Top 13 Meditation Retreats in Goa

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Goa known for its spectacular sunsets, pristine beaches, extravagant party life, adventurous water sports, and so much more! No wonder, they call it a tourist’s paradise and an adventurer’s den. However, there is another side of Goa that many visitors actively miss exploring - an apt venue for meditation!

Goa is surrounded by the lushness of nature from all sides and this alone makes it a great destination for meditation and other spiritual practices. Perhaps for this very reason, the growth of yoga schools in Goa has become ecstatic in the last few years. This growth has also attracted thousands of Indian and international meditators and spiritual seekers to join the community.

Even so, it can be a bit difficult for a tourist or outsider to stay in Goa for a month or two to learn meditation and other spiritual therapies. To solve this equation, many yoga schools in Goa have come up with various meditation retreats that only last for a few days but help people to reconnect with themselves and rejuvenate their entire being. 

Thus, if your spiritual self is looking for a good meditation experience in Goa, then these top 13 meditation retreats will suit you well, the list below has been sorted in descending order of daily price so as to be fair to each centre and to make it easier for a student with any budget to find a meditation retreat in Goa, India.

1. Mukta Tantra Yoga Ashram - India Agonda, Goa

Cost per day USD 542.8 | 40,455 INR

Mukta Tantra Yoga and meditation school is situated on the beachy vibes of Agonda, Goa, a place that is considered to be the top travel destination in India. The place is vibrant with nightlife, hippie community, beachside life, adventure sports, succulent seafood, and world-heritage listed architectures. However, in recent times, Goa has also emerged as an active destination for yoga and meditation retreats organized by many spiritual centres in Goa. Thus, taking care of one’s health blends well with vacationing in Goa. 

Mukta Tantra Yoga Ashram was founded by Sri Jivan Mukta, who spent a greater part of his life understanding Tantra, yogic values and philosophies in different schools. He spent years learning, practising and teaching Tantra Yoga and Meditation before establishing Mukta Tantra. The 8-day Meditation Retreat in Goa organized and prepared by Mukta and his team of highly experienced and skilled yoga teachers is for all those who are ready to go beyond the physical without looking for a temporary escape. 

This is a private meditation retreat for yoga and meditators of all levels, that is, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. The attendees get private sessions with teachers and Mukta himself during this retreat. If you are looking to think positively in all aspects of life, then this retreat is for you. 

The 8 Days Fast Track Life-Transforming (Private Retreat) Meditation Retreat in Goa organized by Mukta Tantra Yoga Ashram - India Agonda, Goa includes

  • 6 life-transforming private session
  • 1 session per day (2 hours per session)
  • Rewire the brain according to your nature
  • Only for intense people ready to leave behind the turmoil
  • Dissolve negatives patterns
  • 7 nights accommodation

COST USD 3800 | 2,83,271 INR


2. The Beach House Goa Sernabatim Beach, Goa

Cost per day USD 241.6 | 18,093 INR

Tucked away in one of the lesser-known beaches of Goa, Sernabatim, The Beach House Goa is focused on following a holistic approach to provide healing to all the senses of the human body. Goa has a completely natural ambience and thus, serves as a great place to practice meditation, yoga and other therapies that provide emotional, mental, physical and physiological healing to people. This small Indian state is surrounded by lush green forested hills on one side and translucent water of the Arabian Sea on the other. Thus, it serves as a great place for a week or two’s vacation. Many people also love the idea of blending this vacation with yoga and meditation retreats, like the ones provided by The Beach House Goa. 

The purpose of the meditation retreat organized by the experts and teachers at The Beach House is to strike a balance between the three-body systems that is physical, psychological and physiological. The meditation retreat is thus designed to provide a space to people to turn inward, open their hearts, quieten their minds, and establish a healthy meditation routine to connect deeply with their mind, body, and soul.

The Beach House Goa’s Transformational Meditation Retreat is for all those who want to switch off the constant mind chattering and find a way to silence their thoughts with love and understanding. 

