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We’re ready to help you transform your life. The Dailey Method is the fastest way to a strong, lean, sculpted body. Combining the best of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training, our classes are an ever-evolving mix of movement that offer extreme benefits for body and mind. Our classes are driven by fitness research and our students’ needs. We offer individualized attention in a group setting to give you the strength, discipline, and joy to find ultimate alignment.


We are passionate about alignment. We ignite awareness through hands-on training and education. The result is better posture, better movement, and a more complete workout. We do in a single class what takes others a week.

It’s simple, but revolutionary. Proper alignment radiates outward from the spine, bringing balance. When we start with alignment the muscles engage in their correct positions, elongating, contracting, strengthening. Other workouts focus on movement first, they have you spinning your wheels, working harder than you need to, and never really balancing the body for optimal fitness and safety. The Dailey Method helps you work smarter.

The Dailey Method wasn’t started with venture capital or run by a corporation. It was a community effort that caught fire solely through word of mouth. People took the class (loved it) and told their friends, who told their friends and so on. Beyond the workout, it’s the supportive teachers and community atmosphere that sets The Dailey Method apart. Unlike a traditional large fitness class, clients receive individual education and 1-on-1 attention. The practice helps ground and center clients to transform their minds and bodies. That is all considered part of the hands-on holistic approach that makes the Dailey difference. Still looking for answers, Learn More about our signature method.

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Stacy Thompson

I have worked out my entire life… changing things up as I age and find new things that change my body. I MUST share because it is so AMAZING! Living in Michigan, we need to rotate closets for seasonal clothes. YIKES… putting on clothes that you haven't in many months was always a crap shoot… NOT THIS YEAR! My clothes are NOT fitting me because I have CHANGED my body! I owe all of this success to The Crew at The Dailey Method! It is TRULY the MOST AMAZING workout/lifestyle I have ever been a part of! If you have been thinking about starting a new workout routine…. I HIGHLY SUGGEST checking this place out! Yes, it takes some getting used to… but it is soooo worth it! THANK YOU LADIES! <3 I AM FOREVER YOURS!

Shannon Heaney Anderson

Carly, ended up getting the cashmere blend pull-over from your apparel. So VERY nice! Great studio/teachers/merchandise! Thanks:)

Gloria Dreifus

TDM has wonderful teachers! Location is great! Last but not least you meet some amazing women there!!!!!!!

Julie Ruby

What a great workout yesterday!!! Can't wait to go tomorrow. Love this approach to fitness with the emphasis on alignment and core strengthening!! Thanks Carly

Kathryn Marsan Ambrose

TDM is a centering practice fueled with warmth, challenge, encouragement and inspiration. It's way beyond a workout!

Kathy Macksey O'Keefe

My happy place that transformers my body and my mind. I love TDM

Lynsey Bernard

Went to my first barre class EVER at the Dailey method last night. Melissa was the teacher and did a phenomenal job. The workout was great, I haven't pushed myself like that in a long time! Will defined rely be back. Love the atmosphere and camaraderie.

Lynsey Bernard

I've been practicing at TDM for about 2 weeks now. It's such a wonderful and welcoming environment. The teachers have all been incredibly warm, skilled, and welcoming. I've never managed to work out as much as I have in the last 2 weeks, simply because I WANT to be there!

Michelle Fletcher Wirsu

Would you consider making the childcare room sound proof to accommodate the massage and facial rooms at Beach House Day Spa? I made arrangements for my children so that i could enjoy a much needed massage only to hear a child crying for 75% of my treatment from your studio. This is a luxury that i don't often get to do for myself and it was a distraction. I am sure your studio is vwry nice, just consider being kind to your neighbors.

Lisa DiStefano

The Dailey Method is one of the best parts of my day! I love the energy of the studio, the positivity of the teachers, and the amazing way I feel when I walk in the door. Carly has created such a wonderful space in Birmingham!

Kristi Dolan

I love TDM! The owner Carly is so sweet and welcoming, as are the rest of the staff. Their childcare room is great too, so that us Mom's can focus on ourselves for an hour. I feel stronger and stronger after every class!

Megan Martin

This is my Dailey happy place! It's my one time of the day where I can make the best me and therefore give back to those important to me! I love my TDM family and look forward to being a forever 200 Club member!

