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Working Hours

  • Monday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Tuesday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Wednesday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Thursday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Friday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Saturday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Sunday 09:30 - 17:30

About Rasovai Goa Ayurveda Massage Training Center

Rasovai massage training goa located in Wellness Inn at Ashvem beach area Mandrem. Rasovai Goa is an ayurbalance ayurvedic body massage and meditation training center in Goa. Rasovai Goa offers Ayurbalance Massage Therapist Training Course, AyurYoga Ayurveda Massage Training Course, 200 Hrs Massage Training Course in India. Rasovai Goa massage training centre in goa also offers Meditation Teacher Training Courses, Yoga Training Course, Yoga Anatomy and Massage Training. Rasovai meditation training center also offers 3 days Meditation Retreat in India. Chetan Baghel the lead teacher in Rasovai Goa provides massage training in Goa. Along with teaching massages, leading Meditation Retreats & Training in Rasovai massage training goa, Chetan is also conducting classes in Anatomy and Physiology at various Yoga Schools and at Rasovai offering Yoga Anatomy Training.

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Packages (6)

1. Meditation Teacher Training

Rasovai massage training goa offers Meditation Training, a life-enriching combination of meditations consisting of various Active- Passive techniques, movement based techniques and passive Mediation techniques to develop the core and of inner-outer being. This meditation training course offered by Rasovai Goa is a Setu (the bridge) between the intrinsic core and the extrinsic self and the synchronicity between the two. Rasovai Meditation School is offering this professional, scientific, structured yet playful program of Meditation Teacher Training in India at Goa and Rishikesh based on a unique form created by us with a long experience of teachings. The meditation training uses the base of Indian spiritual science with an understanding of ancient philosophy combining modern life-enriching tools and forms. This meditation training course is special. You will learn various powerful and impactful meditations and healing work created by the Rasovai team. These are very unique meditations and totally new and different. These are developed considering the modern psychological and emotional characteristics. And you will learn to teach these meditations to others and create the path, the way for others.

2. AyurYoga Ayurveda Massage Training Course

Rasovai massage training goa offers Ayuryoga massage training course which is a deeply impactful bodywork and massage. It is done using hands, fingers, fist, knee and feet to work in various interesting and effective ways. In this bodywork along with the massage strokes (movements) various interesting supportive physical manipulation and gentle supportive yogic stretches are combined to reintegrate the body further.

In this rasovai massage training goa you will learn to use your hands, fist, knuckles and fingers to reach into various layers of the body in a synchronized way. You will also be learning on how to use your knee or feet (the highlight of this massage) to work in some very unique ways and be able to create a high level of satisfaction in relieving the Tension, Fatigue and Stress from the body. In this massage to use feet you don’t need to assemble parallel bars like in Ashiatsu or rope hung from the ceiling like in Kalari. Here we are using stool or chair to balance the weight and shift it as per the need and receptivity of the client. At Rasovai massage training goa you will also learn various supportive manipulations; Yoga-based stretches and how to harmoniously combine them in the massage to bring more opening in the same session.

3. 200 Hrs Massage Teacher Training

Rasovai massage training goa centre offers this 200 Hrs Massage Training for the students who have completed one Ayurbalance 100 Hrs training program and wish to revise and learn more. Here you rejoin into the next or any of the Ayurbalance Massage Therapist Training again to deepen your experience & expertise. This Training Module is with the Ayurbalance Massage Therapist Training 100 hours course and goes further with advanced learning and teaching module. Here in Rasovai massage training goa you also learn the more progressive theory and practicals, guiding and training the students, thus developing your own skills as a Teacher or just gaining more confidence and further skill sets. This course provides you a 200 hours certification and is continuing education for the Ayurbalance Therapist Training Course. In this Rasovai massage training goa, you acquire skills in more detail and get the expertise also to conduct your own workshops. The course is complete in itself and you don’t have to go for expensive long-duration training to learn the same amount of skill.

4. 12 Day Ayurvedic Massage Therapist Training Course

Rasovai Goa offers a 12-day “Ayurbalance Massage – Professional” Course in India (100 hrs Training) of Ayurbalance bodywork. Ayurbalance Massage works on opening the blockages, general Fascia Release and remolding with attaining a rebalance using pressure movements with hands, fingers, knuckles, fist, forearm and elbow. The other important purpose of this rasovai massage training goa is to bring a profound relaxation, rejuvenation and creating calm and peace in one's self. This massage technique works on the soft tissues, deep tissues, Deep core muscles, abdominal organs and Myofascial and Biofascial level releasing holdings, congested patterns, adhesion, shortenings and denseness to bring a structural reintegration+ rebalancing the whole, that further re-establishes the balance in mind and emotions along with possibilities to relieve traumas and pains.