The 6 Days Transformational Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by The Beach House Goa Sernabatim Beach, Goa includes

  • 2 daily yoga and relaxation session
  • 2 daily special transformational meditation sessions
  • Aum meditation
  • Trataka
  • Tibetan bowl meditation
  • All-inclusive luxury accommodation
  • 3 Meals Daily

COST USD 1,208 | 90,466 INR

3. Maitri Retreats Ashvem, Goa

Cost per day USD 173.5 | 12,922 INR

Maitri Retreats meditation retreat takes place amid the peaceful and calming vibes of Ashvem Beach, Goa, which is one of the lesser-visited beaches of Goa. The azure sky and healing seaside of Ashvem makes it a great spot for spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga.

Maitri Retreats was established with the core purpose of helping people meet themselves on a deeper level through a simple act of sitting still and letting it all pass through them. Hamid Ebadi, the lead instructor and zen facilitator at the Maitri Retreats is a firm believer of providing an empathetic space to people to be heard and supported. Through these retreats and personal sessions, he, along with other well-trained teachers at Maitri Retreats, aims to provide the same environment to everyone through the power of meditation and other silent sitting practice. 

The 7-day Silent Zen Meditation and Yin Yoga Retreat is for all those who wish to know and connect themselves on a deeper level. Anyone, from a beginner to advanced meditators can attend this retreat.

The 7 Days Silent Zen Meditation and Yin Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Maitri Retreats Ashvem, Goa includes

  • First 5 days will be spent in silence and the schedule will include Zazen (seated meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), Yin Yoga and Dharma talks by Hamid
  • Personal interview with the teacher if desired
  • Accommodation
  • Food (three homemade, healthy vegetarian meals provided each day.)
  • Daily room service is provided and twice-weekly linen changes

COST USD 1,041 | 77,535 INR

4. Bamboo Yoga Retreat Canacona, Goa

Cost per day USD 169 | 12,595 INR

An open-air yoga school settled on the sandy beach of Patnem in South Goa, Bamboo Yoga Retreat is a paradise for those seeking an ultimate vacation as well as a meditation spot for themselves. Practicing yoga and meditation while facing the sea-side is the biggest USP of this yoga school. Participants get to explore the local markets, try authentic Goan seafood, and indulge in water sports, such as snorkelling, sailing or simply swimming in the azure water of Patnem Beach, in your free time during the retreats organized by this yoga school.

Bamboo Yoga Retreat was established with an aim to blend a perfect Goan Holiday with a feel-good retreat. The school is run by Nii and other staff members to bring rejuvenating yoga and meditation retreats to the members. The 3-day Ocean Meditation Yoga Retreat, thus, comprises morning yoga classes, silent sittings, meditation, sun-gazing, sunset yoga, etc. The yoga teachers at the retreat hold more than 10 years of experience in teaching and infuse fun and inspiration in every student who attends the retreat.

The yoga and meditation retreat has been prepared for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students. Even if you aren’t a meditation or yoga practitioner, this 3-day retreat is a great way to explore this ancient practice.

The 3 Days Ocean Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Bamboo Yoga Retreat Canacona, Goa includes

  • 2-hour morning yoga class daily
  • 1.5-hour evening sunset yoga every day
  • 1 daily morning silent meditation session per day
  • Delicious vegetarian brunches and cookies
  • Free daily morning juices and teas
  • 2 nights' accommodation

COST USD 338 | 25,190 INR

5. Inner Buddha Sernabatim Beach, Goa

Cost per day USD 156.6 | 11,667 INR

Inner Buddha retreat promises to kickstart your inner healing by working your way through the stress of life is what Inner Buddha Meditation Retreats are all about. The retreat centre is tucked away in the more tranquil part of Goa, from where you can soak in the sea-side views while also breathing in the fresh air of the azure sea waters. Nature is often seen in full bloom in Goa; so does spirituality. Let’s not forget that the top activities for vacationers and tourists in Goa include trekking, swimming, parasailing, boating, snorkelling, scuba diving, etc are all quite healing in nature. This retreat ensures a blend of both the spiritual and adventurous world of Goa.

