Mohideen & Mrs.Fathima Mohideen (Trichi) after 15days stay, August 2015.

"It has been a wonderful experience. We appreciate the excellent service extended by the doctors. The therapists are well trained and disciplined in their job. This environment is serene and beautiful. Overall quality team work!One of the best holistic healing centres and we look forward to come back here. Totally rejuvenated and beginning of a new journey for my mother and myself."

- Ms.Avani & Mr.Ajay shah (Mumbai) after 11 days stay, August 2015.

"It has been a brilliant experience all in all. Very relaxing excellent treatments beautiful gardens and maintenance,cleanliness is superb. Staff and doctors are doing a great job. Good food f,eel very close to nature. The wind chimes and birds chirping so soothing. Feels like one is in a trance most of the time. Kudos to Dr Mathai on building a world class holistic centre in India. We look forward to future trips hopefully."

- Mrs.Pavitra Bhatt (Mumbai) after 15days stay, August 2015.

"Its great to be back at soukya. There are a lot of improvements since I was here last. Lots more greenery, number of treatment rooms have increased and the whole therapy are has been updated to the highest quality. I am so pleased to see that my suggestion of cooking demo has been taken on board and there are 2 demos per wekk! Also the activities every evening is a great idea I have seen an improvement at soukya at every visit. The staff in every dept is always so helpful and efficient. Mrs and Dr Mathai are doing a brilliant job. Every one is so welcoming and it truely feels like home to me. Thanks to everyone for making my stay to wonderful. God bless all at Soukya."

- Mr.Hassamal (Mauritius)after 14 days stay, August 2015.

"Soukya has been a very calming and peaceful experience. The whole set up and energy is very positive. The therapists and doctor are very professional. There is a lot of personal attention. Hygiene standards are very good. The staff at dining area are very competent and helpful. The overall experience has been very positive. One feels Dr Mathai’s passion for holistic health!!! All the very best!!!"

-Ms.Padma Coram (London) after 5 days stay, August 2015.

" So wonderful to be back again. Feels like coming home. A slue of kerela paradise reminds of my childhood. So wonderful to see the upgraded rooms and garden. I honestly feel part of soukya family by and regular since 2005.! God bless soukya and all the people responsible for it."

- Ms.Renuka Mahajan (New Delhi) after 7 days stay, August 2015 2015

"This is my first visit and hopefully I instead to visit once a year.Dr.Mathai has done an amazing job and it was wonderful to meet him personally."

- Mrs.Poonam and Mr.Satish Kagliwal (Maharastra) after 8 days stay, August 2015

" Soukya was an experience much beyond our expectations. In a short period of 7 days, we are rejuvenated, recharged, going back with lot of energy and a promise to return very soon."

- Mr.Ritesh Gupta (New Delhi) after 8 days stay, July 2015.

"It has been a altogether very very nice experience with all the treatments so far and specially the ambience. Short and sweet a paradise on earth:.

- Mr.Roshan Menezes (Bangalore) after a week stay, July 2015.

"It was a total different experience for me. Soukya served the purpose of my visit. What amazed me was the courtesy of the staff right from front office to the watchmen at the rear exit gate. The staff at dining have extremely good patience and courtesy. Kudos to them. The treatment felt good hoping to feel the effect of it in the long run. The place has been beautifully landscaped and rooms very comfortable. I met some great friends for life. Thank you for that Soukya."

- Ms.Pooja Vikram Nankani (Mumbai) after 10days stay, July 2015.

"Very good doctors, excellent treatments and fabulous ambience. Dream turned into reality. Always wanted a relaxation wellness place like this. Cheers to DR. MATHAI!"

- Mr.Ramesh Ramakrishnan(Dubai) after 14 days stay,June 2015.

"Excellent treatment and the facilities are awesome. All the Doctors and the staff are very knowledgable and helpful all times. I came here with my wife and spent 2 weeks, It has been such a great time. I am leaving this place fully rejuvenated and energetic. Learnt the importance of deep breathing. Truly appreciate Dr Mathai for running such a splendid institution. God Bless SOUKYA team. Lastly,also made some very good friends here during our stay."

- Ms.Mandeep Maitra (Singapore) after 15 days stay, June 2015.

" I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated in my two weeks here. A big Thank you to Dr Mathai and the entire team at SOUKYA for their amazing hospitality, warmth and excellent care and service. I got my much needed ‘ME’ time and also made some wonderful friends. Going back feeling healthy and at peace with great memories of SOUKYA. God Bless Dr Mathai for building this excellent institution."

- Mrs.Bhageerathi Iyer(Mumbai) after 4 days stay, June 2015.

" Excellent and friendly staff, very co-operative. Thanks to all the Doctors I met. Thanks a lot for all the kind support.and Best wishes!"

- Ms.Vandanapuri (Delhi ) after 11 days stay, June 2015.

" Great, Superb, Dr Mathai you are lovely, blessed and spreading this aura to other areas too. A wonderful experience. God bless all the staff, They were always smiling ."

- Ms.Prarthana Modi (Delhi ) after 28 days stay,June 2015.

"A very special and heartfelt thank you to Dr Mathai for taking such good care of me .Once again to the therapists here, who truly have the healing touch."

- Ms.Mala Sekhri(Delhi) after 9 days stay,June 2015.

Applies as much to SOUKYA as it does to Kashmir. For paradise cannot be simply about Beauty- Which SOUKYA has created ABUNDANTLY – But Paradise is also about caring, sharing,warmth, service and concern where every single person feels special, Individually pampered, If every single person leaves here with a bounce of sparkle and a feeling of wellbeing – I would rephrase the couplet; say – If there is paradise on earth, It is SOUKYA, It is SOUKYA, It is SOUKYA ! Thank you team SOUKYA once again."

- Ms.Radhika Sareen( Dehradun) after a 6 weeks stay,June 2015.

" My Deepest gratitude to all at SOUKYA. Every Aspect here is healing: Nature, treatments, food and the entire staff; Always smiling. SOUKYA is a rare and unique holistic center for integrated alternative medical treatments in an exceptionally tranquil environment. After 6 weeks here, I leave reluctantly, But knowing I will return. Thank you Dr Mathai for your vision and passion that is SOUKYA. I leave a new person; My life changed forever."

- Mr.Sandeep Singhal (Bangalore ) after a week stay, June 2015.

"Everything that Dr & Mrs Mathai and team have done at SOUKYA is with great care. The Kerala architecture, the horticulture, the wonderful kitchen and of course the doctors and treatments. The biggest benefit for me is becoming aware of the need for the body to rejuvenate. Congratulations Dr Mathai on creating this wonderful proposition or Institution in just 15 yrs."

- Mr.N P Singh & Mrs.Krishna Sekhri(Delhi ) after 9 days stay, June 2015.

"Firstly, Congratulations to Dr & Mrs Mathai for the great, Abs great institution SOUKYA. They have created and what is remarkable how they have upgraded it continuously and in such a superb manner. My wife, her mother and I are simply overwhelmed. Thank you and thank you again."

- Mr.Ameen Bhanji and Gulchan( Portugal ) after 27 days stay,May 2015.

"Excellent Treatments and Excellent staff.Thank you very much for your kind support and understanding. Best Wishes and hope to see you soon."

- Ms.Rasha Al Mukhtar (Abu Dhabi ) after a week stay, June 2015.

"Beautiful atmosphere and lovely staff. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I would like to thank everyone including the kitchen, housekeeping, therapists, Doctors, reception, pharmacist and the wonderful workers and gardeners. Will surely visit again soon."

- Mr.Manjit Lit ( Canada) after a weeks stay,May 2015.

" I am now here for the third time. It is a seven star health Centre. Rooms very clean. Dining services very good. Therapists are good. Its very nice all around."

- Mr.Robert Thoms ( USA) after 15 days stay, May 2015.

"Wondered if second visit would be as magical as the first and happily it was. Therapy, staff, accommodation, grounds, food very special. A memorable experience."

- Mr.Michael D’souza (Bahrain) after 11 days stay, May 2015.

"This is my second visit to SOUKYA. Doctors and Therapy staff are very competent and took excellent care. I am going back satisfied."

- Capt.Brar (Dubai) after 10 days stay,May 2015.

Therapy staff: Excellent. Mess Staff: Brilliant. Hats off to chefs and waiters- 7 stars. Great Ambience. What a place! Overall will like to come again."

- Mr.Manjit Lit (UK) after a week stay,May 2015.

"I have come several times. I feel very good overall. My Gout is 100% better now and my body shape is very good. Will come back again. Very good staff and very good service all around. Thanks!"

- Mr.Guy and Ms.Kim Guilemard (Dubai) after 5 days stay,May 2015.

" Wonderful to be back, Everything met or exceded our expectations. The gardens, farm and food have reached new heights. Delicious meals. Feel healthier, happier and more energetic. Thank you!"

- Ms.Annie Cariapa (Bangalore) after 11 days stay, April 2015.

"The healing time in SOUKYA offered a space for reflection and returning to self. The staff were kind, helpful, nurturing. Thank you all."

- Mr.& Mrs.Perera (Dubai) after 17 days stay, April 2015.

"It has been a great experience for the last 2 weeks in all aspects. We felt very special for all the good treatments from Doctors and being looked after by the Lovely staff. Congratulations Dr mathai for running a great place and thank you for all your advice"

- Mr.and Mrs.Imtaz Ali (Portugal) after 21 days stay, April 2015.

"Wonderful team of Doctors, therapists and all others, very genuine, honest, concerned,humble, modest and caring. No words can describe the experience. Would suggest others to have life time experience. Love and regards."

- Mr.Deepak Sharma (New York) after 14 days stay in April 2015.

"The confidence with which I was referred by my friend Mr Mohan Daniel who happens to be a dear of Dr Mathai and Suja, proved to be more than 100% . Amazing experience. Lot of healing. Wonderful team of Doctors, therapists and all others. Very genuine, Honest, concerned, humble, modest and caring. No words can describe the experience. Would suggest others to have this life time experience. Love and regards."

- Ms.Chitra Shanmugam ( Bangalore ) after 21 days stay April 2015.

"This is the kind of place where the mind is at complete rest and the physical healing can take place that much easier! Truly a piece of ‘Paradise’ in the middle of an ever expanding and chaotic city! Thank you DR Mathai for seeing your vision through and giving us all this wonderful place of healing. You have a really dedicated and friendly staff in all areas too. I thank each and every one of them – Your ‘SOUKYA’ family! Thank you!"

- Ms.Coralie Saulson (USA) after 20 days stay, April 2015.

"A life changing experience, I felt so taken care of by all the staff, Doctors, Therapists, wonderful restaurant staff and of course Dr Mathai. Very grateful and feel an inner shift to the healing process has begun and will continue."

- Ms.Shruthi (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, April 2015.

"Got a ‘ray of Hope’ at SOUKYA for my condition. I would like to thank Dr Mathai, SOUKYA doctors, therapists and staff. Pleasant stay. Heading towards recovery!!!! Hope to come back soon."

- Mr. P .G Thyagarajan (Bangalore) after 2 days stay, April 2015

"Indeed a great place to get rejuvenated, the ambience and care of the centre will be remembered by us. Great food – well planned treatments made it a memorable stay."

- Ms.Natasha Hohn(Germany) after 5 days stay, April 2015.

"It was a great experience to visit SOUKYA for the first time. A wonderful place with people very dedicated to their work, experienced and Skillful… an overall surrounding where magic happens."

- Ms.Rukshar Mehta (London) after 6 days stay, April 2015.

"Congratulations to Mrs & Dr Mathai. A true place of healing and shanti. A big thank you to all the staff from the doctors to therapists, dining staff, each and every person. SOUKYA rejuvenated my mind, body & soul. Kindness in abundance."

- Ms.Suzan Rahaman (Bangalore) after 5 days stay, April 2015

"This time I am back in SOUKYA for a short 5 day visit. Just enough time to release, relax, revive & rejuvenate! There were 4 generations of my family bonding for few days in the serene surroundings. Will be back for a longer visit later in the year. Thanks to the SOUKYA team."

- Ms.Omur Yeginsu (London) after 22 days stay, March 2015.

"Great team of doctors & Therapists. Friendly staff. Beautiful gardens. Ayurvedic treatments were done in a very dedicated way. Big Thank you to All."

- Mr. & Mrs. Shyam Sunder (Delhi) after 25 days stay, March 2015.

in the middle of a stressful world. I came here worn out and tired body and mind. The great team of Doctors and Therapists rejuvenated me and made me feel alive and more importantly happy. I hope to visit SOUKYA once a year."

- Dr .Mandakini Arora (Singapore) after 9 days stay, March 2015.

"Beautiful, peaceful, soothing, restoring- Just what I was looking for. Excellent doctors, therapists and overall great staff. SOUKYA has a lovely vibe and I would so like to come back. SOUKYA has nourished my body, mind and soul- Thank You!"

- Mr.& Mrs. Manay (Bangalore) after 9 day stay, March 2015.

"We are back second time within a year with our daughter. This speaks how we have been experiencing the well-being of the treatments we have received. We are also happy to know that we can continue the follow up with SAHAYA which is very close to our residence. Hope to be back to get well and feel better and better than before!"

- Ms.Maura Brackett (USA) after 19 days stay, March 2015.

"SOUKYA is the world class site for Ayurvedic treatments. The outstanding holistic health centre continues to provide me with rejuvenation and a positive attitude toward aging. Thanks everyone for my 8th visit."

- Ms.Doris Kidder (USA) after 1 month stay, March 2015.

"I was fearful of travelling so far and alone, but at 84 years old I knew I had to do something drastic. I was feeling old and lacked energy and incentive to do much of anything. I forced myself to take the 20 hr trip to SOUKYA. After 1 month, I am very hopeful that my life will become greatly improved. Treatment plan and daily consultations regarding my progress, I feel much more energized and able to become the active person I used to be. I am on the way to a healthier lifestyle through Yoga. Diet, proper exercise and mindfulness of the path to wellness. There is no place like SOUKYA to learn the lessons of healthy living. I am grateful to have been here. Thank you Dr Mathai and all of your outstanding staff for an unforgettable experience."

- Mrs.Malwinder Rupaubhi (UK) after 10 days stay, March 2015.

"My first visit so did not expect to find such an efficient, well organised & run holistic centre. Everyone from the doctors to the gardeners with a permanent smile on their faces was exhilarating to see. Thanks for a good stay and looking after me so well. Though I did not come here for a specific ailment in mind. It has opened my eyes about another avenue to the holistic approach to health via Ayurveda and homeopathy. Thanks again."

- Mrs.Santosh Talwar (UK) after 11 day stay, March 2015.

"Brilliant Experience. I feel very lucky to have been advised – suggested to visit this amazing holistic institution. Only after few days I feel so much better. Not enough good words to say about everything and everyone."

- Mr .& Mrs.Satwinder Bhogal (UK) after 8 days stay, March 2015.

"Had a very comfortable and enjoyable stay. Everyone including the gardeners are very polite, all the gardeners get up to greet, when you pass by. Very nice! Relaxing surroundings! We would like to thank everyone for the care and attention we received from them. Many many thanks to all !"

- Mr.Ibrahim Kafood (Doha, Qatar) after 8 days stay, March 2015.

"It is one of the best places I have visited and I would like to thank all the team members who work in this place. I will come back again as soon as possible and I will tell all of my Family and friends. Thank you!"

- Mr.Peter Schreve & Mrs.Irene Schreve (Switzerland) after 14 days stay, February 2015.

"Before coming to SOUKYA we did not really know what to expect, upon our arrival we found a beautiful and peaceful place, competent Doctors, a well organised structure and a friendly staff always at our disposal. The holistic approach was an eye opener and we felt far away from our day to day frenzy in Europe. We both feel great and healthy."

- Mr.Loney Antony (Mumbai) after 13 days stay, February 2015.

"Being my first visit, I have only really praises for Dr Mathai and team, and the beautiful environment he has built in Bangalore. For me, it’s like a mile stone, which a few years from now I hope would be like a turning point towards a healthy life. While I lost a few kilos in weight I lost more in my head and I feel really light and energised. Great Place."

- Mr.Sultan Alybay and Mrs.Nazinine (Lisbon) after 16 day stay, February 2015

"Our second visit was as heavenly as our first! The serenity and healing environment at SOUKYA are out of this world. The food is fantastic and the staff are well trained and always have a sunny disposition. The doctors are excellent and the leadership provided by Dr Mathai and Mrs Mathai is exemplary. We have definitely committed ourselves to annual visits to the little piece of Heaven called SOUKYA."

- Mr.Sultan Alybay and Mrs.Nazinine (Lisbon) after 16 day stay, February 2015

"It is our 2nd visit in 3 months, this time I came with my brother and wife, it is really very pleasant to come to SOUKYA, we find peace. Well most of all very caring and professional staff. We thank you for all effort that therapists, doctors and Dr Mathai are doing to give the best to us. God bless you all, always. Thank You!"

- Dr.Francois &Ms.Sylvie Chefdeville (France) after 9 day stay, February 2015.

"For this second visit in SOUKYA, ten years later, we found a place of Harmony and serenity, peace and beauty- in this world of chaos. The garden are more and more beautiful and we feel so close to nature. Being SOUKYA is always a wonderful experience, soothing and beneficial for body and mind. Thank you so much Issac and Suja, but also all the caring staff."

- Mr.Rajesh and Mrs.Meenal Kapadia (Mumbai) after 8 day stay, February 2015.

"Excellent experience! We were greatly encouraged by the hope and possibilities reflected in the treatments. Will definitely be back. Thank you!"

