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The primary aim of Ayurveda is to balance the body’s energies and thus restore one’s health and vitality. Shiva Ayurveda, Hua Hin is considered a particularly suitable place in which one can undergo Ayurvedic treatment, as the food and the environment complement the therapies and serve to underscore the holistic approach of Ayurveda itself.

Subject to availability, all guests may consult the Ayurvedic doctor, to learn about their state of health from an Ayurvedic perspective or to simply satisfy their curiosity.

If a treatment program is desired, Shiva Ayurveda will prepare a personalized detoxification and rejuvenation treatment plan for each individual. Central to the drawing up of a program is the consultation. Through this the doctor will get a sense of what imbalances are present,and which one of the seven different type of body types is involved. Once a treatment program is chosen, the doctor will then vary the use of treatment ingredients and medicines accordingly and administer one of the therapies.

All Shiva Ayurveda programs begin with detoxification therapies, which consist of preparatory and specialized elimination treatments. For example:

  • Abyanga, which is an oil application for the first layer of the body
  • Angamarda Abyanga, which is a deeper oil application for the second layer of the body
  • Pattu, which is the application of a detoxifying herbal paste on the body – though this does not involve oil, it is an important step in the process of opening the pores of the body to facilitate detoxification
  • Shirodara, which is the dripping of oil on the third eye to detoxify, relax and still the mind
  • Sarvangadara, which involves the dripping of oil on the whole body
  • Pindasweda, which is the application of oil with a milk rice poultice
  • All of the above oleation therapies are administered with the intent of dislodging toxins from the body’s tissues and moving them towards the pores. These toxins are extracted through the fomentation therapies, which consist in turn of herbal baths, steam baths and herbal saunas.

    The specialized elimination therapies on the other hand consist of inhalation, purgation and emesis treatments among others. All of these are used to bring the body’s energies into balance, though not all of them will be necessary in all cases.

    Once a balance is achieved, nourishing therapies are administered to maintain that balance. These rejuvenation treatments consist of traditional Ayurvedic oral remedies using organic ingredients.

    A little History of Ayurveda

    During ancient times in it was discovered that there were certain plants which, if boiled with water, crushed, powdered, or used internally or externally, relieved pain or had other beneficial effects on various disorders.

    Through time, many other plants with medically useful properties were discovered and incorporated into therapeutic recipes. These properties were used to influence the functioning of various specific internal organs and to cure disease. The practice of this indigenous medicine was based on observation and clarity of recording, rather than theory and symptomology.

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