Inner Buddha runs on the principle of awakening the Buddha inside your own self. This one-of-a-kind yoga and meditation school was founded and led by Master Vidhi Chhariya, who spread the ancient techniques of yoga and meditation across the world. After conducting programs and workshops in about 40 countries, Inner Buddha was opened in India. The only organization to teach Buddha Meditation with classical yoga concepts, and techniques in the country, Inner Buddha Retreats certainly stands as one-of-a-kind amongst others. 

The 4-day meditation retreat program is known to end one’s suffering by teaching him/her the science and ways of Buddha Meditation along with deep ancient knowledge of yoga. The program is for anyone looking to completely transform his or her life in a positive way.

The 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Inner Buddha Sernabatim Beach, Goa includes

  • Buddhist meditation, with active healing practice of yogic postures
  • Bonus Module on Ayurveda/Life Hacks
  • 3 nights Accommodation
  • All Meals ( Veg - Vegan ) Freshly cooked

COST USD 470 | 35,000 INR

6. Devarya Wellness Morjim, Goa

Cost per day USD 151.6 | 11,353 INR

Devarya Wellness is located amid the serenity of Morjim, Goa with the sandy beach situated at a walking distance. With a sprawling area of 7,000 sq meters, this yoga retreat is for all those who want to blend their love for travel and spirituality together and call it a meditation vacation. Goa, a popular travel destination is known for its sand-filled beaches, a variety of water sports, trek to some spectacular waterfalls and hills, stunning nightlife, and visit to some splendorous forts, museums, churches and other tourist spots. However, in recent years, Goa has also grown to be known as a place for yogis, meditators and people who want to learn the ancient science of yoga. Thus, Goa has something for travellers as well as seekers of spirituality.

Devarya Wellness was founded by Chandra Parihar, who wanted to bring the ancient traditions of yoga and Ayurveda together with the modernization of the same. He wanted to create a space to contribute in making people feel the same evolution that he felt when he travelled to Goa and experienced yoga in a modernised way;  something that was completely separate from the yoga he practiced in his hometown. In the yoga and meditation retreats organized by Devarya Wellness, the same evolution is exhibited.

The meditation retreats of Devarya Wellness are based on various techniques that were introduced by the master meditator and spiritual teacher, Osho. This meditation retreat helps you throw away all the unwanted junk from your mind and become free in your existence.

The 7 Days Osho Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Devarya Wellness Morjim, Goa includes

  • Two to three sessions of 90-120 minutes every day
  • Flexibility to create your own holiday schedule around the Osho No Mind Retreat
  • Audio files of the Osho Meditations practised during the retreat will be shared
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian meals brunch, lunch and dinner every day
  • Filtered drinking water (full day)

COST USD 910 | 68,149 INR

7. Earth Yoga Village Canacona, Goa

Cost per day USD 114.7 | 8,548 INR

Located in the heavenly beach of Palolem in South Goa, Earth Yoga Village is full of tranquil and peaceful vibes as it is surrounded by lush green jungle. Unspoilt and untouched by the presence of tourists of North Goa, Palolem is for everyone who wants to soak in the fresh ocean air while relaxing on the beachside and focus on their healing through yoga, meditation and other therapies. 

Earth Yoga Village was founded by Sri Anand Garg back in 2015 with a mission to spread love and compassion through the healing powers of yoga, meditation and other natural therapies. After leaving his corporate job in 2012, Anand travelled across Asia for 3 years and stayed in various Ashrams, Eco villages, and monasteries to find answers to many questions about life. Eventually, he opened Earth Yoga Village to help as many people by bringing a balance in their lives through yogic practices. With his team of highly-skilled and learned yoga teachers, Anand has come up with 15-days Mind and Emotions Yoga Retreat and 5-Weeks Full Immersion Conscious Living Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa, that include daily yoga classes, meditation practice, yogi philosophy, community living, etc. 