- Mr.Kabyer & Mrs.Ruzmmin Remtilla (Canada) after 15 days stay, February 2015.

"Thank You very much to SOUKYA family. We enjoyed our stay and the treatments. The ambience, the therapists, doctors were excellent! We loved it here. Thanks again!"

- Mr.Haidermoto (Pakistan) after 22 days stay, February 2015.

"It is a fallacy to project SOUKYA as solely the place for treatment. One should visit SOUKYA just to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise- for a holiday- drawned in sheer beauty, calm and solitude."

- Mr.Karan Sehgal (Delhi) after 3 day stay, February 2015.

"The time spent at SOUKYA was an experience out of the world. Will come again soon for a longer duration. The place itself has a good vibrancy. You feel to be in a place free from all tensions."

- Mr.Jacob (Anil ) Mammen (Bangalore) after 5 day stay, February 2015.

"A beautiful place. Wonderful facility. Well maintained.staff are extremely friendly and well trained. A great place to unwind. Great Achievement and well done Dr Issac Mathai and his team at SOUKYA."

- Ms.ArwaTurkait (Dubai) after 8 days stay, January 2015.

"I was extremely impressed with SOUKYA, everything from the room, to the beautiful grounds, the friendly staff, the knowledgeable doctors and the wonderful treatments! And the food of course is delicious! I will miss my morning walks and the sound of the birds! All the best."

- Ms.Ansuya Naido (Africa) after 20 days stay, January 2015

- Mr .& Mrs. Manish Agarwal after 40 days stay, January 2015. "Dear SOUKYA team, Thank you for one of the most inspiring, loving and transforming experience I have ever experienced. Thank you for doing your best to help me restore a sense of balance, helping and guiding to my truth and most important thank you for teaching love and open my heart. This was really a journey to the soul. And to find the right words to express is very emotional for me (in a grateful way). Continue what you are doing and the healing with others go on. All the best to you all, you were God sent. Thanking you, love you."

- Mr .& Mrs. Manish Agarwal after 40 days stay, January 2015.

"SOUKYA has been a very nice experience. It has not only cleansed our body but it has also cleansed our mind as well. Everyone, right from the doctors, therapists and specially the food department has taken very good care of us. Hats off to DR Mathai to come up with such a concept. The 40 days that I have spent here will be cherished by me always. The holistic approach of healing was very rejuvenating. Lastly, but most importantly- SOUKYA for us in one word would be simply ‘HEAVEN’. And I pray to God, coming here will be the beginning of a new life for me."

- Princess Saleha Sultan (Hyderabad) after 4 day stay, January 2015.

"I was very happy staying at SOUKYA, I was very well looked after. The staff and the doctors are very polite, competent and were very good to me."

- Mr.Naresh & Mrs.MeeraSabherwal (London) after 11 days stay, January 2015

"Our second visit to SOUKYA and there has been no change- Everyone is still so welcoming, caring and attentive. It really is a bit of paradise on earth. We leave rejuvenated and detoxified- ready to continue the excellent work put in by the doctors and therapists.Their support, advice and care is so appreciated. Thank you! Chef’s cooking demos have also been most useful. I go back with recipes I am going to try. Last but definitely not the least, Thank you to all the friends that we have met. You shared experiences, support and laughter, has helped through the times of uncertainty. In summation I feel such gratitude to having the chance to experience the wonderful world of SOUKYA once again. By God’s grace we will return. Thank You Dr Mathai and your team. You have a Wonderful SOUKYA family and we feel blessed to have the experience of it. Much love."

- Ms.Suraiya Ebrahim (Dubai) after 11 days stay, January 2015.

"Once again a warm thanks to Dr Mathai and each and every one at this wonderful place. SOUKYA is truly heaven on earth, the serenity here is what helps us heal our problems. Every time I have visited I feel so much at home here. It’s always with a heavy heart I say goodbye to SOUKYA. Till my next trip, which will be hopefully in the near future."

- Ms Elaine Gallati (Switzerland) after 11 days stay, January 2015.

- Mr.Ramu Damodaran after 16 days stay, January 2015. "Congratulations Dr Mathai & Mrs Mathai for what you have achieved by materialising your dreams and ideas with your effort and work.The result is SOUKYA and your institution overall – it’s a great path in Holistic Integration, which you give on for the future. At SOUKYA I had the opportunity to enjoy the competence of the doctors, the well trained therapists, and friendly staff. SOUKYA is a wonderful place to recover and go back full of energy. Thank you."

- Mr.Ramu Damodaran after 16 days stay, January 2015.

"Incredibly, SOUKYA seems even more beautiful from it did five years ago. But the hand of care and gentleness of healing has not changed. My specific medical issues were addressed both individually and as a part of my overall wellbeing. Dr.Mathai was always available to correct and to guide.The sheer joy of waking up to living the day in and returning in SOUKYA calmed not just the mind and spirit but the demons of ill health as well. Thank you!"

- Ms.Avril Quadros (Bangalore) after 16 days stay in January 2015.

"I always enjoy SOUKYA. It is truly a heavenly experience and worth the time, effort and is worth every penny. Dr Mathai and Mrs Mathai have done and continue to do a fantastic job. I am proud that we have this holistic Facility in India. Thank you and see you next year."

- Mr. & Mrs.Bondarenko (Ukraine)after 9 days stay, January 2015

"This is our 5th time in Soukya. Thank you very much for your taking care of us. We are looking forward to see you again."

- Mrs.Shalini Sethi (Bangalore) after 15 days stay, January 2015.

"Excellent experience! Will definitely come back. Dr Mathai and SOUKYA team have created an excellent world class institution making all Indians proud. Well done."

- Ms.Romily Mc Alpine (UK) after 11 day stay, January 2015.

"An enduring and delightful experience. The treatments are excellent. I wish I could stay longer. Thank you to all the delightful staff who made my stay such an excellent experience."

- Ms.Martha Mc Grath (US) after 22 day stay, January 2015.

"I feel so loved and cared for, Hard to leave. I look forward to my next visit. Three weeks were perfect!"

- Dr.Vandana Shiva (Delhi) after 8 days stay, January 2015.

"Thank you Dr.Mathai & Suja. You have created heaven on earth, nurturing and rejuvenating the diversity of medicinal plants and organic food and rejuvenating the spirit,mind, body of those of us who come here. The beauty in every detail, the care in everyone’s interactions make SOUKYA special."

- Najma & Fatma (U.A.E)

"very relaxing place everyone in SOUKYA are friendly thanks a lot to everyone. We gonna miss SOUKYA, all the girls in treatment, the boys in dinning we really had a great time once again THANK YOU ALL and lastly not the least the room cleaners keep it up and reception too."

- Pia Olin (Sweden)

"I had a wonderful time and I enjoyed my stay here. The treatment was excellent. All the staff are very helpful, friendly and loving. I am very pleased with my stay here. SOUKYA is a right place to to be in. I am looking forward for my next visit soon. Thank you Dr. Mathai."

- Kristine Locke (UK)

"A perfect at place to begin what is a life changing trip to India. Simply flawless in everyway - but so much more than that. With heat - everyone is so happy, friendly and welcoming. Thank you Dr.Mathai and all your team. I look forward to returning again for a longer stay."

- Biraj Bora & Karmen Mckellar (Canada)

"This was out first visit, and it was a wonderful experience. From the moment we arrived, we have been captivated by the imagery, and hospitality of all the staff. We have discovered much in a day here and we have discovered there is more to be discovered than we have time for. This has been a wonderful stop for us, and it has rejuvenated us for the rest of our journey through India. Thanks."

- Suresh Seshadri (USA)

"This place is a nature lovers is Paradise! Overall ‘Vision' of Dr.Mathai is brilliant and Suja Mathai's touch on environment is lovely! Let it go and let it flow is a wonderful way of healing! Will be back to continue. My birds of SOUKYA count 24/74.

- Margit Eirich (Germany)

"This was my second stay at SOUKYA. It was again an outstanding treatment with those lovely girls. The professional and efficient doctors did their best for my Arthritis. It is improving! A big thanks to everyone. I will be back. All the best."

- Colinne (France)

"It is the first time I had the feeling the staff was almost as pleased to be here as me. I have never seen such well being elsewhere, and it is contagious."

- Vinod Advani (India)

"SOUKYA is like a gift of the Gods - a spiritual sanctuary to heal body and mind. Honoured and privileged to have found SOUKYA. Laughter contributes to healing. How about laughter sessions daily? Proper, yogic breathing helps too. Can such simple to follow programs be introduced? I pray that more people get to know about SOUKYA's harmony."

- Netra Srikanth (India)

"As usual, the minute you step into SOUKYA, you feel more peaceful. The staff is always very friendly and helpful and we are enjoying ourselves here while getting consultation as well."

- Jenny Ljungberg

"Thank you for an absolutely wonderful stay. I visited SOUKYA for the third time and was, once again, astounded by the staff that are all so warm, accommodating, kind and genuine. This place is a true sanctuary and slice of heaven and a delight to visit. Thank you all for a wonderful week!"

- Nakul Kamani (India)

"This is my 3rd visit to SOUKYA - In fact it has now became an annual feature for me. A place which is home away from home - a place to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate. Plus get rid any minor/major ailments that may have crept in during the year. Dr. Mathai and his staff deserve Kudos for keeping the standards high and improving upon them. My best wishes to them always and my prayers for the success of their new ventures. Till next time……."

- Peter & Eva Lumholdt (Sweden)

"A wonderful experience!! An extra ordinary hospitality with excellent food. The interaction with doctors and the rest of your staff is of a loving and friendly kind. The treatments are incredibly well performed. The garden is so beautiful and gives time/possibility for reflexion and rest. Thank you, Dr. Mathai. Looking forward to seeing you soon again."

- Jordi Tur Serra (Spain)

"I came here because I had a problem with mind and some bad habits. Definitely, this is the place for change your way of living. Energy has come back to me and life is gonna be different since now. Thanks to all doctors and therapists of SOUKYA."

R Demonte (India)

"I thought the feeling of being up in the skies in your tightest aircraft was bliss - until I came here and felt thought not the same - but a must try for all to feel the almost same bliss. Thank you and God willing I will be back soon."

- Sajni Sharma (UK)

"A short stay, but an enjoyable one. SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience - the environment, therapies and welcoming staff. SOUKYA has brought together, my mind, body and soul in harmony, a rejuvenating experience. Had a fantastic time, but I guess all good things come to an end, until next time.

- Nicola Jonocha (India)

"Very nice, calm, relaxing and well kept peace with an ever friendly and professional staff. Like to come back ! Suggestion: What about introducing some coffee, made of organic cereals."

- Mrs. Gowri

"We as a family has a great time at SOUKYA. Our kids including my 7th month old baby had a great time. We are very impressed with all the staff and the services provided by them especially the staff at dining and at therapy ever smiling faces. I have to make a special mention of Aneesh, Jobin, Shabin, Manu, Tiju, Geo who were excellent with their courteous manners and warmth good job. Please keep it up. Same in the case with both the therapists Girija especially Gayathri also who gave me treatment very professionally and nicely done and eveready to help out. Their smiles itself keeps us cheerful. Thanks a lot to both of you along with the guidance of doctors. You both did a great work. The whole ambience at SOUKYA is so appealing, peaceful and has been very well kept with the landscaping garden well taken care by Joe along with his gardening staff and the rooms very well (kept) maintained under the supervision of Ramesh along with house keeping staffs. I liked all the front desk personals too who were also very warm, smiling and helpful. Ofcourse it goes without saying that without the guidance and vision of Dr. Mathai & Mrs. Mathai none of these will be possible. So thanks a lot for SOUKYA. I should also thank Harish and Srinivas for their excellent cooking and demonstrating nice recepies. According to me SOUKYA = ever smiling, very cheerful staff, wellness, peacefulness overall good health (once we finish all our treatments). Quodos to everyone at SOUKYA. Thanks a lot doctor. I would like to write pages on praises about everything in SOUKYA but right now time is ticking so we move on better with bigger smiling faces. Thank you Girija for the therapy treatment you gave me. I was really impressed. God Bless. We pray to God that everybody remains this way SOUKYA at SOUKYA. Bye for now."

- Jennifer Wasmer (USA), Urs Winzenried

"SOUKYA was the perfect place for us to land after traveling around India for several days and before our journey towards home. Thank you so much for a lovely and relaxing stay in this beautiful oasis."

- Mr. & Mrs. S. Bansal (India)

"Hi to everyone at SOUKYA and thanks a lot. We had an amazing and wonderful experience here. We enjoyed our holidays together here - very relaxing, heavenly and very insightful. This is really heaven on earth and only because of all the people here. Everyone from doctors, to therapists, to kitchen staff, to house keeping person were so helpful, courteous, warm friendly and always ready to assist. Varsha, Narayan, Ashok at therapy was full of warmth always. Manu and Anish at kitchen were always there for our service. Jaya at reception was always smiling. The food especially was outstanding. Very innovative also. I learned some new dishes. Harish even made pizza for kids. So thanks a lot for all of you and we will definitely come again. These all happened only because of you. So special thanks to you Dr. Mathai for your guidance."

- Mrs. & Mr. Manjooran (India)

"Soler, serene and colourful ambience provide the background for a harmonious synthesis of peace and tranquility. People in this organization at all levels from the reception, room service, doctors, therapists - seems to be the greatest asset. Service with humility, courtesy, affection and with a smile enchants and captivate. A word of ‘thanks' is warranted to Mr. Jojy Mathew for his all round performance and prompt and pro-active response to situations. We also wish to thank Dr. Mathai and wish the enterprise he has built and prosperity and success."

- Shashi Tharoor (USA)

"This has been a splendid experience, though at 3½ days, too short ! My wife and I were overwhelmed by SOUKYA - the beautiful landscaping, the layout, the traditional and attractive buildings and above all the superb quality of the staff and the services. The therapies and treatments were all administered professionally and extremely well. But what attract us most was the attitude of the staff. They were, without exception, highly competent, professionally well trained, and extremely pleasant to deal with - helpful, willing, ever smiling, and ready to rememberor anticipate every need. SOUKYA is clearly a healthy family and for that, full credit must go to Doctor and Mrs. Issac Mathai and their superb management team. A very special word of thanks to Dr. Shubha for their expertise and attentiveness; to Ramesh, my lead therapist, for his outstanding services; to Ruati, my diligent and capable reflexologist; and to the always cheerful and highly efficient Geo of the kitchen staff for his kindness and for his prompt service. We leave SOUKYA impressed, uplifted and grateful. God willing, we will be back - for longer ! Best wishes to all at SOUKYA."

- Anil Dixit (Singapore)

"Serene and peaceful ambiences. Truly a beautiful setting. Super service by well trained staff with a super attitude. Very healthy and very tasty food. Highly skilled therapists. Really professional doctors. Dr. Mathai has truly built an institution which is unique. I will definitely come back. But may when SOUKYA has broad band internet access in the rooms."

- Archana & Atima Haranahalli (USA)

"Staff was very genuine and caring. Soumya & Shubha paid special attention to our needs. Very relaxing environment. Couldn't go swimming. Wanted to get pedicure and facial treatment as well. Food was excellent."

- Venu Rajamony (UAE)

"Truly a place to commune with god and discover the mysteries of nature. The staff and service was simply outstanding. I congratulate Dr. Mathai on the success of SOUKYA and wish him the very best in carrying this message to the world."

- Patricia Low (Switzerland)

"It is true, I am relaxed ! Far away from your daily stresses, such a beautiful place. Will certainly divert your all emotions for a while. The food is almost too good ! Therapies quite enjoyable and everybody is charming. I will come back when there will be new rooms as the noise has kept me awake on most nights. Also could you add a beauty parlour? It would be so nice to be able to get a facial, your nails done and look like new when one gets out! Thank you."

- Mr. Abhishek & Anupam Bajaj (India)

"The place is amazing, like a perfect place needed for relaxation. The therapies are very effective. I am going to keep the memories until my next visit which should be soon. Thank you Dr. Mathai for taking care. The staff is well trained and courteous. P.S. - A gym or atleast a treadmill should be provided as the weather can get rainy sometimes so just to carry on the work out. Thank you."

- Mr. & Mrs. Ezeonyi (Africa)

"One thing is to have a vision another thing is to turn the vision into reality, and it takes hard work and dedication to achieve this, and Dr. Mathai and his wife has demonstrated both and right now they are impacting their world. SOUKYA is great, I reserve my comment until next visit during which Dr. Mathai promised me a smile. Thanks."

- Caroline Pick (UK)

"I am so grateful that I was "led" here to this wonderful, healing place. I thank Dr. Mathai and everyone for this wonderful healing place. I thank Dr. Mathai and everyone for this beautiful vision of exquisitely relieved. SOUKYA really is a life changing place. I was so well cared for and with much love, it would have been impossible not to be healed and such beautiful surroundings . Thank you for everything.''

- Radhika Bahl (India)

"God bless Dr. Mathai & Suja for conceiving and creating this beautiful wellness centre. Its been even more enjoyable on my 2nd trip back here. The staff is amazing - Gentle, helpful, softspoken, caring. The doctors and therapist s are all wonderful. Will be back for sure."

- Sangeetha Kejriwal (India)

"Amazing place ! It's like paradise on earth. I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff, doctors everybody here is so helpful and loving. Thank you for giving me so much of love and care. I have improved a lot here with my health. I am looking forward for my next visit."

- Rachel Vella & Colin Aqiuliar (Malta)

"Surely a place to remember. A short stay during which we had the opportunity to experience complete relaxation. Fantastic surroundings, second to none. A big thank you goes to Dr. Issac and family for their mirth above all for the warm welcome. Hope to be here again soon. Thanks to all.

