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Scholars and doctors consider Ayurveda to be the oldest healing science in the world more than 5000 years old, originating from the ancient Vedic culture. Ayurveda lays great emphasis on maintaining inner body balance balancing energies related to moment (VATA), energies related to metabolism (PITA) and energy that forms the body?s structure (KAPHA). Vata governs all movements at a cellular level it directs thinking, breathing, pulsation of the heart, blinking and muscular movement. When balanced, it promotes individual creativity & flexibility and when unbalanced, it produces fear and anxiety. Pita governs body temperature, digestion, absorption of nutrition and metabolism. When balanced, it promotes Intelligence, empathy and understanding and when unbalanced, it produces jealousy, anger and hatred. Kapha is the glue that holds all the body together at a cellular level bones, muscles and tendons. When balanced, it promotes forgiveness, calmness and love and when unbalanced, it leads to greed, envy and attachment. Most Ayurvedic Treatments begin by evaluation of the 3 elements mentioned above now all you need is a excellent Ayurvedic practitioner to help you achieve your goal and the list below is the best place on the internet to start. Enjoy the worlds largest interactive list of Ayurveda Retreats, Resorts and Treatment centres. Read customer reviews, compare different options, check prices, sort the list according to popularity, reviews, rating and contact the centre privately and securely.

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Ayurveda Institute Image
Ayurveda Training Centre 0.0 (No review)

Ayurveda Institute

n/a Avg. Price / day
Alleppey Kerala 497 Views
Little Flower Ayurvedic Hospital Image
Ayurveda Treatment Centre 0.0 (No review)

Little Flower Ayurvedic Hospital

USD 56.00 Avg. Price / day
In principle, the Ayurvedic approach to the treatments of a disease is of two types. 1) Rejuvenation 2) Purification (Panchakarma) Rejuvanation treatment is the conservative treatment by the adminis...
Alleppey Kerala 653 Views
Cherai Beach Resorts Image
Ayurveda Retreat 4.5 (17 reviews)

Cherai Beach Resorts

INR 4500.00 Avg. Price / day
Cherai Beach Resorts is exquisitely landscaped with lagoons and canals meandering in and around a number of cottages (heritage & modern) built around picturesque greenery overlooking the clean bea...
Kochi Kerala 842 Views
Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital & Research Centre Image
Ayurveda Retreat 4.5 (3 reviews)
Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital and Research Centre has successfully leveraged three centuries of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom inherited from Nelliakkattu Illom, an illustrious Namboothiri family...
Ernakulam Kerala 3121 Views
Ayura Ayurvedic Centre Image
Ayurveda Retreat 0.0 (No review)

Ayura Ayurvedic Centre

n/a Avg. Price / day
Raxa Collective is a lodging company. Like our colleagues in other hospitality businesses we focus on the basics of choosing great locations, offering comfortable accommodations, and offering exceptio...
Idukki Kerala 685 Views
Pva Ayurvedic Multi Specialty Nursing Home Image
Ayurveda Treatment Centre 4.0 (21 reviews)
P.V.A Ayurvedic Multy Specialty Nursing Home started in the year 1994 at Kannur, North Malabar, and Kerala,. Kerala is a land of fascinating culture, heritage & beauty, secluded beaches palm fring...
Kannur Kerala 3804 Views
Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Centre Image
Ayurveda Treatment Centre, Ayurveda Retreat 4.0 (1 reviews)

Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Centre

n/a Avg. Price / day
Sarovaram is a family owned Ayurveda health Center, managed in the 3rd generation by Ayurvedic doctors and skilled employees with long time experiance , for a pleasant accommodation we offer well equi...
Kollam Kerala 782 Views
The Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort And Spa Image
Luxury Wellness Resort 4.0 (10 reviews)

The Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort And Spa

10200.00 Avg. Price / day
Offering breathtaking views of the serene backwaters of Kerala, The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort & Spa is situated on the shores of the Vembanad Lake, the longest backwater lake in Kerala. The fr...
Kottayam Kerala 2023 Views
Maa Yoga Ashram Image
Yoga Ashram 4.5 (10 reviews)

Maa Yoga Ashram

60.00 Avg. Price / day
Maa Yoga Ashram is a subsidiary of Arogyadham. Headquartered at Muzaffernager, UP,, the parent company specializes in helping people to heal and balance mind, body and spirit so equilibrium can be est...
Rishikesh Uttarakhand 1830 Views
Ayur Yoga Institute Image
Ayurveda Centre 0.0 (No review)

Ayur Yoga Institute

n/a Avg. Price / day
Welcome to Our Yoga Teacher Training Center at Prakash Deep Institute of Ayurvedic sciences (P.D.I). Our center is situated on the Holy Land of Rishikesh as described by the scriptures and Saints of.T...
Rishikesh Uttarakhand 407 Views