5. Yoga Anatomy & Massage Education

Rasovai massage training goa offers a 12 days Yoga Anatomy & Massage Education Training Program that is aiming to deliver yoga anatomy to the yoga community in a simple and understandable way. The course specialty is that one can join the Ayurbalance (Deep Tissue-Myofascial release Bodywork) Therapist Training Module also, to gain the practical and physical feel of the body and its experience on a personal level + an added skill set along with learning to teach Anatomy. In fact you learn not only the Yoga Anatomy but also become a bodywork and massage therapist. The course is about learning Anatomy as applicable in Yoga practice. The training starts with the very basic anatomy and physiology, then progress to the Yoga Applied Anatomy. Additionally, they will also teach yogic therapeutic aspects and understanding of musculoskeletal disorders. This is a program that provides you the skill set to apply them in your class giving it a special edge. This training also gives you the knowledge and expertise to be able to offer Anatomy classes to Yoga Teachers Training Courses. This Yoga Anatomy & Massage Education Training is about understanding the complexity and diversity of our own humanness as well as our anatomy and use their application into oneself or the class that one leads.

6. 3 Days Meditation Retreat

Rasovai massage training goa offers 3 Days Meditation Retreat. They are offering a professional, scientific, structured yet playful program in meditations based on ancient philosophy and modern psychosomatic tools. Rasovai meditation program has a significant influence from ancient treatises of the inner growth, modern psychosomatic and physiological studies. In the retreat, the participant's students will learn to participate, learn, practice, experience and know the different types of meditations. This is a learning and experiencing opportunity for everyone who is seeking a beautiful well-being time as a retreat. There is an increasing demand for professional meditation teachers who have the required knowledge, understanding and experience to lead classes in health institutes, yoga studios, social centers, rehabilitation centers and other such institutes or private classes.

List of services, treatments, health care programmes offered

Rasovai Goa offers the following services:

1- Massage Therapist Training

2- Ayurveda Massage Training

3- Massage Teacher Training

4- Meditation Teacher Training

5- Meditation Retreat 


Rasovai Goa offers the following types of accommodation:

One-person stay in Double bedroom:

Sea View


Double Bed (no single beds)

private bathroom with bath and shower

In-room Fan


Breakfast and Dinner

Two-person stay in Double bedroom:

Sea View, Terrace/Balcony

Double Bed (no single beds)

private bathroom with bath and shower

In-room Fan


Breakfast and Dinner

Note: This is a shared bed option suitable for couples or close friends.

If anyone requires further stay some nights before or after the course, arrangements can be made based on the hotels Rasovai massage training goa school price.

If the hotel is fully booked then alternative accommodation will be offered to students with daily transport included in the package. Further information on this will be provided during the request on availability of course and room stay.


During the rasovai massage training goa, two meals will be included every day, breakfast and dinner. The meals offered are Moroccan and Mediterranean specialties with eastern fusion including Indian and Thai made from organic and locally farmed sourced foods. Vegetarian / non- veg and vegan options will be available. The food at Mare Nostrum is recognized locally for its culinary arts, fresh and healthy dishes. In addition, the resort has a restaurant and vegan café, which will serve you any additional daily requirements.

Also, one can choose to eat at the in house restaurant in Wellness Inn (the training place) Rasovai Goa by choosing the package as mentioned in the respective training or from the Menu. Apart from this, there are multiple other options in the vicinity to stay & eat in the different price ranges. At rasovai massage training goa there are dozens of eating facilities providing food ranging from International cuisine to Authentic Indian cuisine in Rasovai Goa. Next to the training place, the whole road is lined up with restaurants. For the times when anyone wants to have a meal in front of the ocean, the beach right in the front also has multiple numbers of restaurants called as beach Shacks.

How to Get There

The detailed information about how to reach Rasovai Goa are as follows:

By Car: From your arrival into Tangier Airport to Hotel Mare Nostrum where the training will be held is included within the accommodation and course training fees and will be organised by the rasovai goa massage training centre with the arrival information you provide.

By Air: It is roughly a 2hrs to 2hr 35 min journey to the hotel depending on the route taken to Rasovai massage training goa. A typical route would involve taking P4602 to A6, N16 and A4 continuing on to N16 to Rocade de Oued lauo/N16 via Tetouan.


  • Included Breakfast
  • Taxi
  • Wi-Fi
  • Yoga Shala
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Rasovai Goa Ayurveda Massage Training Center Reviews

4.5(5 reviews)

Lucy Nooren. Netherland

I did Ayur Balance Massage Training in 2015. It’s a great way to get more in the body and release the mind. Groups are good. Enough space to exchange knowledge and experience. I will be there again.

Ekaterina Tikunova. Russia

After going to a number of different massage therapists in Goa, I’ve finally found Urja and Chetan at Rasovai! Having so much relaxation and at the same time a deep profound muscle work with a good stretch, was exactly what I was looking for! Ekaterina Tikunova. Russia

Patricia Heider. Germany

I took Ayur Balance Massage with Chetan. I was deeply impressed with the Training. It was profound, inspiring, touching and taught me the way, how to approach the physical body and the energetic aura of people in one place. Thank you Chetan, that you brought out this gift to me!!

Irina Viscun. USA

An Excellent center for training’s and treatments. The teachers Urja Anita and Chetan are humble, generous people, with a wealth of knowledge and attention for their students. You learn much more than technique, you learn a way of healthy life and an authentic training in Ayurveda massage. This is the place!!

Ankit Gupta

An Excellent center for training’s and treatments. The teachers Urja Anita and Chetan are humble, generous people, with a wealth of knowledge and attention for their students. You learn much more than technique, you learn a way of healthy life and an authentic training in Ayurveda massage. This is the place!!

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