- Sara Tehseen Ali (Canada)

"I have truly enjoyed my stay at SOUKYA. The staff and doctors have been extremely kind and helpful. I look forward to coming here again. SOUKYA has given me the right push towards a healthy new beginning."

- Faezah Ali (Canada)

"The two weeks I spent in SOUKYA were wonderful. The staff was very friendly and accommodating the treatment useful and I had great results."

- Ayesha Ali (Canada)

"SOUKYA makes the healing process an enjoyable experience through its warm staff and inviting surroundings. Thanks to everyone and I can't wait to come back."

- Basavaraj Horatti (India)

"The SPA is an excellent place to rejuvenate. I enjoyed the peaceful ambience. I congratulate Dr. Mathai and his team for their wonderful centre. My sincere gratitude Mrs. & Dr. Mathai and their staff for making my stay comfortable. God bless you and your family and staff. Thank you very much."

- Richard Shooter (UK)

"Heaven on earth. I arrived at a crisis point in my life and I now have greater clarity about moving forward to the next half of my life. The staff here are outstanding in their dedication and service. I shall return."

- Chi Liu, Ellen Fu, Jessica & Jeffrey Liu (USA)

"During our first visit here at SOUKYA, our family had a wonderful time enjoying our time together. It couldn't have been possible with all the helpful doctors and absolutely friendly staff at this health centre. The treatments we had were very successful and we are pleased with our results ! We feel healthier and more alive ! Many thanks again to everyone for making our experience so pleasurable."

- Razia Ebrahim (Singapore)

"A breathtaking by beautiful place. An absolute feast for the senses. But a lot more - with the holistic treatment, the combination of Ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy. It is a heaven of hope for people like me who have been disappointed time and again by the other modes of medicine. I look forward to coming back to the warmth and care of the place and the people who run it."

- R. Muthu (India)

"Beautiful place and lovely place. My first experience very impressed. Keep this way very exclusive ! All the best !"

- Ramesh Reddy (India)

"Love the place, the land scape architecture and especially the staff. They are so very pleasant, well mannered and helpful. Thank you and God bless. Even the guests seem to be hand picked !!!"

- Hanneke Buijs (Nederland)

"I love it here at SOUKYA. Its like paradise on earth. No problems you meet love and warmth everywhere at SOUKYA. Thank you for a wonderful stay. What I experienced here will be the start of something new. Thank you all so much."

- Rania Kimaz (UAE)

"For the first time in my life I experience paradise !!! Beside my pain, anger, depression I was able to see all the warmth, care, love the doctors and therapists had given me and this was enough for my healing. I wanted to have from the second week, I felt so weak amd homesick, but with everybody's support I made it and here. I don't want to go …. Thanks for everything Dr. Mathai and May God Bless you and your family as always."

- Pamela Burwell

"Another extra ordinary experience on this 2nd visit. I learned was reminded of complexity of the healing process - it requires work by all involved. The knowledge, care and compassion of all of your staff and doctors and therapists makes this possible. SOUKYA is indeed a uniqued and blessed place. Your dreams touch all of us Issac & Suja. Blessings to you, your family and all who abide to visit."

- S. Anurag Maheshwary (India)

"SOUKYA is excellent, fantastic, wonderful place. The time spend in SOUKYA was great. We all enjoyed staying here. Very good quality of food and the staff is very friendly, very co-operative and always smiling ! The doctors are very good and helping nature. Ours day so lovely and unforgettable. My 2 years baby also enjoyed in SOUKYA. I give a heartful many thanks to all of you and "SOUKYA". I don't feel like leaving this place."

- Rupal D. Sanghvi (India)

"I enjoyed staying here. Excellent quality of food and very co-operative staff. May be for treatment I required to stay long. I thought there is scope for improvement in the interior of rooms and massage area specially shower area. Otherwise everything in SOUKYA is good and may God bless the people coming in SOUKYA with lots of problems. I wish to come again for treatment. Thanks to each and everybody in SOUKYA."

- John D. Leech

"I offer my gratitude and boundless love to SOUKYA, Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and all here who give of yourselves with grace, kindness and caring. May good health and peace of mind be yours as it is now mine because of SOUKYA. It is possible to have here today only with the knowledge that one day I shall return. Namaste".

- Rajeev Kumar (India)

Rajeev: "It's a wonderful place to stay and spend its time with lease. The sessions were wonderful and even the doctors were good. The therapies were real affective. Sangeeta: The time spend in SOUKYA was great, a real place to enjoy. Our doctor was very co-operative with me and my daughter both. The staff was very efficient, polite and took great care. Excellent place with natural environment and healthy surroundings."

- E. H. Ryall (India)

"It was simply ‘Heaven on Earth'. One feels the presence of God, His peace and serenity every where. I could have been in a better place to receive the quietness and peace I was really in need form my busy schedule. God bless all your endeavors."

- Olivia Mackinder (UK)

"A unique place and experience that deserves to be emilated - it seems to me to offer the only sensible way of promoting health, happiness and poulsing. It offers you the chance to find the places under you that you have forgotten or have been ignoring the really good places. I wish you every success. It's truly deserved."

- Kim, Belinda

"The magnificence of the surroundings is mirrored in the outstanding service and magical hospitality of the staff at every single level. We feel blessed to be have and carry SOUKYA and the Mathai family in our hearts. Thank you." "We arrived feeling ragged and we leave feeling well rested and cared for. Thank you all for the care you have given us." "It's been a great holiday partly because of you !"

- Mala Sekhri (India)

"The first place we think of when ill or stressed out is SOUKYA ! I would recommend this to all my friends ! Family - Everyone needs to recharge once in a while. Everything is just perfect - Please give the wild rabbit a companion. He is very lonely. Thank you for all the care, warmth; hospitality. Will definitely come here every chance we get. It's even more wonderful, if that's possible, than on our last visit in 2004 !"

- Leena Chaudhari (India)

"I have been so touched by the care and concern of all the staff and their pleasant presence. The doctors professionalism and attention to details makes me feel assured that both the bigger and the little matters of my health are valued by them and incorporated into the treatments. All their, supported by a beautiful, natural environment ! A obglent accommodation in the menu for guests with different taste buds would be my suggestion. Thanks so much, Dr. Mathai& Suja and the best of luck and good wishes to you - and SOUKYA."

- Padma Narayanaswamy (Indian)

"I came here to get rid of my pain in the knee and spondilititis. SOUKYA received me with a warmth and friendliness. I became a child when I walk through the Jasmine foot path and ofcourse, the lonely goat, turkey, hen, cows. The doetons, therapists and other staff are very caring and taking all the details and friendly. Yoga is good. On the whole this place is soon pleaseful with positive energy. As for my suggestion a little bit of change in the Menu, to eater to all kinds of people coming from different part of the world. A small Ganesan temple with bell ringing to drive away any negativity. I pray to Mookambika for a long life and prosperity to Dr. Mathai, Suja and their family."

- Ursula Mathis - Kiihne (Switzerland)

hen I left Switzerland 2 weeks ago, I headed all for a place to relax and recharge my batteries. What I found though in SOUKYA was a piece of heaven on earth with a beautiful paradise garden ! Many thanks to all of you, who made my days so lovely and unforgettable. I take a lot of details back in my memory from nicely arranged flower bowls to impressive yoga positions … I might be able to know some of them into practice. God bless you all."

- Christine Pearson (Singapore)

"A little piece of heaven on earth. I leave SOUKYA with my spirits and feel blessed to have met such wonderful caring staff and to have enjoyed the natural beauty. To all of you - I give a heartfelt thank you. Keep smiling, keep dancing and remember to love. "

- Preethi Nair (UK)

"Love is in the detail and here you will find love from the jasmine flowers left by the bedside table, the waiters who remember how you take your tea to the care of the doctors and therapists. Thank you for the experience; thank you to all the staff and to Dr. Mathai and Suja for building and sharing their dream with such detail."

- K.D. Kidder (UK)

"I have to say that I met the previous writer Suhasin from France and I was sorry to find that she was negative about everything in her life … If only she stayed longer she would have found her positive center - I have watched this center grow from the beginning and it so impressive what has been accomplished ! I came clouded by fear, doubt and in 20 days I am leaving stronger and flexible and clear. Everyone must experience this !! Thank you Thank you !" "It is here that one regains, their core of wellness…. Their sense of wellbeing…. It has been years since I felt that ! Thank you Now I know how I am supposed to feel. I will be back !"

- Cynthia Miller (USA)

"I arrived at SOUKYA stressed to my limits physically and emotionally after 3 short weeks. I leave fresh and new. All of my pains down the drains. I look forward to walking among the jasmine bushes again someday. Thank you all."

- Abdulaziz Hussain (Bahrain)

"I have been to many places, but I can say with full confidence that this is the best place, where I have most people who care for the health of their visitors. I congratulate Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Suja Issac for their wonderful place."

- V. Madhusudan (India)

"Very good experience. Came for only one day - so the time was too short ! The staff was excellent, and the facilities were well mentioned. Really enjoyed every minute of it !"

- Dr. Sally K. Nelson

"This has been the most heavenly experience. Extremely service and facilities out of this world. This is a little piece of heaven in most fortunate to experience. Thank you."

- Brochand (Netherlands)

"3rd time in SOUKYA, different experience, but what remains is this well being sensation, the good care of people from SOUKYA, the great expertix of the therapists and hopefully the feeling and outcome in a few days - I am addicted !"

- Joan Hardy Clark (USA)

"A wonderful ending to a fabulous month long journey in southern India. Everyone was kind and helpful and I return home 2 kilos lighter and also lighter in my mind and spirit !"

- Ludaric Grave (UK)

"This whole week has been for me a unique experience to help cleansing the body, mind and soul in such a peaceful place. A special mention for the staff. People here are so nice and effective. I will come back ! Thank you all !"

- Kumud Bajaj (India)

"I had a very beautiful and comfortable stay at SOUKYA. Right from the time I arrived everybody has been very courteous, smiling and extremely efficient. At the reception, on therapy centre or food and house keeping. One can watch the beautiful garden and hear the birds sing. I hope the therapies benefit me so that I can come back again. Thank you for everything."

- Clare Dakin (UK)

"I am in awe and filled with so much gratitude. I have been to so many places and tried so many things - but nothing was been so effective or deep relaxing as the treatments here - A huge thank you to the doctors, the therapists, the waiters and cooks and especially to all the unknown faces behind the scene - it takes an army to run a place like this and I thank each and everyone - I will be back - with everyone I know !"

- Mr. & Mrs. Chandu (Australia)

"If something reminded me of my childhood is the pampering I get from each and everyone - massages, warm food, bathes and hair drying from Girija. All the girls at the massage were good, the boys at the kitchen were excellent. My only wish is that all these people are as well paid as the amount Of US dollars charged per each session ! To end it all, I found myself very grounded living thought you people all ground."

- G. M. Rao (India)

"We had a great experience ! The environment was homely, people were courteous and extremely accommodative. The treatments were good. The treatments gave a lot of relief for our pains. The food was good. On a whole it calmed our anxiety, and we are leaving with total freshness."

- Francesca Rossetto (Belgium)

"Thank you Dr. Mathai for keeping SOUKYA so beautiful and calm. With its marvellous team of caring doctors, therapist and all the other nice people living and working here, it is a very, very nice place to come back to."

- Rajinder Obhrai (UK)

"I came to SOUKYA not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. So I booked in for a week just to rest and enjoy my stay. But I am grateful to Dr. Mathai for explaining to me the benefits of Ayurveda and Homeopathic treatments. So I prolonged my stay to over it weeks and benefits from the full treatment for my requirement. The place is "heaven on earth". All the doctors, therapists, office staff, dining, room services are very polite, pleasant and wonderful. SOUKYA Day celebrations are wonderful. Thank you all."

- Nina Taneja (Indonesia)

"The massage and Ayurveda treatments were very good. Felt light in body and mind. The staff is very polite and obliging. The doctors are very very nice. Wish you every success for being by the ancient practice of Ayurveda to us. Here nutrition needs to be looked but."

- Susan O' Neal (USA)

"Congratulations on creating a little piece of heaven where people really CARE about you and go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met. I benefited greatly on all levels. Thanks to your wonderfully capable and dedicated staff. Your therapists are outstanding and I have given you a separate letter with accolades. I will return regularly and will be honored to refer SOUKYA to others. Blessings to you for caring."

- Jain Satya Paul

"SOUKYA, excellent, most amazing place, the treatments, facility, staff very very good, doctors very helpful. Have no hesitation recommending to this unique facility. Congratulations to Dr. Mathai and all the doctors and staff for their hard work and wish them the best."

- Jihad Iqbal (Saudi Arabia)

"Had a wonderful stay and deeply appreciate the warmth from all the SOUKYA staff. I wish the Mathais all the best for the future and congratulate the doctors and therapist on a job will done. Hope to see you all in the near future. Warm regards."

- Negar Jahanbin

" Coming to SOUKYA was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel like a completely new and transformed person. Everyone on the staff is amazing. The therapists really know what they are; they are great. The doctors know their staff and they treat you with such care and attention. That it's amazing. I love this place and I am definitely coming back."

- Bilha Meir

"Thank you for every thing - it is the most amazing place on the world ! The attitude of staff, service, rooms, food, therapy - Excellent, waren… We love all one of you ! We will be here again ! Shalom - Namaste."

- Mrs. Klaudia

"We thank Dr. Mathai for his graciousness and two whole team for the most enjoyable and relaxing days we could spend at SOUKYA. We are deeply impressed by the beauty and the atmosphere of this place, by the most outstanding attitude of its mind, warm and helpful staff, the excellent comfort and service provided and by the quality of the treatments offered. We hope we could come back to this little paradise and we wish you success and blessings."

- Susan Masterson (UK)

"SOUKYA: beautiful, serene, healing. The most amazing yoga studio I have ever seen. Will stay longer next time. Thank you for your graciousness."

- Roshan Fazal (UK)

"I came on 2nd January New Year start. I had a very good time here. The people, staff, doctors are excellent. Very warm, very helpful always smile on the face. Never seen people so warm and kind like here. I wish you all the staff and Dr. Mathai success, health and blessings. Thank you."

- Mrs. Sanam & Mr. Yazdi Karai (UAE)

"I came as a sceptic and leaves as a believer. Sanam came as a believer and leaves with a commitment to return. We shall return. Why ? Because at SOUKYA, they care. And it shows in ways, both small and big. SOUKYA is a textbook case of service excellence driven down by the leader, Dr. Mathai. We thank everyone at SOUKYA for the most relaxing week in our lives. Once is not enough. We wish you success and blessings."

- Sandeep Agarwal (Indonesia)

"SOUKYA is an excellent place to rejuvenate and relax. At SOUKYA, things just connect to you. The plants, trees, animals, flowers the people everything and everybody interacts with you. After a long time I feel completely relaxed. Note: Dr. Mathai's consultation is worth it."

- Fatma Al-Qasimi

"SOUKYA has given me the pleasure of trying the Ayurvedic treatments and massages at its best. I thank you all starting from Dr. Mathai, doctors, therapists, kitchen staff you all made me feel at home. I feel so much better and more relaxed (thank you all). I will definitely come back."

- Rebecca Fetner (USA)

"SOUKYA has been a great experience, it provides a friendly, comfortable, safe environment away from the clutter of my normal lifestyle. Everyone on the staff has been very nice and made my stay enjoyable. Thank you all !"

- Steven Pat Fetner (USA)

"It is so beautiful and peaceful here at SOUKYA ! Being here has been a wonderful experience. Your staffs are really nice people always with a smile. I look forward to coming back for healing and relaxation. I will miss SOUKYA."

- Shraddha Gupta (UK)

"Absolutely amazing. Do not want to leave. I look forward to my next visit. The place is peaceful and transforming. The staff is unbelievable and cannot imagine not coming back. Thanks for making such a difference to ones lives."

- Rupa Mohan (USA)

"This place is filled with peace, calm and serenity. A truly wonderful place to receive warmth, love and friendly sourroundings. Although the stay was short, it was wonderful to be hope !!"

- Barbara Harth (UK)

"I arrived unprepared. I know only a little what SOUKYA meant. And here I learned what 'holos' signifies. Of course 11 days are too short to understand all of the philosophy of SOUKYA. But I experienced a careful professional treatment in the therapy centre and enjoyed the areas and the friendliness of all staff who ever I met. I also appreciated that not only the respect for our patients is important but also the ecological food production on your grounds."

- Rahul Verma (India)

"SOUKYA is unique ! The entire approach to therapy is unlike any other. From the Holistic Health Evaluation to the carefully composed treatment schedules, and the patient yet insightful sessions with Dr. Mathai. If you do choose to rejuvenate here, it would help to expect a long term healing effect rather than instant uses. And the benefits would be multi dimensional."

- Shakeel Abdul Rahiman (India)

"My wife, son and myself had a wonderful time during our short stay here. Its unbelievable that such a calm, serene and beautiful place exists a stone's throw from the hustle and burlte of Bangalore city. The doctors, the therapists and staff are very sincere, courteous and took care of us very well. Feel rejuvenated and a sense of well being as we leave. 'Thanks to SOUKYA'. Hope to return and defenitly recommend friends and family. Maashallah"

- K. Jaya Prakash (India)

"Excellent place, superb people and soothing therapy. A must come back – place. Every body makes great effort to make the stay a delight and treatment purposeful."

- Suneeta Reddy (Indian)

"The most wonderful perspective of "wellness" that I have seen. Safe, logical, well trained therapists but above all a certain graciousness and sincerity that truly brings "SOUKYA" to the heart and soul. Many thanks."

