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Here are some of the amazing benefits that will set your business apart once you get a Pro Listing on

  • More Traffic to your Listing & to your Website
  • Better ranking in Interactive Lists
  • Expert help with Listing, Profile and Retreat creation & update
  • Help with Teachers & Founders Profile creation
  • Help with Listing online trainings and courses
  • International exposure via Social Media Shout-Outs
  • Verification & Verified Badge on Listing
  • Trusted Badge on Listing after verification




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Having been in the business since 2014 & we are currently the largest wellness listing & promoting platform in the world. Our cutting edge technology gives you access to amazing business tools. Here is what you get once you get a Pro Listing.

Verified Badge.

This bagde informs customers that you are a verified centre. The badge is displayed on your business profile automatically once the verification process is complete

Trusted Badge.

This badge informs customers that you are a trusted business. The badge is given only onces all the verification and review process is complete

Retreats Calendar.

As a Pro Listed business you can publish retreats to the retreat calendar without any restrictions. Customer can search and compare your retreats using the calendar getting your retreats global impressions consistently

Rank Improvement.

BalanceGurus has many Interactive lists which customers love to use to plan their wellness holidays. As a Pro listed business our content team with suggest you steps to help your business rank better in interactive lists and on Balancegurus Search

Content Help.

As a Pro Listed business our content team will help you publish and maintain profiles, online trainings & retreats

Social Media Shout-Outs.

As a Pro Listed Business our social media marketing team will mention and tag you in our marketing campaigns whenever possible

Amazing Features

Cutting edge technology, decades of experience and valuable feedback from our partner centres has helped us craft Balancegurus and make it the world largest listing & promoting platform for natural wellness. The Pro Listing package offered by BalanceGurus provides the following features


As Pro Listing business we help you get your business verified & approved so that you can get the Verified Bagde & the Trusted Badge which tell the customer that you are trusted and verified centre improving conversions

Social Media.

Our social media marketing team will tag & include your business in our posts whenever possible giving you higher exposure and gobal impressions consistently

SEO & Backlinks

BalanceGuru Listings and Profiles are SEO optimized. Reviews posted on BalanceGurus are also visible in Google Search. A Pro Listing will help you put your best foot forward and get your website backlinks that actually send you traffic

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