Ksenija Savic Ostach

as a person who craves & loves a good workout, i have never experienced anything quite like TDM. not only is the workout incredible, but it leaves you feeling strong, inspired & motivated for the rest of the day. <3 on top of this, everyone at TDM is inviting, sweet & supportive. it is truly a unique & dynamic atmosphere... a MUST for everyone wanting to feel & live happy, healthy and well. :)

Andrea Papadopoulos

I've been doing barre classes at TDM a for about 6 months and began my journey when TDM put on a MAJOR benefit to raise money for a friend of mine who is suffering from cancer. Once I started, I got hooked and have started to see changes in my body that I've never seen before. I typically am a runner/yogi and although I love them both still, I wasn't seeing the changes I wanted to see. I have 2 children and can honestly say TDM has helped me become more confident in my body than I have ever been!!! Once you see those changes... It becomes an addiction!

Lara Galloway

As a first timer, I just have to share what a wonderful workout barre class is! I am amazed at how much my arms and legs were trembling during the class. It's an incredible workout, but I felt like I could manage it to my own edge with no problem. And the space is like a spa. I'd go there again for the aromatherapy alone. Love the teachers and all the staff!

Talia Mülhaupt

As a first timer, I just have to share what a wonderful workout barre class is! I am amazed at how much my arms and legs were trembling during the class. It's an incredible workout, but I felt like I could manage it to my own edge with no problem. And the space is like a spa. I'd go there again for the aromatherapy alone. Love the teachers and all the staff!

Talia Mülhaupt

The Dailey Method in Birmingham is absolutely amazing- it's as good for your body as it is for your soul! I've never looked forward to working out so much and even with a 4 month old, I can get my hour of bliss four times a week while my son is in the best of hands! Thank you Carly for creating such an amazing place- I am forever grateful!

Jen Fiandt

As an alignment-based movement coach, I think it's hard to find classes that are smart, challenging, and well-balanced (with instructors who truly understand how the body works). I feel most barre methods provide vague or incorrect cues for proper technique, and instructors aren't well enough trained. I finally got to the studio this month and have enjoyed all the classes -- particularly Carly's. I would trust TDM instructors enough to refer my private clients, when they're looking for group classes to supplement their movement programs. Great experience!

Lisa Gaulzetti

Not only do I love this place and the people who work there, but the other clients in the class are like my extended family. I NEED these classes to help keep my sanity. It's like exercise and group therapy all at once

Carly Goidosik

As the owner of the studio, it might be assumed that I give a 5 star rating but I truly LOVE everything about TDM. After a few short months as a student I realized there was something unique and special about the practice and the community. For the first time in my life, I felt strong, confident, and comfortable in my own skin. That is the most rewarding gift I could ever imagine from a fitness program. I am now 8 months pregnant and I believe in our Method more than ever. I continue to practice 3-5 times/week. Not only do I feel great but I have avoided many of the usual pregnancy symptoms. If you are seeking a mind/body transformation, I highly encourage you give The Dailey Method a try!

Elena Victoria

My second home & happy place. The Dailey Method Birmingham offers safe, alignment based barre classes that make you feel GREAT-- inside & out.

Katie Wolfson

Great total body workout! Great studio and faboulous instructors!! Love this place. I've been a memeber since the doors opened!

Christina Wincek

This is your one stop shop for strength in mind, body & soul. I started back to exercising after 3 years of being pregnant or post-partum and had no idea what to expect. The desire to return was three fold - I was looking for a place to talk to other adults, I was looking to get away from my small children now and then for my own sanity, and I wanted to put my body back together. Enter: TDM. The owner (Carly) and staff (every single one) welcome you with open arms from the moment you step in. I had been anxious to try a studio setting after some cold receptions in the past, but this was the opposite. When it came to the exercise, it was exactly what I needed. The moves are thoughtful, strengthening, total body, and challenging. Modifications give me the chance to accommodate whatever body I brought in that day and I'm never made to feel like I'm being a slacker OR a show off. Did I mention they have child care??? Don't be scared of the parking, there is actually a garage right next door where you can park for free! They also have an awesome boutique space offering awesome athleisure brands that offer a great alternative to THAT BRAND THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED. ::cough cough:: Come, see what a difference a day can make. Then come back the next day. And the next day. Join the tribe, you won't regret it.

April Joy Fagerlie

I LOVE The Dailey Method! Best workout I have ever had. The studio is welcoming and clean. The entire staff is sweet and super helpful! We used the childcare room for the first time last night and it was a great experience!

Suzanne Rijneveld

The most professional and engaged staff and owner that I've been privileged to work with. There is so much love flowing through that studio, I can feel it even being so far away, it makes me want to just move in with them.