- Pooja Mehar (USA)

"Great place for healing and relaxation. The therapists are wonderful a blessing from above my guardian angel being Ms. Rekha. Thanks to her love and care, I am feeling great emotionally and physically. Thank you !"

- Zena Duffy (Spain)

"The garden was beautiful and the staff so friendly and helpful, I met some really nice people too. I will always remember my stay in SOUKYA and thank everyone at making my stay as happy as they did, with always a smile of staff."

- Millie Afua Nretia (West Africa)

"My sincere gratitude goes to the Almighty God who gave me the opportunity to come across your brochure. I also thank him for the journey mercies. I will keep on praising him for that. I really thank the Lord for "Apostle" Issac Mathai. He has blessed him to loom his Intelligence and Resources together to say lives by building such immense healing kingdom to promote humane lives. May the Good Lord improve upon the potentials of every worker here. It is my prayer that subsidiariel would be built across the world. I sensed the nature of self discipline by staff member, comfortment which is welcoming, faces beaming with smiles, treatments very excellent. It is my Prayer that the Good Lord should richly bless you and your families with good health crowning all. I will miss SOUKYA !!!"

- Margit Eirich (Germany)

"At SOUKYA every thing is seen by heart. The wonderful doctors, the lovely girls, the friendly waiters, the gardeners. Every body is having his highly skilled and dedicated job to satisfy the guests. Look forward to come back."

- Edith Muiller (Germany)

"SOUKYA is a place where everybody feels good so do I. I've got a new mentality attitude of my life. Thanks to all the lovely people who spoiled me and my soul."

- Koshiro Otsuka (Japan)

"Thank you so much for all your kind hospitality with SOUKYA spirit and heart. SOUKYA truly creates an amazing healing environment with the celebration of life though heart touching experience ? I hope more Japanese people will come and experience the world of SOUKYA."

- Polly Lansdowne (UK)

OUKYA has been a revelation to me and I will keep up what I known is right for health ! Everyone has been wonderful, so skillful and generous. I have enjoyed the grounds lenont much from the ways you grow plants & trees. Everything here makeup a whole and if certainly reminds me about is most important in my life. Thank you !! Please could you make a small field for the cons…!"

- Yoriko Shimaya (Sendai)

"Nice place here ! I enjoyed and relaxed too much. I will come again next time more longer. Every staff are very nice. Food of course ! Room is very clean and comfortable."

- Dinesh Mehar (USA)

"It is indeed my pleasure to stay here with my daughter during her treatment. Commendable job by Dr. Mathai and his staff for making this place beautiful, hospitable and I would say a world class resort for all treatments or rejuvenation. Housekeeping has been very good. Food and juices were really great. Will love to come back. Again congratulations to Dr. Mathai & his staff for wonderful work and keeping the place so clean. God bless."

- Nakul Kamani (India)

"Another lovely stay at this eden called SOUKYA. My congratulations to Dr. Mathai and his vision for creating this beautiful retreat. I feel rejuvenated and ready to face the rogours of normal work and life. My thanks to Dr. Suja Mathai and the staff for making my stay comfortable and memorable. Look forward to coming back here soon."

- Reba & Dave Williams (USA)

"SOUKYA is a beautiful place, with many types of flowers and plants. It is extremely peaceful. There are many birds and bird calls. The staff is friendly and helpful ..always eager to run an errand, provide something special. Our thanks to them all."

- Anita Nair (India)

"I thought I had died and gone to heaven … it has been one of the finest I have ever had. An experience further enhanced by the dedicated doctors and the friendly staff. I'll be back."

- Julie M'buinen (India)

"My first visit has been a short but wonderful experience. The fresh air and open surroundings alone are the perfect antidote to Bangalore's stress and pollution!! A real treasure. I will be back soon."

– Varsha Anand (India)

"Thanks to great initiation by Dr. Mathai and team that I had a chance to reboost my health. Special thanks to Shubha and Usha for their care and expertise. The staff is well trained and caring which matters while healing. Excellent hospitality too!"

– Renate & Bernard Mateo (France)

"Staying at SOUKYA is like being immersed in a world of beauty and warm humanity. We are so glad that with Suja's help Isaac's dream became true. With all our love"

– Susana Mignon (Mexico)

"Had a marvelous week. Therapist and doctors are very good. Hope to see a change in me in the near future. Thanks to these days. Walking every day was a dream with all these flowers, plants and birds. Met very nice people too! Staff was wonderful. Hope I'm sure I will meet the Mathai's again. Please give my sincere thanks to them for having made this lovely place.

- Akshay & Puja Poddar (India)

"This experience has been absolutely fabulous and a real treat for us. The attention to detail is truly amazing. Not only have we learnt about how to achieve a healthier lifestyle but have also met some fantastic people! We hope to make SOUKYA an annual feature in our lives! Thank you for a wonderful 5 days. All the best to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai – who have been truly wonderful."

– Radhika Bahl (India)

" The serene smiling faces of everyone at SOUKYA exude such warmth and love that one is instantly at ease. A memorable experience which I am since to repeat. God bless Dr. Mathai & his wife for having the vision and the ability to convert their dream into a reality for all to enjoy !!"

- Gary & Marcia West

"If I could I would send the world to SOUKYA, if they could experience the healing power of innocent love, genuine caring and heart felt tendering that has both touched and enriched the loves of my wife and myself. Godspeed in keeping your dream above and well. Dr. Mathai and most dedicated staff! To your love and honors."

– Raju Kambala (India)

"The grass would not have been better without the grass hoppers, the food would not have been better without the waiters smile, the therapists sincere touch. I thank all who made this experience better for myself." "Great experience. Leaving with full of happiness. Thanks."

– Farida Azad Iqbal (UAE)

"My 21 day retreat at SOUKYA has been the most gratifying and uplifting experience for Mind – Body and Soul – I am leaving heavy hearted, because this place makes me feel rejuvenated – Focused – Peaceful and content. I thank all of you at SOUKYA for your care and love shown so each one here – with all my prayers, love and best wishes."

- Padma Coram (UAE)

"A true health retreat. A home away form home. The staff and the natural surroundings and the overwhelming bow from staff and fellow visitors makes one month feel better, eternal and short timed. Thank you."

– Harminder Channa (UK)

"SOUKYA" is truly the tiniest place for Rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit. Hats off to Dr. Issac Mathai for the great concept, the eye for details, for creating the perfect ambience and assembly a superb team of doctors and staff. Wish and pray God to give him the support to create more such organizations which will make us an Indians & India Proud!" – Rama Krishna & Usha Krishna (India)

– Harminder Channa (UK)

"It was needed to put the brakes on my life and rediscover a path for me and only me. Staff were superb ! P.S. The snake gourd variety was great."

– Jihan Iqbal (Saudi Arabia)

" Had such a great time here at SOUKYA – the place & staff and all the treatments were amazing! Everyone was so nice and warm – it's the best place to relax chill and detox ! Plus, I met the most interesting people – "Fellow – SOUKYA – ers" ! Thanks again – Keep in touch – Will miss you all ! Love."

- Nancy Spencer (UK)

"Many, many thanks to all here at SOUKYA. Your combined efforts have made for a truly successful visit. Just what the doctor ordered. A wonderful place that I hope to return to again and again."

- Nirmal Singh Sandhu (India)

"This is one of the best place, I have ever stayed. I have not only got good health. But in 31 yrs I have lived purely for myself. My sincere thanks to SOUKYA."

– Jahanvi & shobhna Shah (USA)

"SOUKYA, my last hope in getting my neck and back better. It was a wonderful one month's stay. We can never forget all your support and encouragement. The staff was very friendly and kind. Wish you all the best in landing the helping hand to those who are in need of holistic health and harmony like us. Thanks a lot from the bottom of our hearts."

– Daniele Gerbal (France) March

"2 days of complete peace and relaxation. This is truly a magical place. I will come back for 14 days treatment next. Thanks for everything. With love."

– Daniele Gerbal (France) March

"Thank you so much! 2 weeks with you was a dream. Every body is so lovely. Sure I will come back very soon. Love and many thanks for all of you."

– Farid & Alia Zarif (USA)

"Completing our 3rd visit to SOUKYA. We depart once again with a feeling of excellent physical and mental well being and with a determination to return with family members and friends. Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and all SOUKYA staff for making our stay here a rewarding experience. "

– Karen & Ryan Thompson

"SOUKYA is a magical place. The atmosphere is wonderful. It's been an uplifting experience. I have learned so much here. Thank you."

– Sugam Tiku (USA)

"3 weeks of peace, happiness and great health in beautiful Bangalore. I love this place and was a great experience. I'm bringing my mom next year. Very unique and high quality treatments! SOUKYA staff is very polite, friendly and professional. Will miss SOUKYA !!!"

- Lalitha Sahani (India)

"My second visit – As good, if not better than the previous one. Very peaceful and relaxing –I am truly very fortunate to get this opportunity to enjoy SOUKYA – Wonderful staff – Very polite and friendly. Thank you !"

– Shyam S. Bhartia (India)

" It was a very relaxing experience for both body and mind. Feels rejuvenated. Staff and doctors are very caring. Overall a great experience."

– Arun Kapur (India)

" A very special place, Dr. Mathai keeps a watchful eye over his flock and all of us benefit greatly from his gentle but fine professionalism, in the art and science of 'wellbeing'. The doctors and all staff could not have been more caring."

– Devaki & Lakshmi Jain (India)

"SOUKYA lives up to its logo and mission – it leaves you, as you complete the treatments, with SUKHA – well being, Shanti: peace and a deep respect for India's traditional holistic medicine. The aesthetics is unmatched. The hard work that goes into the multiple services is invisible, quiet, like a magic wand. The vision and service mindedness of all – especially Dr. Suja & Issac Mathai – is unique. We were fortunate – to be in this "Seventh Heaven."

- Andrea Kulhmann (Germany)

" I just can say thank you so much to everybody, to Dr. Mathai and his wonderful wife, to the whole team of therapists, doctors, restaurant, receptionists … and every body else. It was the best time and each had to improve health, body, …. Spirit and mind. And also I found the most professional ayurveda treatments … and learned a lot also for my business. Leaving today more than happy, full of power and luxury and love, every body gave to me here … Thanks Dr. Mathai, for creating this wonderful place in world … See you all soon …"

– Dr. & Mrs. Ramachandran (UK)

" We had a wonderful relaxing experience. The treatments were methodical and seem to be clinically effective. I have found these organised treatments better than in the U.K. that is alternative medical treatments. Please maintain and improve as required."

– Mr. & Mrs. Damodaran (India)

"This has been a unique experience. We are leaving the center much better than when we came. All arrangements are carefully planned, leaving room for inducing and accelerating the healing. Our thanks to Issac and Suja and their entire staff ! Our only suggestion is keep it up !"

- Mrs. & Mr. Nitin Bhosale (India)

"It's like a paradise – we had a wonderful stay and enjoyable experience being here. Thank you so much Dr. Mathai & Suja for all the guidance from your end. We will miss all this back home."

– Mr. & Mrs. Franklyn (India)

"Dr. Mathai & Suja have made 'SOUKYA' a unique place for rejuvenation & relaxation. Truly an experience to be in this sprawling place and go in for these treatments ! We deeply appreciate the warmth and service of everyone. Thank you ! 'SOUKYA' to be definitely recommended for."

– Dr. K.S.S. Bhat (India)

"Having shared the dream of Dr. Issac Mathai & Dr. Suja for the last 15 years for this center of excellence - I was thrilled to come and stay here, to participate in this fully developed 'SOUKYA' - abode of wellness. I and my wife Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Bhat enjoyed the treatment ,the approach , the hospitality, and the care given by them and their team. Congratulations & I pray for continued success and fulfillment.

- Roberto & Angelina Palazzi (Italy)

"Our satisfaction is unique. Our special thanks goes to everyone, but in a particular way to those silent large number of people working and smiling in this place, giving us the privilege for having been here. Thank you."

– Brad Beckerman (USA)

"SOUKYA has been a top notch experience from the tour to my treatments, to my departure. I will recommend SOUKYA to my friends and family. A special thanks to Dr. Mathai, Dr. Lokesh & Ramesh for all your care and treatments durimg my stay. I look forward to coming back. Sincerely."

- Sameer & Bhavana Gupta (India)

"Undoubtedly a unique place – one can unwind, destress, relax and get medically treated – overall healing of body, mind and spirit can be felt. For us it is the beginning of a new chapter with new resolutions, new schedules – best part is the confidence that we can do it back home since we have followed it here. A wonderful experience !"

– Dr. Gabriel Eismann (Germany)

"It was an excellent stay ! I came looking for contacts to other therapy centers. And found a holistic way for therapy. Thanks a lot for the wonderful time, the excellent treatments. So I will start with the way -the holistic center, SOUKYA. Will come back soon."

– Rekha Purie & Aroon Purie (India)

"Luxury to the limit !! Rare to find a place that gives you a unique experience. Rare to have a place which puts you in touch with your body, and solitude your soul. Rare to come out of a place feeling NEW ! That place is SOUKYA"

– Vinod Agarwal (India)

"Walked in for a meeting, but ended up checking in for two days of bliss. Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience. Highly recommended it to every one."

- Ambika Murugesan (India)

"SOUKYA is an excellent place for the relaxation of mind, body and soul. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my stay here. The staff and all the people around are commendable in respect of their hospitality. Thank you. Good luck."

- Lalitha Kamakshi (India)

"Excellent place, "Raja Upacharam" (Royal treatment). Looking forward to coming here again. Staff is so good, polite and friendly. You have given so much importance to small details. You are so sensitive to the need of the visitors. Thanks a lot. All the best to go a long way."

- Haider & Parveen Dhanji (UK)

"SOUKYA is a great place for relaxing. We found Dr. Mathai, learned and full of knowledge in holistic medicine. Staff is wonderful and very helpful. We both wish you a Happy New Year and Good Health. We thank you for your kindness."

- Asger & Masuma Dhanji

"The resort of SOUKYA was a wonderful experience to both of us. The excellent treatments, the humble and polite staff, the green and serene SOUKYA, the calmness experienced through morning and evening yoga were all very gratifying to both of us. Our stay was very relaxing. Our compliments to Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and of course all the staff for setting such a unique place. We both wish Mathai family and all staff a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. With best wishes.

- Uma Pillai (India)

" A truly beautiful, serene and verdant retreat. The treatments offered are carefully selected for each individual. The staff and physicians are very caring and pleasant. Dr. Mathai is to be complimented for setting up this unique integrated healing facility in such a lonely setting. His dynamism is seen in every aspect and I sincerely hope that he succeeds in setting up models for holistic treatments that cut across various systems of medicines and therapies, keeping the patient at the center and advising and offering what is best for him / her. My good wishes to SOUKYA."

- Abraham Mathai (USA)

"Having undergone treatment here, I feel that ‘SOUKYA' is a true ‘Thriveni Sangamam' where, the mind - body - spirit conference is felt. What is missed in the modern world is formed in this modern holistic heaven!"

- Shankar & Revathi Iyer (USA)

"Out of the world." I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to SOUKYA. The service is excellent, people are really nice, food is great, cannot say enough about the treatments. I will certainly be back for more. Thanks to all staff and people of SOUKYA."

- Priyanka Agarwal (India)

"It was an excellent stay! A real treat for the body and the spirit. Vihaan and I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed care, pampering and love given by all. The staff and faculty deserve great commemoration for their excellent effort! Thank you so much."

- Mrs. Jasbir Narulla (India)

"I came here feeling low and depressed but leaving flying in the air. The ambience, purity and above all the hospitality cannot be matched anywhere. Special thanks to the doctors, therapist and all the staff lovely feeling of being wanted was experienced. Thanks to all including the labor that greets you morning and evening with a lovely smile. Dr. Mathai thanks for having me here. Look forward to coming back again. God Bless."

- Elena (Russia)

"I am here second time and I want to go here again and again because I don't know the some place in all over the world. The magic place where I feel God in my heart and I can support balance between my body and my mind….

- Indu & Muralidharan (India)

"Peace, calmness and serenity flow through us this morning. The combination of the people, the ambience, the massages, the food, that reeks of care, concern and love have helped us feel this way. Thank you Dr. Mathai and the fabulous loving, gentle team you are able to nurture. Keep going!"

- Nathalie Brochand (France)

" A very pleasant way to have a treat. I really appreciate to let go, and being "taken care" from 7.30 to the end of the day by an always smiling staff. I certainly feel better than when arriving. Let's see how "normal life" acts on that? !! But any way, it's an experience to try."

- Muralli & Joyce (India)

"Me and my husband had a great time. Food, staff and treatment was fantastic. Therapist Latha's massage is really good. I have become a new person. This place is really recommended. All the best for everyone."

- Yuko Garnell (India)

"My first stay at SOUKYA was just fantastic. I could not have asked for better in any ways - facility, service, treatment, foods and staffs. Too bad I can't stay longer. Will definitely come back in the been future. Thank you."

- Mallika Raj Kumar (UK)

"A peaceful time. Enjoyed the silence and calm of SOUKYA. Treatments very therapeutic. I will continue to practise yoga and meditation techniques learnt this week."

- Lalitha Shahani (India)

"Wonderful experience, very polite and attentive staff. Felt absolutely pampered by Nui and Ruati and others. It has been a great relaxation. Thanks to all the doctors and especially Dr. Mathai. Shall definitely look forward to another visit to SOUKYA."

