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About Hotel De And Ayush Wellness Spa

At Ayush Spa, our philosophy is simple, from the moment you arrive we want you to enjoy feeling totally relaxed and utterly indulged. Whether you are here for a wellness spa day, or a week long holiday in Jersey, you will be escaping the day-to-day and entering the ultimate haven of calm and tranquility. Ayurveda for those who are new to the concept means ‘Science of life.’ Originating in more than 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is truly a natural holistic form of healing and believes that the rhythm of life is at one with the rhythm of nature. At Ayush Spa our Ayurvedic physician works along with bothn and western therapists to customise herbal medicated treatment oils, provide consultations and treatments in a spirit of compassion and acceptance. Our combination of authentic Ayurvedic therapies and luxurious spa treatments work in harmony. Within the portfolio of treatments you will recognise some familiar spa therapies that have been slightly adapted to maintain our Ayurvedic philosophy. Whatever your time restraints we have developed treatments and programmes that range from a one day visit to a three week stay allowing everyone at the very least an introduction to the health restorative properties of Ayurveda. Every detail of the Ayush Wellness Spa facility has been created with nature in mind; beautiful stone and wood combine with open glass walkways to maintain the vast spacious air element. Although open and spacious only six private treatment suites, relaxation lounge, yoga studio and library inhabit the space ensuring your time with us is a quiet reflective experience where only the sounds of flowing water elements can be heard. Our vision is pure and our concept authentic in an environment that advocates and promotes a healthy lifestyle, enriching and enhancing both physical and emotional wellbeing. Through education, treatment therapies, yoga and meditation, spa waters and a dedicated team of staff you really can be balanced.

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