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PilatesCan Woden

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If you are suffering from post-injury or a chronic condition, PilatesCan assists you with your Personalised Pilates Exercise Science based Rehabilitation program, aimed at helping you to your best pos...
Canberra Australian Capital Territory 492 Views
Power Yoga Canberra Belconnen Image
Yoga Training Centre 5.0 (6 reviews)
Power Yoga Canberra Belconnen was born out of the desire to share our passion for yoga and to create an inclusive, welcoming and inspiring community! Yoga for us is a way of life. A path that leads us...
Canberra Australian Capital Territory 434 Views
Pilates Studio Canberra Image
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Pilates Studio Canberra

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Pilates Canberra Established in 1996, Pilates Canberra has evolved from a home based operation to its current structure of two connected studios that use the same philosophy and Pilates training struc...
Canberra 345 Views
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Xtend Barre Pilates Canberra

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Xtend Barre is the best full-body workout designed for people of all levels of fitness. Our clients range from athletes to individuals trying to achieve a personal best, to people in the process of bu...
Canberra 341 Views
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Soul Yoga Studio Canberra

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Canberra 337 Views
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Canberra Yoga Space Act

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Canberra Yoga Space is the first dedicated yoga studio in Canberra offering a comprehensive range of styles and focus areas. Do you feel you need to connect and revitalise? Life is busy. Itâ&eur...
Canberra Australian Capital Territory 273 Views
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