- Krith & Allen Parry (UK)

"Our short stay at SOUKYA was blessed by the wonderful welcome, beautiful scented gardens, the unexpected amazing treatments, help and advice of all the doctors and staff and the very comfortable bed. All of these aided to my fast recovery after my operation. DIOLCH YN FAWRIAWN"

- Anees Saigal (India)

"Excellent and wholesome food; kind and efficient staff. Despite the often draining treatments one can't help but be energized by the good energies, beautiful setting, healthy lifestyle and knowledgeable, caring doctors. Thank you to everyone at SOUKYA for creating & running such a place and enabling such positive, transformative experiences."

- Anupam Puri (USA)

"SOUKYA concept of a multi disciplinary holistic approach to healing is attractive and distinctive and has been well implemented. The medical and the genetic capability is strong; and in all other aspects the staff have been very well trained and are unfailingly clean, polite & efficient. Facilities are comfortable without being luxurious. All in all had a wonderful stay and expect to be back."

- Ajit, Sarah & Janyc Issac (India)

"Difficult to imagine the attention to detail, the perceptive approach of all staff and the really gracious hospitality of Dr. Issac & Mrs. Suja. If you want to find your inner voice and listen to the sounds of healing come here !!"

- Dr. K. Kusuma Mruthyunjaya (India)

"Our stay in SOUKYA is one of the peaceful unforgettable day in our life. I was really rejuvenated. We never knew that such a place is here very close to our home in Bangalore. Here are you SOUKYA. Can you switch over to solar lighting?"

- Nicole Mcfadden (USA)

"SOUKYA is a soul finding place. Existential against fear, insecurity, self defeatism, and erratic unhealthy behaviors do not exist here. Jean Paul sorte believed "everything has been figured out except how to live." Apparently, he'd never been to SOUKYA."

- Rie Goto, Midori Koyama (Japan)

"We enjoyed nice and peaceful environment which let us forget about noise in Bangalore city. Tasteful facilities and interior relaxed us. Though we don't prefer spicy foods, we enjoyed tasty foods here. We could sense full of hospitality from all staffs, foods and treatment. We would like to share this experience with many people. Thank you very much that you gave us this opportunity."

- Yulia Lugasrova (Russia)

"It's hard to add anything new to all the best wishes already written here. Anyway: the best service ever !!! Ms. Kala was the most gracious hostess. I hope to be back and to bring my Mom to share this most unforgettable experience. Special thanks to Dr. Shubha, Tei, Ramesh, Geo, Manu."

- Usha Kalia & Rakesh Kalia (India)

"Very difficult to describe the total experience at SOUKYA in limited words. It compelled to express in one word possible close ones could be MARVELOUS / WONDERFUL. The spirit and attitude of all involved in SOUKYA is appreciable and exemplary. Given an opportunity would love to come tune and again."

- Harsh Neotia (India)

"A truly holistic experience. Really found the treatment worthwhile. Food was superb and the friendly service exemplary. Look forward to visiting again very soon."

- Dafna Sharir & Avital Kroll (Israel)

"It was everything one can hope for and more to magical. Came to relax and found a place where we know we can always come and feel our inner voices. We feel lucky to have found you. Don't Change. You are perfect."

- Sunil, Shreya & Utkarsh Bansal (India)

"SOUKYA which means well being is true for this heavenly place. It was a totally different experience for all of us. We never had such a relaxing holiday before with a treat to our body (all the amazing treatments and massages) a treat our eyes (such beautiful scenery and atmosphere) a treat to our senses (the attitude and warmth of all staff) and a treat to our taste buds also (delicious and such a huge variety of food). The staff, doctors and at reception also everyone was always helpful and always smiling. The time with Dr. Mathai was really helpful & we think of him as our best friend how and we will surely come to SOUKYA again to visit him and to enjoy this heaven which he has created."

- Benedict Anand (India)

"The perfect place to be when life seems to dull and busy. I enjoyed the silence and serenity and also the food. The staffs are very comforting and good."

- Aditya Umang Vir (India)

"My stay at SOUKYA (From 10.10.05 TO 16.10.05) During my autumn break in October, I came to SOUKYA with my mother. This is a Holistic Health Centre, In Bangalore, where I have been before. Here the yoga and massages are relaxing, On the ‘Nada Padha' we go walking. The environment here is calm and quiet, And SOUKYA gives you a delicious vegetarian diet. Every one is surprised that a boy my age, Enjoys coming to such a place, But it's good to escape from the city cage, And watch nature move at its own real pace. SOUKYA is a really beautiful creation, Where I learnt about the local drip irrigation. This is my second trip here, And I hope to return year after year. Thank you Dr. Mathai and everyone !!!"

- Safir & Khanam Hajee (Canada)

"SOUKYA was a delightful surprise ! The gardens, the friendly atmosphere, the treatments, the caring staff all around made our health journey a success. Bravos Dr. Mathai & Mrs. Mathai."

- Pallavi Mayor (India)

"SOUKYA was my birthday treat to myself ! Every one has gone out of their way to make me feel at home. The gardens, the service, the treatments are excellent !

- Suresh G. Bharwani (India)

"I think Dr. Mathai is doing great job raising the level of five star people. It is unimaginable how he get sigma 6 level of quality from common people. Normally I train people to excel in life but I need to learn how he make sure each and every room spic and span. I am sure Suja is real source of power behind Dr.Mathai. I congratulate him. Hope to open similar center sometimes. With regards."

- B.S. Manjunath (Bangalore)

"The ambience and serenity at SOUKYA enables mind to generate silence by bringing thought process to stand still. With such silence format in mind it is perfect to start the voyage to explore life a fresh."

- Anita Kanilio-arkas & Evgenia Kazakova (Russia)

"Wonderful staff ! Wonderful design ! Wonderful garden ! Wonderfful massage ! Very good idea (to make such a resort), Thank you. We will say all our friends about this place."

- Lauren Sowotsky (India)

"Thank you for the gardens, the birds, the butterflies - a safe and quiet heaven. And for the kindness of the staff and gentleness of the treatments. It was a pure bliss."

- Jenny Ljungberg (Sweden)

"Thank you for an exceptional 14 days of peace and quiet, delicious nutritious food and such warm and caring love from all staff. The impression made will last - life time and was inspired me to bring ayurveda to Sweden."

- Raman Rochsilthum (Thailand)

"Thanks to all members of SOUKYA - staff, doctors, workers. Everyone has just been very friendly and nice during the stay. The treatment is fantastic the environment is perfect. SOUKYA is a must of a place to be for everyone who is in need. I am very lucky to come here and stay. Thank you."

- Kathryn Dixon (India)

"SOUKYA is a heaven to rejuvenate and go inside yourself. The environment allows you to take the time and have the focus to find answers and be self-reflective. The staff have been extremely kind and gentle and the treatments are top-notch !"

- Lama Doboom Tulku (India)

"Each time I come to SOUKYA, I feel half my health problem is solved by just being in this fresh and tranquil environment. I am happy with soothing treatment and caring attitude of everyone here. Thank you all and see you again."

- Murad Fatehally (India)

"I needed to have a "change"; the time, the space and the environment to ‘re look' at life and old habits. SOUKYA was more than ideal, since it provided all that, Thanks to you all."

- Malini Kannan (Singapore)

"It has been a wonderful experience staying at SOUKYA. Each and everyone of the staff is pleasant and courteous and that has made a difference to our stay here. The treatment is of high quality and the yoga sessions are great. We felt very welcomed here and plan to come again."

- Valeria Rocha

"Every thing was wonderful. This is one of the most peaceful places I've ever been to. I hope to be back soon and bring friends with me. Dr. Mathai thank you for your generosity."

- Mallikarjun S. Khuba (India)

"SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience for me, very very peaceful also. Quality treatments and prompt services. I loved all the treatments. Every thing was great ! Thank you. My best wishes to all at SOUKYA. May God bless you all !"

- V.G. Kutty (India)

"My stay at SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience for me - The ambience, conveniences and the people who run SOUKYA with meticulous care and attention. The treatments are of very high quality - and so good are the dedicated doctors and staff, who administer the treatments. My best wishes to all at SOUKYA. May God bless you all!"

- Rashna Imhasly - Gandhy (India)

"I was a bit nervous of bringing Manuela all the way from Mexico for her treatment, but I have been more than satisfied with the attention and care of Issac Mathai and his wife and team at SOUKYA. I wish the rest of India could work with such efficiency ! Thank you all."

- Shiv Nadar (India)

"Despite being recommended by my wife so strongly, I kept my expectations at reasonable levels but what I experienced have raised the mind - body - spiritual integrated so rich and meaningful. In everything connection to nature and its beauty - in colour, texture, air, fragrance, the ambience - sheer beauty has been woven in. To me the treatment, therapy and other inputs were a real bonus. Will for sure - carry the experience to my colleagues ."

- Nirmala Das (India)

"Indeed a memorable stay in SOUKYA and a feeling of well being. I am going back with determination to take this forward and will come back when ever possible. Every single individual in SOUKYA has made this possible for me. Thank you one and all. Best of luck."

- Durriyah Vasi (UAE)

"It has been a wonderful experience. I will definitely come back soon. Each and every member of the staff has been most courteous and helpful in making my stay so very comfortable."

- Chirayu & Mayuri Shah (USA)

"To, All who work in SOUKYA - We will miss you guys and I now I said I don't like SOUKYA. I am sorry, I enjoyed at SOUKYA. I have a good time for the treatment. We will miss you Jaya, Mary, Dr. Shubha, Dr. Usha and all male and female staff. We love you so much. We have a beautiful time in SOUKYA. I might come with my dad and mom and whole family. I will see you next year. Good Bye."

- Alka Mittal (India)

"SOUKYA has been a wonderful experience ….All of the staff have made it extra memorable especially Ruati, Rekha, Latha, Akkamma …. Thanks a lot. Hope to see you guys again."

- Vasundara Das (India)

"Returning to SOUKYA feels like I am coming home to rest and heal and this time (as always) I have savoured every breath, every moment, every conversation, every treatment, every yoga session, every walk, every meal……. I can go on and on …. Thank you SOUKYA and everyone that contributes to make the experience here, extra special !"

- David, Janice, Katie & Alice Curtin (USA)

" A unique and wonderful experience. Thanks so much to all at SOUKYA for your kindness, dedication and thoughtfulness. All the best to you. Please consider opening one of these in the US."

- Helen & Peter Niemann (Germany)

"We leave this place greatfull for everything what we experienced during this week in SOUKYA. Our thanks for the whole SOUKYA team for making our visit here so perfect. This place is full of love. You l must get healthy when you stay here for a while. I surely will come back."

- Akhil Verma (India) June 2005

"There are no words to define the wonderful time that I had at SOUKYA. Every thing just seemed perfect.. The staff were very kind and helpful and the overall atmosphere such that it made me feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Mathai has brought this wonderful place together for us to benefit. So I thank him for that. The weather was so perfect that it made me more active."

- Shahiff & Esmina (Tanzania) June 2005

"It was one of the best vacation we both have had. Every thing here is just perfect. The staff's are great. The doctors and therapists are wonderful. Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Issac just make you feel at home. With the wonderful words of advise and smiles on their faces. I surely would say "SOUKYA is one of the wonders of India." God Bless every one at SOUKYA."

- Chanda Chaudhary (UAE)

"What an experience ! Coming to SOUKYA has clearly been the most rewarding holiday I have ever taken ! At SOUKYA, I have been pampered, rejuvenated, inspired and introduced to the wonders of mindfulness ! This world class facility goes miles beyond a ‘health care'…. This indeed is a phenomenon ! My heartfelt thanks to everyone and SOUKYA's wonderful team for making this experience an unforgettable one for me and KUDOS to Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Issac for bringing this piece of heaven to planet earth."

- Madhu Verma (India)

"Thank you all ! It was perfect for me ! I can see only good in all that is here, so God bless this venture. Being here in the midst of this beauty, calm, grace and serenity it is simpler to introspect at the joy that the discipline of taste and time can bring. Nature and wisdom of the scriptures are truly a treasure of the best and way to heal."

- Rama Shankar Aiyer (India)

"The dusty roads, the winding ways Turn into a sphere of visual Treat Flowers, birds, trees and cobbed ways The intense greeting you Puts you at rest straight away He is Dr. Mathai The staff, the treatment, the holistic food And spiritual ambience render it the best food For the soul, Body, Heart and Mind. SOUKYA will always be "A Passage To Health"

- Shashi & Anjalika Somany (UK)

"Superb lay out, peaceful, serene, healing. But can do with some fine - tuning. Had a very good stay. Results were good. Did not expect miracles - Ayurveda works slow and steady !! Will be back."

- Ms. Kavita Aiyar (Germany)

"Heart felt thanks to all at SOUKYA for such a rewarding and rejuvenating 2 weeks. I wish you all the best, and look forward to again. (I'll bring my husband next time.)

- Sheyphrli Sharan (Delhi)

"The center is doing a yeomen to fulfill the felt needs of a certain class of humankind. It's been a professional eye-opener for me and hope to contribute my bit in bringing about policy initiatives to nurture one Indian system of medicine. Thank you for the experience."

- Mr. & Mrs. Charoen Sivasiamphal (Thailand)

"These last couple of days has been really relaxing and pleasant!!! This place and staff are really great!! Will surely be back!!! Thank you and regards."

- Suzan Rahaman (India) April

"As I enter the beautiful environs of SOUKYA, I find myself tuning into the rhythm and harmony of nature. I get the strength to heal my mind and body with personalized treatments created to release the flow of energy. The tranquility of the place and the warm and friendly service of the staff is so enveloping that I leave the "real world" behind for a short time, and am once again nourished…. My late husband, Mathin and I were the first few patients in SOUKYA more than four years ago. It was often our heaven and Issac our doctor, counselor and friend. It is wonderful to see SOUKYA evolve onto a vibrant space and a joy to share the dream of Issac and Suja."

- Augustine Francis Pinto (India)

"This is my first visit to SOUKYA. I thank God in the first place for using Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Suja Mathai in enabling her to set up this beautiful center. My congrats to you both. It's an asset to Bangalore and a great blessing too. I found every thing good here. All the treatments were excellent and suited me very well. My thanks to everyone in "SOUKYA". I also used my time well in being close to God, reading his word, praying and seeking his peace and thanking and praising his for this Brilliant Health Centre. Every day I prayed for Dr. & Mrs. Mathai and the fly and every one in SOUKYA May God bless and prospers you and the SOUKYA. Hope to be back soon."

- Latif & Layla Al-Aujan (UAE)

"We enjoyed our stay very much. Everyone was very kind and did there best to look after us so well. We met very nice people here and we love India that much more. We look forward to our next visit soon. Thank you all."

- V- Swati Kayan (India)

"Thank you". I have had a wonderful experience with wonderful people around. What draws me to this place is the positivity around. When the life in city gets hell and you realize you cannot breath you know in your heart there is a place in the corner where you can relax your mind & heart. Of course a special thanks goes to the doctor. Who has taken care of every small bit in SOUKYA to make it look perfect and feel perfect. I hope to come again!"

- Vinita Daryawani (Hongkong)

"A great place for relaxation, rejuvenation and stress management. Certainly worth a longer visit."

- Michelle Chaudhuri (India)

"I loved my stay here. This was just what I needed at this time. The calm, the peace, the pampering. I'll be back very often from now on. Thank you!"

- Simon & Deborah Fielding (UK)

"Words are quite inadequate to convey our thanks to Issac and Suja for the welcome and hospitality they have showered upon us in this wonderful place they have created. While we now our love remains behind."

- Murad & Elizabeth Bukhari (UK)

"Thanks very much for a relaxing and refreshing two days. We love the organic food and environmentally - friendly living. We made good use of the table tennis too! Best of luck and many thanks."

- Ashok & Hansa Patel (USA)

"We had good time because of love, affection, services and care. Find very peaceful. Gain good benefits of treatment. All has inspired our heart and found no pain anywhere. Wish you all the best for all of your faith and dedication works."

- Kathryn Dixon (India)

"Thank you! The stay was rejuvenating and relaxing. Your staff was kind, helpful and always smiling. The grounds are refreshing and the flowers smell lovely."

- Narmada Devi (India)

"It is peaceful and nice place to stay and get quality treatment for whole body and sole. Dr. Mathai and his entire team is doing good for the society by importing good health services. Thanks to all the Doctor and Staff."

- J- Naoko Danjou Suga (Singapore)

"Pure place which reminds me that humans are part of nature. Curing means not just physical, but very much mental. Everything is so self - explanatory, landscaping, nutrition, flower basin, small God in the room, prayer in the Morning: Philosophy here is fusion of orientalism and Occidentalism "the port" is open to every thing. Wonderful moment is walk through the path around the domain. When sun goes down moon rises. The significance of day time activities is to get sound and deep sleep just like a baby."

- Durriyah Kathawala (Mumbai)

"I will take back with me memorable experiences of this place, the people and the wonderful friends. I made – that combined with the treatments – was an unforgettable experience. I will be back again. Inshaallh !”

- Hari Krishna (Bangalore)

"Healthy ways” – Body, mind and soul – A unique experience just that subtle and still touching every part of your life on this lovely campus – that’s how I will rate the hospitality. For Dr. Mathai to have visualized this in his mind and then to have made in a reality – makes a very special person. This world needs more Mathais."