The retreats organized by Earth Yoga Village are thoroughly for those who are looking to bring a transformational shift in their mind, body and soul through intense practice of meditation. It is available for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga and meditation practitioners.

The 15 Days Mind and Emotions Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Earth Yoga Village Canacona, Goa includes

  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Daily kriya, pranayama, and meditation sessions
  • Experiencing community living and inspiring yogic philosophies
  • Lectures, interactive discussion, and question and answer sessions on the mind and its functions
  • Daily late breakfast, dinner, tea, and snacks
  • 14 nights accommodation

COST USD 1,606 | 1,19,694 INR

8. Swan Yoga Canacona, Goa

Cost per day USD 100.5 | 7,490 INR

Swan Yoga is located amid the lush green hillside in Assagao, North Goa. The yoga and retreat school is situated at a 15-minute distance from the beach and is nestled just outside the Mapusa township. Surrounded by nature on all sides, Swan Yoga retreats invite all those who believe in naturally healing their mind, body, and soul through meditation, healthy meals, body movements and energy healing. Goa, known for sandy beaches, water sports, night life, hippie culture and great sunsets, attracts international travellers every month. One can combine their love for travelling to Goa with their need to build a stronger physical, mental and spiritual body by joining this retreat.

Swan Yoga was co-founded by Gyanmitra Saraswati and Shivendra Ojha, both of whom hold more than 20 years of experience in yogic experience. Through their knowledge and practice, these two, along with other yoga teachers at Swan Yoga, aim to promote traditional yoga and Ayurveda across the world. The Swan Yoga meditation retreats are prepared keeping the ancient yogic-gurukul-way of life. The one-week yoga and meditation retreat combine asanas, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting, deep relaxation and yogic philosophy, amongst other things.

The program has been carefully designed to rejuvenate the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical sense of all those who join the retreat. The retreat is also open for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced level practitioners.

The 7 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Swan Yoga Canacona, Goa includes

  • Yogic techniques
  • Havan or fire ceremony
  • Morning meditation and yogic kriyas
  • Pranayama and asana classes
  • Buffet-style vegetarian meals
  • 6 nights of accommodation

COST USD 603 | 45,000 INR

9. Rasovai Mandrem, Goa

Cost per day USD 87.2 | 6,530 INR

Rasovai is located in Mandrem, Goa and boasts its natural settings, walking distance from beach and traditional yoga and meditation practices accompanied by an advanced mindset. Goa is the land of fun and adventure, undoubtedly, but in recent times, it has become more than just a place for parties and sunset views from countless beaches. Goa is also a place to explore one’s spiritual side while also exploring the touristy places it is home to. Thus, the meditation retreats organized by Rasovai offer a unique experience of Goa that includes both tranquility and escapade.

Chetan Bhagel is the lead teacher at the centre as well as the retreats organized by Rasovai. He teaches massage therapies while also helping students learn about anatomy and physiology at various retreats and yoga schools across the world. Through meditation retreats at Rasovai, Chetan, along with other highly-experienced and learned yoga teachers, aims to help people heal themselves through in-depth teachings of meditation.

In the 10-day meditation retreat of Rasovai, practitioners learn different dynamic and active meditations, along with methods and tools to stay in meditative state in order to calmly deal with challenging situations.

The 10 Days Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Rasovai Mandrem, Goa includes

  • Daily guided practices
  • Lectures on yoga anatomy and more
  • Demo, re-practices, theory, and discussion sessions
  • Your own time to self-study at the end of the day
  • Daily delicious breakfast and lunch & dinner
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • A taxi pickup and drop off to the airport

COST USD 785 | 58,788 INR

10. Sarvaguna Yoga Canacona, Goa

Cost per day USD 73.8 | 5,500 INR

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Goa, Sarvaguna Yoga is located quite close to Agonda Beach. Goa, the vacation hub of India, is known for its sun-kissed beaches, extravagant nightlife, great seaside views, breath-taking forested hills, spectacular waterfalls and varioys adventure activities. Thus, it suits all types of tourists and travellers, even the fitness enthusiasts and spiritual seekers for the place is now home to many yoga and meditation retreats, including those by Sarvaguna Yoga. 