Amanda King

I attended the open house at The Dailey Method today for the first time and I love it! Everyone was very nice and the studio is gorgeous. This was my first workout since I had my daughter (over a year ago) so you can imagine that it was little tough BUT I did not feel judged or like I was getting the awkward eye for taking a minute if I needed it. The class with Cindy was upbeat, fun and unlike any workout I have done before. I left feeling energized and refreshed I can't wait to go back!

Lisa Anton

The Dailey Method is a great workout! Whether you're looking for a intro class or want to walk out dripping sweat, TDM is your place. The instructors, staff & fellow barre goers create a positive energy in the studio. This is not just a studio, but a community of great like minded strong individuals.

Karen Tamm-gedz

I've been attending different classes for the past year and a half, and have enjoyed every one! This afternoon I had the pleasure of a class with Aphrodite, who raised the barre to a new level with her mantra, "this is who I am" she really caused me to look within and realize me strength. Thank you for a great hour in my Sunday afternoon!

Susanne LePage

TDM Birmingham is a wonderful place. The moment you step through the doors you can feel the positive energy. The studio is very diverse and you will see other women ( older and younger), men and adorable children. I described this place to a friend as very " normal" in an exceptional way. It's a great workout at any fitness level. Free parking and childcare by appointment. Carly the owner is just the sweetest person. Highly recommended!

Lamia Banyai

This place has it all: amazing, effective workouts that challenge you and change you from the inside out, awesome teachers who know what they are doing and how to cue the movements in every class, a welcoming community, child care, killer retail. It is SO much more than just a place to get in a workout. I've never felt more strong and confident and empowered. Love my TDM family!

Lindsay Romanoff

There is so much I could say about why I love The Dailey Method - but in a nutshell, it makes me feel amazing inside and out. The physical workout is challenging in the best possible way, and the instructors and community at large are an incredible group. Plus, you can't beat the top-notch facility, retail, and childcare options. Try it and you'll be hooked!!

Julia Veresh Christman

I love this place! I was hooked the first time I tried it. I needed to start working out to get fit and also for my sanity. Its my place for "me time", but it's so much more! It's a wonderful community that is so supportive and I'm so lucky to be part of it. If you haven't tried it, you should!!!

Meghan Sanborn

I honestly do not have the words to fully express how much I LOVE The Dailey Method-Birmingham!! I had taken barre classes prior to entering this studio, but after my first TDM experience I knew what a true gem I had found. The owner, Carly, was one of the first people I connected with. She is such a special, gifted person. She shines without even trying! I quickly realized that she is not the only one-the entire staff is not only dedicated to health and fitness, but also to empowering everyone who walks through the door. Every instructor has her own style but is just as knowledgeable and talented as the next. They make an effort to connect with all of their students so everyone can get the most out of each class-they even remember names! :) This positive energy ripples out to everyone, making this a community that I am grateful and proud to be a part of. I am so much healthier physically AND mentally since joining TDM-Birmingham!

Darcy Chute Sieber

It's my home away from home. If you're looking for more than just a workout, if you're looking for a community, this is your place! TDM is my balance between strength and inner peace. It's where I find my calm and refuel my soul to make me a better wife, mother, daughter and friend. Oh and it's where I sweat my "seat" off too! No one could have convinced me just by telling me that I'd get the best workout of my life by simply holding a contraction and then moving JUST an inch. I had to try it. You do too!

Aly Wenson

I started going to the Daily Method a little over a year and half ago! Yay! A very good friend, (Andrea Papadopolous) told me to come take a class with her because we previously were yoga buddies (So thank you AP!) I had no idea what I was stepping into, but love physical activity so was excited to try something new. After one class I was hooked! I love the space the daily method has created. It's such a wonderful community of woman who share the same love to connect with their body and mind. I truly have never felt so comfortable and confident in my own skin since taking these classes. My whole body has improved-from my posture, strength, core-not to mention I've always had a small booty but can now say I finally have a daily dent!! I can't imagine my week without this space to come to. Thank you to the teachers and ladies who run the show @ TDM. You're all so inspiring, wonderful and beautiful! I'm never leaving!

Kimberly Zak

The Dailey Method Birmingham is definitely my happy place. I have been attending class since March of 2015 and it never gets old. When stress gets in the way, it melts away for the hour I am in class, and I walk away with renewed energy. The cherry on top of the cake is that my middle aged body is in better shape than it has been in years. The staff and the owner Carly definitely make you feel like family. The Dailey Method Birmingham does wonders for my mind body and soul.

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