- Anitha Reddy (Bangalore)

"If “faith can move mountains, so can Soukya!” And that is because the SOUKYA “theme”, the only one of its kind in the world, is backed by the SOUKYA “team” which perhaps is one of a one of kind found no where else. If your medicines worked like magic, Dr. Mathai and Suja, the love and compassion, the hospitality and grace, the friendliness and smiles and the sheer human touch of your fantastic team were truly the healing balm for the body and mind. And so clearly, this team is lead by two people, You, Dr. Mathai and Suja, who, by being who you all are making this world a more beautiful place. Equally remembering the love and warmth of Dr. Sudha, Dr. Shubha, Kala, the therapists and all the serving staff – you made us well, you made us well, you made us whole again – Thank you, over and over."

- Steve Fetner (USA)

"Positive achievements are obtained through much effort and application. Unfortunately we tend to become complacent and paralysed at the very thought of an applicable process that could possibly heal and gave us. Issac, we’re known each other for almost twenty years and I am honored to be your friend. For you and Suja, SOUKYA has become a reality. For me SOUKYA has become a source of rejuvenation. Am I looking for a miracle or should I be satisfied with feeling great? I will take the later. Much love to you and the staff."

- Brij Raj Singh (Dubai)

"Thanks to my wife I ended up here and now leave here with a very positive experience. Excellent staff and great facility. Compliments to Dr & Mrs.Mathai and every individuals at SOUKYA that makes this is a great experience ! Will hopefully be back – Insha – Allah.”

- Dharam Vir (New Delhi)

"A retreat for mind, body and soul par excellence is SOUKYA with holistic approach in all respects – the ambience, treatment, food and the overall approach. Do keep it up and we do hope to be associated with it life long. Thank you. “

- Dr. Nalini & Dr. Ramesh (Bangalore)

"We felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated at this Heavenly spa. The world at our doorstep! Kudos to the wonderfully trained staff. Thank you Dr. Shubha and Dr. Mathai."

- Dilip & Ajitha James

"Wow! We had a beautiful, rejuvenating weekend. The cool breeze, nature-blended environment, relaxing treatment and courteous staff make a magical effect. We did not realize that “relaxation” is such a serious affair. Thank you, Dr. Mathai.”

- Glenn Bernsohn (USA)

"Unfortunately I was only able to spend a short weekend here. The grounds are beautiful and peaceful, the staff caring and friendly, the treatments soothing yet invigorating. I hope to be able to return again for a longer stay.”

- Priyana George (Delhi)

"I just want to thank Soukya, that is Uncle, Aunty, Dr. Shubha and all the therapists for helping me achieve a part of my goal and also for the wonderful hospitality. God Bless !”

- Puneet Sabharwal (Bangalore)

"I feel like I have experienced ‘Rebirth’. I came here to quit smoking and relax and I am going back with both objectives 100% fulfilled. The only revelation has been the two main objectives that I had before I came are really fringe benefits. Soukya, has given me a new body, refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated my mind and body. The wonderful ambience, the great food, friendly staff and most importantly the entire experience will be relived, flavoured and revisited again ! Keep up the good work and thank you from the bottom of my heart”

- Piyali Roy Singh (Dubai)

"I was very apprehensive when I came nine days and as I had just quit smoking. From the first day the staff put me at ease with their wonderful demeanor. Dr. Mathai “Mabrook” on a great facility ! Loved the food and the massages. If there is one thing I would change it would probably be the decoration of the rooms - Natural fabrics like khadi and a lighter sofa finishing would be better. The interior of the rooms can be little putting off. All in all- a wonderful and healthy trip. More to send my husband here soon and be back myself. Thank you.”

- Vrinda Rajgarhia (Bombay)

"Fantastic time, that is the best way to describe this Heaven of Peace…. It’s been distressing, unwinding and one feels completely relaxed and peaceful. Everyone is so very helpful and caring. It is been a wonderful experience.”

- Manish Kejriwal (Bombay)

"Absolutely terrific experience. Incredible landscaping – a “true oasis” in the middle of madness. Superb doctors, therapists, staff – calm, serene, pleasant and effective. The atmosphere is heavenly. The food is good – effective for what one needs to achieve. “

- Melanie Webb (Australia)

"Well today is my last day here and I have a heavy heart! In the past three weeks you have taken me from a person in pain with no hope to pain free, healthy, energized, happy and ready to take on the world again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The care, love and attention to detail here is unlike any thing I have ever experienced. It has been a real Heaven on Earth! I look forward to returning.”

- Sunil S. Bhosle (Pune)

"The place is beautiful. All the doctors and staff are very good. In the morning just heaven! A great break away from Pune! In the afternoon and evening we feel just we are in the quiet place like jungle, there is only noise of birds and nature. People are very friendly. Treatments are very good, lovely staff. Thanks for all to Dr. Mathai! To see you soon again!”

- Dr. Gary Auerbach (USA)

"It’s been wonderful to know your family and to see you bring your dreams to fruition. Your facility is extra ordinary. World class, Thanks. It’s great knowing the Mathai family. A BIENTDT – To see you soon again!”

- Bindoo Purnaiya (Bangalore)

"When I got here, I was like Humpty – Dumpty – all in pieces ! My grateful thanks to Dr. Issac Mathai and his marvelous team, who very lovingly put me back together again – piece by piece! Excellent, very high quality treatment, lovely staff ! Super facility. “

- Fathima Syed S. Kazim (Kuwait)

"The place is beautiful!! The people are very friendly and warm and most of all the treatments are fabulous! Good Luck! Keep up the excellent work! Good Luck!!” - Sindoori Reddy (Chennai)

- Fathima Syed S. Kazim (Kuwait)

"I enjoyed staying in SOUKYA very much. Such a wonderful and peaceful place and very beautiful. Staff of SOUKYA are very nice and very helpful. There a feeling of being home Love and Care. I enjoyed morning prayers with SOUKYA staff. Also I thank the staff for celebrating my birthday on 25-8-04. I was away from my family. But I celebrated with SOUKYA family which was indeed very touching for me. I pray for all of you and Love you."

- Shankari Murali (Bangalore)

"A delightful experience! One I am going to town about! The place, the people, the treatments were just what the doctor ordered for this weary body (and soul). I loved it and thank you all for all you've done to make this experience so special. God Bless You. “

- Reshma Jacob (Dubai)

"It was excellent ! I came here to loose weight and ended up being completely relaxed and rejuvenated. The staff are excellent ! I hope to be back soon.”

- Priya Sen (Bangalore)

"Superb ! A wonderful healing experience. Ambience is perfect, the treatments therapeutic and overall SOUKYA fulfilled my soul and gave me a great sense of peace and contentment. Thank You Dr. Sudha. I will be back …”

- C. M. Ibrahim (Bangalore)

"I must compliment Dr. Mathai for his efforts for providing this health care for the global - people. This is great service to the people and good name to the country. I wish and assure him my full support for his efforts to maintain this institute.”

- B.K.R. Rao (Bangalore)

"Soukya" is a visionary's dream come true. To Dr. Issac Mathai the visionary goes the credit for realising his life's ambition to get up a truly Global Holistic Centre. This global health village set in sylvan surroundings maintains the higher standard of holistic health and inded a truly exhilarating experience. I wish Dr. Issac Mathai who is ably assisted by his charming wife Suja all the very best.”

- D. Chandrakantham (Bangalore)

"I glorify god, as he has given wonderful opportunity to stay in Soukya. I received good treatment and attained good relaxation to my mind, body and soul. I pray god to bless Dr. Mathai and family members and staff members of Soukya. Thank You.”

- Sameera Khan

"Heaven on earth ! The peaceful environment and the super friendly staff makes 'Soukya' and unforgettable experience. The treatments were amazing. Seven stars !”

- Nasser Al

"It was unique and great days which I spent in Soukya. Every thing is excellent, staff, food, treatments and weather. Special thanks to Dr. Mathai for his great efforts to establish this center.”

- J.Joseph (Abudhabi)

"Hey SOUKYA – “ give me back my belly”. Special thanks to Pradeep and kitchen staff for the unlimited supply of Dosas. I guess the highlight of my stay would be the excellent massages and the unforgettable Basti’s (don’t think I’ll be back for the same in the near future) Jokes apart – a long peaceful three weeks with friendly and knowledgeable doctors and staff made my stay an enjoyable one. Thank you doctor and Mrs. Mathai and wish SOUKYA and staff all the best.”

- M.A. Essa (Kenya)

"My mother and I just descended to this institution and are so glad that we did so. Every body is so professional and courteous and I am leaving with fond memories of this serene place. If my mother does get better than it will be an added bonus but am confidential that the team at SOUKYA will make my trip worthwhile. God bless all at Soukya.”

- Meherwan Narula (Bangkok)

"A pleasant surprise and even fun despite all my initial hesitation. Good food, great staff from top to bottom. I am actually feeling a little sad leaving. “Lekhana” and “Soukya” will always be on my mind and in my memories. Will be back!!”

- Vishal Ghogar (Bangkok)

"Very pleasant staff my comments are just as positive as my last trip. Good doctors – Excellent staff – Good sense of humour. Every body all positive and smiling SOUKYA will always be a big part of my life. (Health is Wealth)”

- D.M. Khandkar (Karnataka)

"We are very very pleased with the treatment. All the doctors and staff are very good and co-operative. Food served for breakfast lunch and dinner was nice. Very nice and pleasant place for morning and evening walk 2.5km, track is nice.”

- Sulekha Nair (Mumbai)

"A feast for the eyes. Nature in all it's glory. Dr. Mathai is a humane and sensitive doctor. Wish more doctors were like him. The staff – polite and yet very warm. One goes warm and happy in spirits. Thank you Dr. Mathai.”

- Vishal Ghogar (Thailand)

"Logo saying fight it ! “Never let your mind down” Beautiful, peaceful environment. Extremely healthy, mind focusing, good healing process. Excellent staff very friendly.”Health is Wealth” SOUKYA like my second house – actually “first” surely come back very soon. I just have many more compliments – but, for now Goodbye ! Thank you for every thing.”

- Neeta Shah (Bangalore)

"A different place, and an experience very different, yet had before. Wish the crew of ‘SOUKYA’ – all the very best for the future. The staff and crew have been great at their hospitality. Thanks a lot.”

- Govardhan (Bangalore)

"I have been a fan of Dr. Mathai since 1990, now I have became a fan of Mrs. Mathai too. I came here to get healed. I am going back healed, inspired and motivated. In addition to being a fantastic healing center, SOUKYA is a great example of professional and management excellence. It is people like Doctor and Mrs. Mathai who will make this century the century of India. SOUKYA has inspired me to go back into the "real" world and excel in everything I do - now this is true healing!! While Dr. Mathai's presence is obvious in Soukya, Mrs. Mathai is omnipresent. The gentle touch of a lovely hostess is present everywhere. What a great couple!"

- Janet Evergreen

"After nine weeks traveling in India on pilgrimage what better way to integrate my journey than to travel deeply into body, mind, spirit through SOUKYA treatments. Through this blessed purification and letting go of physical, emotional and mental toxins may I and all sentiment beings be healed and may we dwell together in peace, love, joy and happiness that is free from suffering and the causes of suffering. Gratitude to all."

- Shama Habib (London)

Thank you SOUKYA for teaching me to respect my body, calm my mind, and elevate my spirit. My sincerest thanks to the doctors and staff and I wish you every success. God Bless."

- Ms. Florence Villiers

“It has been an extremely relaxing time, far from the mad world ….. A unique experience where one can find oneself. Wonderful staff.”

- Anila Tanna (UK)

“Idyllic, serene, peaceful and tranquil place. The staff, doctors and therapists have done wonders for me. An experience of a lifetime which I will never forget.”

- Mr. Munir Lone (U.K.)

“Serene and tranquil environment at SOUKYA has brought a new vigour and liveliness in me. I would greatly recommend the experiences to any. Staff and administration is worthy of higher praise.”

- Sheela Harivallabh Das (India)

“The place, staff, medical treatments and advice have done wonders for me. Many thanks to you Dr. Mathai and every one at 'SOUKYA'.”

- Aparita Bhandari

“This was a wonderful experience. I am glad I came. I will be returning soon with more people. They all need some escape from their daily lives struggles.”

- Christine Bass (U.K.)

“Three days are not enough in this idyllic place. I will leave floating on a cloud of serenity. Many Thanks to Dr. Mathai and all your wonderful staff. I will spread the word about SOUKYA in the UK - and hope to return.”

- Dr. A.K. Satyavathi

“Dear Suja and Dr. Mathai I would like to share few thoughts of mine during my stay of 8 days at SOUKYA. As a doctor myself I know how much difficult and stressful to run a medical establishment. Now one can imagine the mega establishment of yours. I am short of words to put it regarding your institution; starting from reception to treatment your staff has given the happiness and comfort of a house. Everyone has shown warm attitude when we meet them, they are your priceless asset. We all can imagine who is behind this magnificous show. It is none other than yourself and your wife. I have a simple and common word Thanks for what all I have received at SOUKYA. This Thanks has a special meaning here. I can do only one duty by praying God for the welfare of you, your family and children, your staff and patients for whom you have dedicated yourself day and night and for the wellbeing of your patient at physical and mental level . As a member of doctor fraternity, I congratulate your doctors for their kind and concern”

- Ms. Payal Batra (Canada)

"A wonderful and unique experience. Excellent hospitality. Thanks to the warm care given by the Drs and therapists. All did a wonderful job. Keep it up! God willing will be back."

- Virginia Trinque

"SOUKYA was calling me back here. Here I can be myself - Thank You for creating a place where true healing takes place. I continually feel I want to be and stay a part of SOUKYA. I treasure your friendship, Suja and Issac and look forward to watching SOUKYA grow."

- Lata Pada

"SOUKYA is an oasis of serenity, beauty and spirituality. It has been a truly rejuvenating experience under the very efficient and sensitive care of the doctors and staff. Thank You for making our stay so memorable! Congratulation to Dr. Mathai and Suja for creating this sanctuary."

- Mindy Mitchell

"SOUKYA is kindness and grace - it is the combined heart of all its doctors, therapists and staff. Here both serenity and wellness walk hand-in-hand. Thank you for a life-changing experience."

- Mr. C. S. Kedar, Karnataka Tourism Commissioner (India)

"It is a wonderful experience of getting a feel of integrated system of treatment making natural environment to ensure soothing of body and soul. This is a natural way of introducing what India and its heritage stands for. India's systems of medicine is our great incredible heritage. Thanks to Dr. Issac for having preserved and promoting it."

- Mrs. Roopa & Mrs. Divya Shetty (India)

"A very well maintained healing centre. Food is healthy and nutritious. The staff should be more forthcoming about the treatments and their costs so that we can plan treatments accordingly. All the same we would definitely like to visit the place again."

- Mr. Mahendra Jain, Karnataka Tourism Commissioner (India)

"Led by the charismatic Dr. Mathai, the SOUKYA team is rendering wonderful service to humanity! The place has been so thoughtfully planned that it couldn't be better. The commitment, warmth and sincerity of everyone, at every step can be touching. I feel bad for people who haven't seen or been to this place. I will do my best to get more people to visit and 'experience' the beauty of the rejuvenative nature of the place! Thanks for everything!"

- Mr. A.V.R. Sanjay, businessman & Soumya (India)

"SOUKYA means eternal peace on mind, body and soul. It was a wonderful experience in SOUKYA. People in SOUKYA are very hospitable and polite and very friendly too. In SOUKYA we learnt lots about life and about ourselves. Our stay in SOUKYA will be a very memorable one."

- Vishnuvardhan (India)

"The word "holistic" is the appropriate word which indirectly means "Paradise On Earth". This is a centre for healing your mind, body and soul. It rejuvenates your whole body and gives you the serenity, peace of the mind and soul. This centre brings a close bondage between God and us either by nature, lovely people (Dr. Mathai) and to know yourself for what an individual you are today. Last but not the least "It's an experience beyond the common materialistic world". Thanks to every person who has looked after me and I am happy that you have kept alive our tradition and culture."

- Devika Singh (India)

"It was a great stay. Very calming and learned a lot about myself. Lost weight and inches and hope to continue. The good work Dr. Mathai has started. God bless and wishing SOUKYA the very best."

- Ms. Carol Caffisch (USA)

"I have been hearing Dr. Mathai speak about SOUKYA for years and now I have finally come. It is everything that he promised - an incredibly beautiful, serene oasis from my "real world" and a place that heals from the inside out. I am so glad I stayed three weeks - I can already feel the difference it has made. I have never been so pampered in my life - it took some getting used to the focus being on me - the staff couldn't be more attentive to my needs and desires. Superb staff!! And the food was not only nourishing but utterly tantalisingly delicious - my palate has been awakened as well as something deep inside. Thank you for all you do."

- Mansoor & Meher Ali

"Seek and ye shall find ! I read about Dr. Mathai in February 2003 in Hyderabad. It is pure destiny that I found him , this is a special experience. God willing I will keep coming back . Very kind and professional staff."

- Deepal Trivedie

"SOUKYA gave me a good "sense of belonging". I plan to be back soon! Harmony of mind, body and spirit doesn't sound to be an abstract term now!"

- Jasmine Dhillon (India)

"To be honest I have been contemplating doing a similar package for about five years now. There never feel the right time or maybe I just did not get that 'feel good' feeling. 'SOUKYA' , It just happened and it changed a lot for me…….. and at the end of my stay I have this 'feel good' feeling that I have done something right after a long time even if it was for me and to have SOUKYA with me is added bonus to that feeling. The place is very soothing, the people are very caring. It is like a place in time."

- Ms. Tara, actress

"I loved peace round the place here and people who work are friendly and warmth, especially doctors, girls, cook, and other boys. I love them all."