Sarvaguna Yoga follows the principle of Sage Patanjali, also known as the Father of Yoga, and creates its retreats based on the same. The teachers at the retreat are highly-qualified and skilled in their fields as they teach asanas, mantra chants, anatomy and physiology along with various meditation techniques. Some of the meditation techniques during the 15-day retreat include Mindfulness Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Third-Eye Meditation, Tratak Kriya, etc. 

The meditation retreat organized by Sarvaguna Yoga is for practitioners of both beginner as well as intermediate level. One can expect to attend a complete rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul by the end of the retreat. 

15 Days 100-Hour Meditation Program in Goa Organized by Sarvaguna Yoga Canacona, Goa includes

  • Learn various meditation techniques
  • Supporting gentle yoga and pranayama
  • Classes on asana, mantra, anatomy, and physiology
  • Dedicated and individualized supervision in every session
  • Daily vegetarian meals throughout the course
  • All tuition fee, yoga kit, and study material
  • 14 nights accommodation

COST USD 1,034 | 77,063 INR

11. Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Agonda, Goa

 Cost per day USD 70.3 | 5,240 INR

Perched on the sands  of the beautiful Agonda Beach, Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga is a USA Accredited Yoga School that blends the experience with the age-old practice of meditation with new and advanced techniques of Himalayan Masters. The environment of Goa is known for healing the mind, body and soul of visitors and thus, it sees an influx of both Indian and international citizens all year. Apart from being a favourite landing spot of nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, Goa is now also the favourite landing spot of yogis, meditators and those looking to intensify their spiritual practices.

Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga was founded by Yogi Satendra who holds more than 30 years of experience in practicing and teaching yogic arts and philosophy. He believes that yoga and meditation are so much more than correct postures and sitting still. It is also accepting our true self and working towards becoming our greatest version. He, along with other highly-experienced yoga instructors, aims to help others transform their lives by reaching their highest potential. Thus, this 4-day meditation retreat is all about immersing oneself in the magic of sitting silently and practicing yoga. 

The yoga retreat contributes in changing the lifestyle of the members in a positive way through the practice of a variety of yoga forms, such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin, etc, sattvic meals, and effective meditation techniques.

The 4 Days Meditation & Relaxing Yoga Retreat Organized by Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Agonda, Goa includes

  • Savasana & chanting sessions
  • Daily yogic & vegetarian meals
  • Spiritual dancing session
  • Daily yoga, meditation & pranayama classes
  • Fire rituals
  • Yoga philosophy
  • 3 Nights accommodation

COST USD 211 | 15,786 INR

12. Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh Arambol, Goa

Cost per day USD 55.5 | 4,140 INR

The retreats organized by the Hatha Yoga School in Goa are beautifully set in a beach-facing resort in Arambol, Goa. The meditation and yoga practices, when combined with touristy activities of Goa, usually give out great results. One can practice the asanas and meditation in the morning and in the evening, he or she can go for a stroll in the local market or walk on the shore of the beach to carry the calm within them. One can also visit popular tourist places, such as Chapora Fort, Candolim, Sweet Water Lake, Ajoba Temple, etc. All you need is to maintain a balance between both and your perfect meditation retreat and vacation will be good to go!

Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh was established with an aim to give the world the ancient gift of yoga. It was founded in Rishikesh and continues to teach various yoga forms through its programs and retreats. The yoga teachers at this organization are skilled and well-trained and have in-depth knowledge of yogic philosophy, anatomy and alignment techniques.