- Mr. Vishal Shah (India)

"I am overwhelmed by the personal care taken by all the doctors, therapist and all the staff. Whether it’s the treatment centre, dinning, reception everywhere the care and support is from the heart. I Thank You for everything. The temple of Dr. Mathai for healing, coming here and staying is a wonderful experience. I will be eager to come here soon."

- Ms. Bindu Dalmia (India)

"Very soul uplifting! Feeling a great metamorphosis from within and without. Excellent staff and environment. Thankyou Dr. Mathai for your nurturing."

- Ms. Ritu Singh (India)

"From the moment I set foot into this beautiful heaven till the time I left my experiences have been beautiful - an inward journey has begun. It’s a new life- Thank You for all your care and support."

- Dr. Lalima Jencke (Japan)

"Enjoyed the treatments and the "family" atmosphere of the staff and guests. Energising and rejuvenating experiences. Thank You."

- Ms. Jyotika Jhalani, Designer (India)

"A place that has changed my approach to healthy living – Thank you everyone, it was an amazing experience. Will be back soon."

- Mr Farid Zarif, UN & Mrs. Alia (New York)

"We noted further improvement in all aspects in SOUKYA compared to our previous visit. The courtesy and service quality is completely satisfactory and will be a compelling reason for us to keep coming back to SOUKYA. Many thanks for the exceptional hospitality."

- Ms. Vasundra Sureka (USA)

"I was very pleasantly surprised at how peaceful and well run SOUKYA is. Specially the staff is excellent, food is healthy. The whole peace and tranquillity. I recommend it for everyone looking for serenity."

- Mrs. Gayathri Sriram (USA)

"I am amazed at the serenity of SOUKYA. As soon as we drove in we realised that our experience would be exceptional and we were not disappointed. Everything moves seamlessly: Therapy, food service and staff is courteous and friendly. Thank you."

- Ms. Jiya Madhavan Hari Singh

"What an oasis of healing! This is indeed an ideal of a centre for Holistic approach to the art and science of "Ayur". Congrats to Dr. Mathai and Suja Mathai for the concept and the layout as well as its warm and gentle, comforting and healing ambience and feel. I walked in ill, leaving its portals renewed in body and spirit with an attitude of gratitude and happiness."

- Ms. Mamta Nichani, politician (India)

"One of the most relaxing experiences in a very long time. The hospitality and the warm gestures of the SOUKYA community made us feel very much at home."

- Mr. I. M. Vittala Murthy

"This is a very well maintained centre, comparable with international standards in terms of hygiene and quality of service. I wish and hope many people will await these services."

- Ms. Kavita Boolchandani (India)

"Excellent ambience - extremely professional staff. A very relaxing, rejuvenating and beautiful experience. I don't really feel like going back to normal life and routine."

- Mr. Gregory X. Almeida (UAE)

"Came on an introductory survey and was more than impressed at the treatment and the care that are in a class of its own. Dr. & Mrs Mathai are true entrepreneurs."

- Mr. Shehan Verghese (India)

"To transport a rather decrepit young man to semi positivism - on all these planes, emotional, mental and physical is no mean achievement. This is just the beginning"

- Mr & Mrs Acharya (India)

"Thank you for making us younger, happier, serene and healthier. This is a unique temple / place of worship. It is a balm not only to the mind and body but a spiritual experience for the soul!"

- Mr. Chetan & Monica Kamani, business (India)

"Bliss in all forms! Holistic in all respects. A very beautiful creation of love and passion of a truly international class. We wish Mrs. Mathai and Dr. Mathai all the best and Thank you very much for these wonderful memories."

- Ram Kaia Kam (India)

"SOUKYA' brings back balance into one's life. It is certainly a place for the present and of the future. Thank you for creating this place. And thanks to all those who attended to us."

- Mrs. Reva & Mr. Sudarshan Marin, Reva Cars (India)

"SOUKYA - the holistic approach represents truly Indian culture. The concept is new but futuristic whose time has come. By the middle of this century this holistic concept will take over the world, in my opinion, and SOUKYA will be considered the pioneer! Execution of the concept has been done excellently. Any one who visits here has to be proud of "Mathais" - their dreams and devotion. May God bless them and SOUKYA all that it deserves. P.S. We found it very unique to spend Reva's 60th birthday on 21st April here."

- Mr. K. Venkatram (India)

"Came in a bit sceptical and you pleasantly found the scepticism unwarranted. Spent an extremely relaxing two-week here. It did my digestive tract and my facial rash conditions a lot of good. Thanks Doc and Suja. Will be seeing more of SOUKYA I’m sure. Staff at the treatment centre are very competent."

- Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (India)

"Wonderful place, wonderful people for service here. It's truly holistic out here. Keep it up. And we will see you soon. Wishing you all the best."

- Prashant Iyer (India)

"This place is wonderful and the landscape is great. Even though we have stayed here for 1 1/2 days the feeling here was great. The staff here is also good. Wish you the best of luck for the future."

- Dr. Jaineer Ranga (South Africa)

"Feeling a lot better than when I arrived. A must for every practitioner in this field or otherwise. The personal touch was much appreciated. Lovely friendly staff. Thank you."

- Shri. Mahesh Sharma, ISKCON (India)

"In SOUKYA is the pray route of realised services of Mr. and Mrs. Mathai delivered to them by Krishna which thus strengthened as an institution would go down in ages for their children and coming generations to live a valued life."

- Sam E. Roy

"Excellent recipe for the mind and body. Recipe for the mind comes from the surroundings provided and for the body it's the treatment. I really thank the staff out for here for such a friendly nature. Looking forward to see you all for more of relaxation years to come. All the best."

- Mrinalini Vogeler (India)

"Since 1996, I am following with great interest the vision of the Mathais. Now the vision has taken shape. It is awesome. So much thought, so much planning to make it a truly healing place. The Moment you enter SOUKYA, the healing process starts. There are umpteen details which add to the harmony. To the medical team, my grateful thanks for the right treatment. The silent, efficient, therapists have healing touches. The dining room staff is ever ready to serve you. And very grateful for wonderful long meaningful discussions with Mrs. Mathai"

- Gina Mascarenhas (India)

"This was like a "dream come true" experience. I came here so stressed out both bodily and mentally and now I am ready to take on the world. The treatments were excellent. I enjoyed every bit of it and I know what I have missed all these years - The Holistic Approach."

- Sarojini Vittachi (India)

"This is a beautiful and restful place. The staff are very good and smiling. The treatment just what I needed. I'm returning home refreshed, relaxed and renewed."

- Maiyka Westen

"A beautiful place, so peaceful and kind people. Good treatment. Nice house keeping and kitchen staff. The food looked great, too bad I was on a fruit diet. I'll come again."

- Mrs. K. Sarasamma & Sindhu (India)

"We are proud of Dr. Mathai, Mrs. Mathai and the entire SOUKYA team for developing a place like this and caring for the patients. We wish you all the very best and Thank You for all the care you have given to my Mom."

- S. Ahluwalia (UK)

"Thank You is not really enough! But really swell. What else to say since, your kindness is much appreciated. Please inform us when you are in London. Sai Ram."

- Dr. Susan Groh (USA)

"From the evening you so generously greeted me with middle of the night Issac and Suja. I felt as if you welcomed me to your home. It is a rare experience for me to be a patient, to be cared for. I appreciate this opportunity and your vision to creating to this dream. I have transformed into an opening and now I am willing to engage in the world. Your creation, SOUKYA, and the Holistic Summit have given form to the environment furthering this growth. I thank you from my heart which is opening as a lotus opens to the sun."

- Vien Phnong "NINI" Mai & Cathryn Haeffele (USA)

"Cathryn Haeffele and I had an absolutely wonderful time here! SOUKYA was a marvellous way to end our visit to the most dynamically beautiful country in the world. Words cannot describe my deep gratitude for the opportunity to have spent even a day here around such beautiful surroundings and warm, caring people. Doctor Mathai and his family have done something wonderful for the health of the world with their project that has come to fruition so beautifully. Thank You too much for all of the love and care! We could never forget SOUKYA!"

- Megumi Ibaraki (Japan)

"It was wonderful experience for me. The massage stimulated my blood circulation and lymphatic system. Shirodhara was really fantastic!! I even lost my consciousness! What a deep relaxation ! It melt some thing inside of me. I loved it! ! Thank you very much. I will recommend to others."

- Caroline Rabinowitz

"I loved the deep massage. I could feel the crystals break up in the bottom of my feet. I love the lightness they feel now. My hands have never known such bliss. They loved being taken care of."

- Ms. Wendy Stewart

"I have not allowed any one to massage me in four years. I am always the one giving massages. This was worth the wait it was truly a blessing!!"

- Dr. Zahra Yousefi D.C.(USA)

"What a wonderful way to begin a New Year to be in a place that everything. Every little detail is well thought off with the welfare and comfort of the guest and making the feel welcomed and well taken care of. Congratulations in achieving your goals."

- Mrs. Anna Winzenried

"I had a wonderful stay here - feel relaxed, refreshed and very peaceful! My heartful thanks to all here. Wonderful most caring staff."

- Mr. Urs Winzenried

"Coming to the Holistic Health Conference, I picked up my wife Anna after two weeks of SOUKYA. She was very well, relaxed and beautiful. This was not our last visit here!"

- Sangita Chandran

- Dr. Pramila Byahatti January 2003 "Having recovered from the rigours of a hectic life I am transformed in 7 days back to health by a caring and attentive doctor / therapist 'team'. The integrated comprehensive approach to diagnosis I experienced here is unique to SOUKYA. Beautiful execution of a heaven on earth for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Complements to all the wonderful team in the restaurant and gardens. Best wishes to Dr. Mathai and Suja for continued success as you progress in leaps and bounds on this lifelong adventure."

- Molly Hsieh (USA)y

"My words are not adequate to describe my experience here at SOUKYA. My mind and body have been charged by the land and the surroundings ….. but most of all, my spirit soars from the kindness and compassion of every person here. I will never forget you and will remember each of you for the rest of my life."

- Mr. Soman Baby

"It was a great, wonderful and refreshing experience. Spending a week away from the stressful life in the Gulf at this unique healing spot was a blessed and rejuvenating experience for both my daughter, Susha, and myself. The rooms provided five-star comfort, the doctors are truly professional and the staff are extremely friendly thanks to the high-class training given to them by Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Suja Mathai. We wish God's continued blessing upon 'SOUKYA' ."

- Mrs. Suzan

"SOUKYA - the beginning of a holistic healing experience. We were there when the seed was sown, we are here when the plant has grown, we wish to be there when the tree is in full bloom! Wishing the SOUKYA family all the very best in the fulfilment of their vision."

- Ms. Mary Winzenried (Kenya)

"A vision is becoming true - SOUKYA will be a paradise and a lovely relief. I wish all of His kind and so friendly people involved all the best, especially Dr. Mathai and his wife."

- Dennis George & Priyana George (India)

"We appreciate the vision of Icy uncle and Suja Aunty to make this place so beautiful, peaceful and so meaningful. SOUKYA is not an illusion it’s a never-ending horizon where the heaven and earth meet and unite so gracefully. This is a wonderful opportunity for man to realise himself. God's creation is so wonderful and to preserve its beauty is mans duty which "SOUKYA" - (Uncle and Aunty) are so beautifully doing. May God bless and dwell in 'SOUKYA' Thanks for the wonderful experience."

- Dilip Kumar Hirani (UK)

"Great to meet Dr. Mathai. My whole past and present has changed for the better. Looking forward to getting healthier and better."

- Mrs. Mahalakshmi & Mr. Kailas, businessman (India)

"Imagine coming back for the third time to be "needled", "stoned" (and that too with hot stones), covered with mud and scrubbed with abrasive material", "steamed"……….!!! This is the SOUKYA magic drawing us again and again to end up with a great feeling of well being. Thanks to all at "SOUKYA".

- Mr. Max Martinello, Designer (Hong Kong)

"I always Thank God for my health. But I thank a lot all of you for the kindness and the professional way to take care of me. It's wonderful after years have lost the stress and stillness that was in my shoulders, in my back, in my mind. I feel myself a nice guy now and I can go. Hoping to see you again because I'll be able to give the right time to myself for care."

- Mrs. Annamma Chacko (India)

"Having come from the riot prone city of Ahmedabad, I experienced heavenly peace at SOUKYA. After undergoing different therapies, I experience a rejuvenated feeling both in my body and soul. The staff at all levels are very warm, hospitable and courteous. I return home with refreshing memories which will be cherished forevermore. Let SOUKYA remain true to its meaning for humanity to experience its flavours for ages to come."

- Ms. Mable Chacko (India)

" SOUKYA: One man's dream, Put to work; Showers of blessings, Enriched by Saviour's love. This is the place, Where as greenery spreads, The wind blows, And freshness meets peace. This is the place, Where growth is optimum; And as the bells peal, Knowledge meets experience. This is that dream, Where nature rages, And as the waters flow, Paradise meets earth. This is that core where at the dawn of dusk, Life becomes worth living, And every soul is brought joy, Through kind unselfish giving."

- Sulochana Chintamani (India)

"This has been a wonderful experience for me. I found acupuncture treatment very helpful and also the reflexology. All at SOUKYA have been so good to me and given me such special care and attention, I am overwhelmed! Thank You SOUKYA and wish you all the best."

- Sunita Tati (India)

"I came to SOUKYA with an open mind and am swept away by the experience. For me it has truly been a rejuvenating experience. I believe - to any place, more than the place it’s the people that make the difference. And the people at "SOUKYA" are special. Everyone here is kind, courteous and professional. I am thankful to Suja and Dr. Mathai for this experience and look forward to my next visit."

- Philomena Alice Varghese (UAE)

"I had a very enjoyable stay at SOUKYA! Had incredible, relaxing staff and appreciate all the loving care rendered by all the staff which will be remembered. I hope to came and stay with family in future. Good luck and best wishes for Dr. Mathai and Suja"

- Mr. Michelle

"A very relaxing stay with excellent body treatment. The entire company is very welcoming. Thanks for the participation of Issac and Suja."

- Ms. Virginia Trinique (USA)

"I remember when SOUKYA was just a dream and in the planning stage. To actually be living here for these few weeks is incredible. I feel as though I have come home to my new family - so caring and so soothing. The sweet healing energy in this place and people will be difficult to leave and yet I know it will be here when I return with my loved ones. Issac and Suja you have opened your home, hearts and family. Thank You. My intention is to spread this peace to the world."

- Ms.Victoria Sullivan (Australia)

"Healing swirls all around in every flower and smile. I hope I can retain this gift and carry it with me to the world. Peace, tranquillity, friendship!! – SOUKYA"

- Ms. Judy Chapman, journalist (Australia)

"SOUKYA, A place to return often; reflects a sacred place to rest one's own mind, body and soul. A space in which to grow and radiate like gold."

- Ms. Louise Barry, Event manager (Australia)

"I came to SOUKYA feeling like half of me went missing - I leave SOUKYA feeling that half has returned again. Thank You."

- Mr. Sukhvinder Singh, businessman (Thailand)

"Thank You for the wonderful stay. This is what I needed in my life. You all have certainly opened a new door to my life. Great food, smiles and very nice staff."

- Mrs. Catherine Fernandes (UAE)

"I thank the lord for bringing my daughter Yvonne and myself to SOUKYA. We had a wonderful time, the days just flew in harmony of this calm and peaceful surroundings, efficient and caring staff, rejuvenating and relaxing treatments. I thank Dr. Mathai for touching our hearts with his encouraging words of advice and guidance. I wish the entire SOUKYA family a bright and healthy future. We'll be here again! Lots of love and a big God bless."

- Leclerc Roux Patricia (Africa)

"I am very happy with comfortable room - with best bed. Your massage very good, reflexology best. Thank you for your hospitality, amiability and your patience. God help you."

- Elizabeth N. B. Rower (USA)

"Many thanks and good wishes to all the hard working doctors and therapists. I wish you all the best. Everything has a truly healing experience. And I believe dhara did me a lot of good. I hope to return and wish this experience for my husband - with warmest regards."

- Satyaprakash Venkataraman (USA)

"Just being in SOUKYA is soothing and rejuvenating. The rest of the wonderful treatment and the excellent service, courteous staff and wonderful food are all bonus! I would love to come and spend a fortnight here as soon as possible. Please keep up the good work."

- Mrs. Mary Anne Haines(USA)

"From the very first day to the last, my experience here has been wonderful! The surroundings are beautiful and the people are very caring and friendly! I feel strong, relaxed and clear returning to my life after 3 weeks of loving care. All of the treatments have been relaxing and the staff nurturing. The room is clean and beautiful. The dining hall is lovely and the food wonderful Indian cooking. I am sad to leave all these wonderful people and this uplifting, beautiful place - but I feel ready to return to my life as I am strong and relaxed. I want to come back again and bring my family!!! Thanks to every one and Thanks to Dr. Mathai"

- Lalitha Rao (India)

"Each moment spent here is a memory for me, the affection, care and concern by everyone is unique. I have spent some very happy time with everyone here. The place itself is so beautiful and peaceful, you feel very relaxed and happy I would like to come here often."

- Dr. Fred Simon Oommen & Dr. (Mrs.) Lizzy Oommen (India)

"My wife and I opted for SOUKYA, an "oasis in the midst of a concrete desert" to spend one day to reflect and relax "off from a maddening crowd". The warmth and affection with which we were received, and the personal attention and hospitality extended has given us a new approach to treat our patients. The "complementary therapy" was refreshing. It is with deep gratitude, and with a new zeal in our healing ministry that we leave SOUKYA. God's blessings and guidance on the SOUKYA family. Thank You."

- Dr. M. Peter Martin (India)

"We felt wonderful hospitality and enjoyed it. Wish this holistic institution grow more and more and to serve the people into healthy lives improvement."

- Ms. Nirmala Banerjee (Indonesia)

"This is a wonderful centre. The Doctors and staff have been kind and gentle. My chronic condition has shown improvement. I wish you all great success."

- Mr. Ali Mohamed Al – Jamea (Bahrain)

"I thought that staying in the centre for 24 days will pass very slow and boring but what happened was the opposite. The days passed very soon and with lots of nice things to do and the good thing about staying was the best changes in my life and feeling. Feeling like a family with Dr. and Mrs. Mathai and their children. I don't think that I could ever forget the good doctors and the helpful staff. Thank You very much for your great help in reducing my weight in a healthy and nice and friendly way. Wishing you the greatest of Success in the future"

- Mrs. Aysha Yousif Al Goll'd (Bahrain)

"For not one minute during my three-week stay here at SOUKYA have I felt alone. I feel that I am with my family when spending time with Doctor and Mrs. Mathai. Never will I forget the good and helpful staff and doctors. Thank You all very much and I wish you the greatest of success in the future."

- Molly Hsieh (USA)

"My words are not adequate to describe my experience here at SOUKYA. My mind and body have been charged by the land and the surroundings ….. but most of all, my spirit soars from the kindness and compassion of every person here. I will never forget you and will remember each of you for the rest of my life."

- Mr. Soman Baby, journalist (Bahrain)

"It was a great, wonderful and refreshing experience. Spending a week away from the stressful life in the Gulf at this unique healing spot was a blessed and rejuvenating experience for both my daughter, Susha, and myself. The rooms provided five-star comfort, the doctors are truly professional and the staff are extremely friendly thanks to the high-class training given to them by Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Suja Mathai. We wish God's continued blessing upon 'SOUKYA' ."

- Mrs. Suzan & Mr. Mathin Rahaman (India)

"SOUKYA - the beginning of a holistic healing experience. We were there when the seed was sown, we are here when the plant has grown, we wish to be there when the tree is in full bloom! Wishing the SOUKYA family all the very best in the fulfilment of their vision."

- Ms. Mridula Jayakumar (India)

"A wonderful healing experience. Helped me to feel connected again. Looking forward to coming back. Wish you all The Very Best. Thank You."

- Ms. Radhika Godkhindi (UAE)

"A truly blessed property with wonderful vibrations. Thank You for this opportunity to re-link with body, mind and soul. Good luck and best wishes."

- Mr. John L. Hales (Switzerland)

"A wonderful rejuvenating and energising experience. Everyone was so kind. Thank You and as we say in Switzerland 'a bientot'."

- Bozhena Twanuciw (Canada)

"Thank You. I feel wonderful. Hope that I will be able to keep it up, also I would like to thank all the doctors, therapists and staff for being cheerful and helpful."

- Mr. Arup Kumar Sengupta (India)

"Thank You Dr. Mathai for making this trip worthwhile. It has changed my life of pain to bliss. Thank You all the staff. You are wonderful and your cheerfulness makes the day go by so quick."

- Mr. Arup Kumar Sengupta (India)

"From March 1999, I was suffering from back pain. Tried many therapies but of no use. All were temporary. Then in March 2001 I came to know SOUKYA & met Dr. Issac Mathai and his team. I started the opportunity of this wonderful holistic treatment in June 2001 and today after twelve sittings I am completely cured from my back pain and feel more energetic. This is a great treatment. My most sincere thanks to this team for completely curing me. A great experience."

- Ms. Gayathri Sriram (USA)

"This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I came to Bangalore filled with trepidation about the outcome and yet believing that this was the best choice. I am so happy that at the end of these two weeks I am feeling completely rejuvenated and looking forward to life in general. I have to also commend the staff for taking such good care of me. Thank you to everyone for making these past two weeks absolutely wonderful!"

- Marilyn Fioravanti

"Thank You for every thing. The wonderful therapies as well as helping me to deal with money, postage, e-mail, all very much appreciated to make my first visit to India a very happy experience. Be well and at peace."

- Mrs. Elaine Marie Ghosh (India)

"The gentleness and sheer confidence of the team that worked on me already makes me feel much better and I'm looking forward to coming back and completing my treatment. Thank You."

- Mrs. Mahalakshmi Kailas (India)

"I have enjoyed my experience here for the past one-week and look forward to being here again. The staff are extremely friendly and attentive."

- Mrs. Vasundhara Rao (India)

"It has been a wonderful experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed every session. The team of doctors and healers have served with a smile always. Always felt welcome here and encouraged to come regularly and enjoy the benefits. Words fail to express the gratitude to doctor Mathai and his team. God bless and Thank you from my heart."

- Mrs. K.B. Chengappa

"I'm happy I took the plunge into this Holistic treatment. I'm very confident that my old age will have less problems If I continue to follow the advice and treatment given here. The doctors and staff are very friendly and caring which goes a long way when treating the sick. Am determined to come back here. Thank You."

- Ms. Wendy Slater

"A profound experience here in India. This experience will reverberate on into the future for me - Always. With deep gratitude. Thank You"

- Lennart Ostman (Sweden)

"Came for my pain in the back had a wonderful massage two times and will visit regularly when I'm in Bangalore. The staff are serving me excellent. It's interesting to have done this for the first time in life. I wish you all the best in the future."

- Mrs. Lyndy Pacheco (USA)

"For me, as well as most people, healing is an inside job. Dr. Mathai, the doctors and staff gave me the knowledge, the support of most importantly the courage to follow my healing journey. Thanks forever."

- Mr. Mike Pacheco

"The treatment we received at the clinic was a true healing experience. We met Dr. Mathai prior to coming here and knew we were in good hands. The staff was completely professional and helped us in every way. We will return often and continue with our treatments and wonderful good health."

- Giri Ferbess

"This experience not only made my body feel ten time better, it brought calm and stress-reducing moments as well. I wish I'd had known Dr. Mathai years ago. My best wishes and sincere appreciation to Dr. Mathai and all of your wonderful staff! Thank You!"

- Mrs. Jane Leonard

"In the middle of the din and chaos that is Bangalore, the Clinic is an oasis of calm and comfort .... a nurturing, healing place for body, mind and spirit. Thank You every body."

- S. Sitalakshmi (India)

"Overall, the treatment is good and my general weakness has reduced. So has the heaviness and numbness in my leg. I hope that at some point with continued treatment I will be able to bend my knee. Doctors have listened patiently to my problems and also wish to add that the staff are very courteous and nice. Thank you."

- Ms. Martha Magnus

This is one of the best discoveries I have made. The care and comfort offered is outstanding. The results are excellent."

- Dr. Sarla Chhabria M.D.(USA)

"It made me proud of India having such innovative and thorough clinics as yours, into professional courteous, and very attentive staff . And the services are very commendable. Please keep in touch when you come in USA Thanks again"

- Indira Mahindra (India)

"There is nothing I really can suggest. I found more than I expected here. I wish there was a centre like this in Mumbai and other places . Thank you for healing my arthritis to a great extent - I will be returning here again and again."

- L. Hanagrd & Flanagan (India)

"Thank you for sharing so much information with us about your fabulous centre. Please consider us your American partners and let us know if we can collaborate in any way on your mission. Thanks also for the great massage."

- Mr. John F. Kirtley

"Wonderful care from every one. Your staff is caring and attentive. I look forward to coming back when the Whitefield Clinic is finished. Issac and Suja thank you for all your help in Puttaparthi and also for your hospitality in Bangalore. If I come back by myself you know what to do."

- Naresh Acharya

"Words are few; my heart is true. Places like this; are found very few. Excellent staff and doctors. Great treatment making one feel relaxed and refreshed. Thanks a lot."

- Tahira Suhud (UAE)

"Excellent massages. Excellent staff and doctors makes one feel relaxed, refreshed and great at the end of the day. Hope to catch up with you'll real soon! Thank you for everything."

- Ms. Madonna Hill (USA)

"Thank You. Last night's treatment was beautiful. I slept the most peaceful deep sleep. My whole being weeps with joy from being so genuinely cared for and nurtured. I am now ready and cleansed to be in Sai Baba's presence blessings. I feel fortunate to receive such healing treatments to help reverse affects of alcohol and drug abuse. Grateful and feel loved and nurtured great staff - can 1 or 2 come home with me.THANKS."

- Gloria Carroll (USA)

"I loved the oil massage. My body responded to all that wonderful attention. Your staff is wonderful and I really loved the Yoga session."

- Peggy Nabrowski (USA)

"Doctor Mathai was right on the diagnosis and helped me understand my complaints to always be doing. Great management, wonderful people. Thank You."

- Kathleen Rose Schival (USA)

"This has been a wonderful experience. I've learned about myself and your culture. I feel as though I've been here before and I am anxious to come again."

- Mary Catherine Moses (USA)

"A wonderful experience, giving me hope of having a brighter future. Grateful for the work you are doing and hope many more will benefit from the expertise here. Thank You."

- Chip Kingery (India)

"A great place to learn, to receive the positives which replace the negatives. Gentle and highly professional staff who CARE. I've learned things for a lifetime and know lifetime will be much longer and healthier. Thanks for making the world a better, more bearable place, for so many."

- Joanna Wilhelm (Germany)

"A four-year-old condition has improved by about 50% in 10 days. That just about says it all! An excellent form of therapy with a dedicated team. Thank you."

- Ms. Christina Wu (USA)

"I've always been a bit sceptical of alternative therapies, but the past month has shown me that they are quite effective. My digestive system has been problem-free for a couple of weeks now - it’s been more than a year since my colon has been this healthy. Many thanks to the healers and staff."

- Mr. Ali-Mohd' Al-Jamea (Bahrain)

"I have spent 12 days in these good facility getting treatment for obesity. The treatments seems to be effective and the staff are very pleasing. I spent a nice time and carry enjoyable memories."

- Mrs. Susan Thompson (USA)

"To spend such an extended time in such a deeply relaxed state was truly a gift. The atmosphere is truly healing on many levels. In a quite miraculous way, everyone and everything works together so that I felt I was participating in a balancing and harmonising action. I am especially grateful for the support I felt from each member of the team and especially Issac for my own search to understand myself."

- Mr. J. Govardhan

"Before I began the treatment, I had firm belief in Doctor Mathai and his team. I also believed in the medical systems being followed. I expected the moon - I got the sun, the sky the earth and much much more !!!! There are numerous references to the attitude of the "staff". Here I have to repeat / echo the feelings expressed by others - great team, lovely attitude, personal care …there is so much I can say. I am sure this "movement" will grow from strength to strength and prove to be a boon to millions of people. All the Best to the lovely team."

- Prajwal Mundapa

"It was a very pleasant experience to emerge out of this treatment a stronger person. The encouragement given by the Doctors and staff and their perseverance and dedication throughout the course is why I completed it successfully. Thank You for every thing."

- B. Prakash (India)

"In the current world of a stressed executive, one does not know the damage and abuse one does to his own self. I slowly realised as I underwent the therapy the importance of body and mind. Doctors and attendants were highly professional and committed. They have done wonder to my body and also advise the right things to be done. This experience will ever live down in my memory lane and I shall always be a source of reference to the needy. Thanks for every thing."

- Adil Syed (USA)

"Young, enthusiastic, curious, overly sensitive passionate team of Doctors, therapists, and every one else is a definite winner team. I enjoyed every second of my 7 days here and will certainly refer to some friends everywhere. I'll return soon. A great place and a great people to be. The treatment is working wonders already. God Bless each one of you and do pray for me."

- Balkrishan Mankani

"I've enjoyed every aspect of the treatment; unluckily are the people who do not experience such a beautiful / wonderful feeling. I wish I could continue doing this for all my life and feel wonderful about myself. All the people / staff are very caring. Thank you all."

- Prema Mimali

"It has been a wonderful experience. All the staff are very sincere and they are very genuine in solving your problem / aches whatever it may be. I feel pampered and good when I come here. Thanks a lot for everything."

- Tariq Alinur (India)

"Thank you. This has been a wonderful experience. I have more energy and feel very relaxed."

- Ms. Sonya Kjosgoasd (London)

"Thank you Doctor Mathai and all Doctors and staff for a very caring attitude and patience. I feel much much better than when I started. Will be back next year."

- Pameh Medor

"I feel as if I have come home. You are more than Doctors. You are healers. You heal with your hearts. You have helped to transform me to a place of peace. I will be forever grateful. Thank you."

- Albert Ellis

"This has been a wonderful healing experience, holistic and holy. It has been a profoundly positive mind-body-spirit cleansing and rejuvinational healing. You feel as if you are my family. Love and blessings for all of you in every way. Thank you and God bless you all."

- Fredrick D'Souza (India)

"Thanks to all the pleasant and friendly doctors and staff. I am most impressed by the whole programme and treatment. All the best to all the doctors and staff."

- Vijay (India)

"A programme beyond compare. Given me a new lease of life. From yoga, auricular therapy to reflexology / ayurvedic sessions all of these are to be experienced to be believed. Not forgetting the experienced, encouraging and enthusiastic staff of doctors and assistants. A warm Thank you with all my hearts."

- Susheela Thyagarajan (India)

"I am highly impressed by the whole programme and the treatment and the most wonderful team of Doctors. It has been a great experience. I am going to miss you all. I am grateful to you for right path and right attitude you have shown me. It was simply wonderful, being with you all. Thanks A Lot."

- Mr. Michael Leonard (India)

"Thanks to all the healers here, for listening so carefully, for teaching me yoga for wonderful massages that are also a learning experience, and for food, acupuncture, reflexology, accupressure and especially for Smiles and Caring."

- Gurujot Kaur Khalsa (USA)

"Thanks to all of the Wonderful doctors, healers, and staff. My health is much improved, and I am very grateful."

Ms.Doris Kidder (USA)

"I was fearful of travelling so far and alone, but at 84 years old I knew I had to do something drastic. I was feeling old and lacked energy and incentive to do much of anything. I forced myself to take the 20 hr trip to SOUKYA. After 1 month, I am very hopeful that my life will become greatly improved. Treatment plan and daily consultations regarding my progress, I feel much more energized and able to become the active person I used to be. I am on the way to a healthier lifestyle through Yoga. Diet, proper exercise and mindfulness of the path to wellness. There is no place like SOUKYA to learn the lessons of healthy living. I am grateful to have been here. Thank you Dr Mathai and all of your outstanding staff for an unforgettable experience."

- Mrs. K.D. Kidder (USA)

"This is my third year coming to stay and be nurtured by my SOUKYA family. I have watched SOUKYA grow from an empty field and it warms my soul to see the healing magic materialise - The healing peaceful vibrations here can penetrate any negative thoughts and the depth of the art filled buildings, water features cannot be matched. I look forward to seeing the trees grows and the fragrant gardens & water flowing when I return and bring my friends, loved ones with me. Everyone in the world needs to feel this good deep down at their core. Then we could have world peace! Thank You for all your healing hands and souls."

- D.M. Ilyas

"An excellent clinic. Very friendly doctors and staff. It is a great experience. Wish all the doctors and staff all the best throughout this years."

- Mr. Tharayil Pius Jolly (India)

"It was very relaxing and rejuvenating. The staff are very nice and cordial. The yoga is excellent. A good programme to do once a year atleast."

- Mrs. Savita Hande, IPS (India)

"It is absolutely rejuvenating experience in totality. All the team members are motivated for the same. I hope the association of ours remain permanent feature. Wishing all the success."

- Mrs. Madhavi Mohan (India)

"The whole programme was good. It was interesting to try out the different kinds of treatment. My favourite was the yoga class, which was excellent. The staff is efficient and courteous. Thank you for every thing."

- Nabeela Abdul Gami (India) September

"The best place to relax and forget all pains and the staff and atmosphere is great. They make you feel comfortable all the time. I came with great pain and now I feel I have left it behind. Good work. Keep it up."

- Dr. P. David (India) September

"A unique opportunity to have experience and multiple therapies tailored to individual needs. I have found great relief for the kind of chronic aches and pains which do not have remedies in allopathic therapies. The atmosphere is peaceful, the management runs smooth and all the staff are extreme courteous and capable. All the best in your future endeavours."

- M. S. Patrick (India) September

"Absolutely great experience! I thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed each visit. The ambience is too good and people are very courteous. Quality maintained at each and every stage is commendable. ALL THE BEST!"

- Geetha Ramachandran (India) August

"An excellent place. Relaxes me every weekend. The consistent courtesy and professionalism shown by all is very impressive. Also a very result-oriented programme which is good."

- Kamala Dugar (India) August

"Very good staff, treatments was good. No problem, very courteous, feeling good after the treatment. Thanks."

- Mrs. Shoba Verghese (Singapore)

"Absolutely fabulous to have all these alternative treatments in one centre. The staff is excellent and the treatment all great. I loved all the pampering I got here for the two weeks I was here and thrilled about my weight loss and inch loss. I wish the centre good luck and success in the future. Thanks to every one."

- Mrs. Jamuna Rao Varghese (Singapore)

"It’s great to find a place, which has most of the alternative therapies under one roof. The staff here are very good. Overall an excellent place. All the very best to the centre and everyone."

- Mrs. Kamalini Rammohan (Australia)

"The whole programme was excellent. Everybody took great care of us. Will do all that has been taught to us. All the best to every body here."

- Ms. Hema Srinivas (US) July

"The experience was wonderful. I was happy and excited loosing some stubborn weight. I know the centre has made a real difference in my life."

- Ms. Bindoo Purnaiya (India)

"It was an excellent experience. I particularly appreciated highly personalised care and the sustained interest of every one."

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