Hatha Yoga School thus offers a detailed and intense 10-day meditation retreat course to those who want to get deeper into themselves through the meditation practice while soaking in the beauty of Goa and spectacular things that grow in this small Indian state.

The 10 Days Mindfulness Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh Arambol, Goa includes

  • Daily yoga practice
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Learn about physiology and anatomy
  • Walking tour to explore the beach
  • Daily vegetarian/vegan meals
  • 9 nights accommodation

COST USD 500 | 37,265 INR

13. Shiva Shakti Yoga Canacona, Goa

 Cost per day USD 18.4 | 1,375 INR

Shiva Shakti Yoga is a traditional yoga and meditation school nestled in the alluring beauty of the Patnem Beach in Goa, India’s smallest state and unlike any other. Goa, known for its countless beaches, spectacular nightlife and succulent food, is also home to numerous yoga and meditation schools. People from all across the world visit Goa with a purpose to accentuate their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health by joining these schools as a retreat or a part of their vacation. Apart from yoga, you can also indulge in water sports and trekking activities during your stay in Goa.

Shiva Shakti Yoga Meditation Retreats are prepared by the highly-experienced yoga teachers of this yoga shala (school). The daily meditation practice Is done amidst the serenity and beauty of Goa with minimum distraction and a whole lot of good vibrations. The yoga and meditation teachers at this yoga school hold deep and intense knowledge of ancient meditation techniques, asanas, philosophy, breathwork, and other limbs of yoga. The food served during the retreat is vegetarian and the accommodation provided is simple with an inclusion of advanced amenities.

By the end of the retreat, our yoga teachers expect to see their students relaxed and healthier than before. The practice of pranayama along with meditation help in restoring the natural balance of the individuals and this retreat aims to do the same.

The 7 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Shiva Shakti Yoga Canacona, Goa includes

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Chakra meditation
  • Highly qualified yoga instructors
  • Daily mantra chanting, meditation, asana, anatomy, and philosophy
  • 3 fresh organic vegetarian meals
  • 6 nights accommodation

 COST USD 110 | 8,250 INR

Here is a quick recap of the top 13 Meditation retreats in Goa India sorted in descending order of price per day

  1. 8 Days Fast Track Life Transforming Private Retreat in Goa Organized by Mukta Tantra Yoga - Ashrama - India Agonda, Goa (COST USD 3800 | 2,83,271 INR)
  2. 6 Days Transformational Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by The Beach House Goa Sernabatim Beach, Goa (COST USD 1,208 | 90,466 INR)
  3. 7 Days Silent Zen Meditation and Yin Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Maitri Retreats Ashvem, Goa (COST USD 1,041 | 77,535 INR)
  4. 3 Days Ocean Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Bamboo Yoga Retreat Canacona, Goa (COST USD 338 | 25,190 INR)
  5. 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Inner Buddha Sernabatim Beach, Goa (COST USD 470 | 35,000 INR)
  6. 7 Days Osho Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Devarya Wellness Morjim, Goa (COST USD 910 | 68,149 INR)
  7. 15 Days Mind and Emotions Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Earth Yoga Village Canacona, Goa (COST USD 1,606 | 1,19,694 INR)
  8. 7 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Swan Yoga Canacona, Goa (COST USD 603 | 45,000 INR)
  9. 10 Days Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Rasovai Mandrem, Goa (COST USD 785 | 58,788 INR)
  10. 15 Days 100-Hour Meditation Program in Goa Organized by Sarvaguna Yoga Canacona, Goa (COST USD 1,034 | 77,063 INR)
  11. 4 Days Meditation & Relaxing Yoga Retreat Organized by Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga Agonda, Goa (COST USD 211 | 15,786 INR)
  12. 10 Days Mindfulness Yoga Retreat in Goa Organized by Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh Arambol, Goa (COST USD 500 | 37,265 INR)
  13. 7 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa Organized by Shiva Shakti Yoga Canacona, Goa (COST USD 110 | 8,250 INR)

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