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Kranti Yoga School

4.5 (32 reviews) 2809 Views Yoga Teacher Training Centre Goa, Goa

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List of Services

Kranti Yoga Tradition offers the following services:-

1) Yoga Teacher Training Course

2) Yin Yoga Retreat

3) Massage Treatment

4) Yoga Holiday Retreat

5) Adjustments Immersion Course

6) Yoga Intensive Week of Beginners Course

7) Hatha Flow and Chakra Immersion Course (TTC)

8) Vinyasa Flow & Ashtanga YTTC

Gurus and Experts
Julia Gavin
Ashtanga Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vi...
A huge advocate of functional movement, Julia’s style of teaching YTTC Vinyasa Flow encourages mobility, strength and flexibility to achieve cha...
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Sheila Eludoyin
Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Marma Massage
I have my own wellness business as a certified yoga instructor, reiki practitioner and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. My yoga teaching brings a playful...
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Kranti Yoga School
Tarun Kranti Agrawal
Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Viny...
Tarun Agrawal, founder and director of The Kranti Yoga Village, was born in 1980 in Chhattisgarh, Middle India. Following a family tradition, at the a...
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Kranti Yoga School

32 Reviews
Cathe Denmark
100 hr Teacher Training Plus Testimonial After completing my 200 hour YTTC at Kranti Yoga in November 2014, I decided to continue with the 100 hour Teacher Training Plus for one month – it was the best decision ever! The greatest thing about this course is that it is put together based on your abilities and interests. I was teaching Drop In Classes, Yoga Holidays and Intensive Yoga Courses almost every day for one month. This gave me not only an amazing teaching confidence, but also a great experience with teaching classes with a range of abilities from first timers to very experienced. I got feedback on my classes from the teachers and inspiration to develop my classes and teaching further. I have a great passion for meditation, pranayama and kriyas and I chose to spend a lot of time with Kranti’s amazing yoga philosophy teacher Upendra. This moved my meditation practice to a much deeper level and provided me with experience in teaching in those areas as well. I am now teaching twice a week in Denmark with great joy and confidence. This course gets my highest recommendations!
100 Hrs Teacher Training Plus After completing my 200hr YTTC at Kranti Yoga, I knew I wanted to further my teaching experience. I decided to come back to Patnem beach to do my 100hrs Teacher Training Plus. I very much wanted to focus my attention on adjustments and alignments to further deepen my knowledge of anatomy in relation to yoga. Already coming from a slightly anatomical background, I wanted to delve deeper into asanas and how they can benefit the student. I felt very confident in the knowledge of the senior teachers at Kranti Yoga. During the month I received a lot of support when adjusting and aligning students on the 200hr YTTC. I had arranged sessions with Julia where we discussed how to approach different students depending on Ayurvedic doshas/body types, looking at when it is appropriate to adjust and the benefits of certain adjustments. During my course, I also established a greater ability to teach Ashtanga Yoga Led Classes. Where I had initially focused on Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, I took the time to concentrate on the demands that come with teaching a good paced Ashtanga Yoga Led Class. I received feedback from senior teachers who regularly observed my progress. The month was also a great time to improve my own practice. I very much decided to focus on the physical side of yoga during my extra training. With the help of the teachers and their adjustments, I found myself able to go deeper into many postures, which was in itself a rewarding part of the journey. I felt as though my program was very much perosnalised to my needs and I was able to manage my time according to the areas I wanted to develop. Due to my love the shala, Patnem beach and the Kranti Yoga Team, I am blessed to have been here two months after completing my second course. I am much more confident with my own practice, my knowledge of the series and alignments of individual postures. Thanks to the unbelievable support and time put in from the Kranti Yoga Team, I have a greater understanding of my mind and body. I cannot express the gratitude I have for having the opportunities I have had since arriving at Kranti Yoga. This would have been possible without the enthusiasm, authenticity and sincerity of the wonderful individuals who have shown me nothing but support.


Kranti Yoga Tradition and Teacher Training Centre offers accommodation as follows

Beach Front Cottage
Both 32 square metres Beach Front cottages overlook beautiful Patnem beach and are just a few steps away from the ocean. These cottages are purpose built for your comfort so that you can relax and focus on your learning and development. Equipped with western style bathroom facilities, a double bed, lockable cupboards, a mosquito net and fan for a pleasant sleep, this is your home away from home.

Beach Front Bijou Cottage
Sitting up high in the palm trees, our eight stunning 32 square meters Beach Front Bijou cottages offer exotic views of Patnem beach and raised above our Ocean Shala. It is of the same size as that of our Beachfront Cottages. When choosing to stay in one of these cosy cottages you will find yourself gazing directly at the beautiful waters of the Arabian sea right from your bed. With your own porch and swinging chair, private western style bathroom, mosquito net and fan as well as lockable drawers, our Beachfront Bijous offer great comfort and will make you feel right at home.

Ocean Campus Cottage
The Ocean Campus cottages are situated in our Moksha campus, which is part of the Beachfront area and only a few steps away from beautiful Patnem beach. You can enjoy the daily ocean breeze from your private porch swaying in your hammock or kicking back in your swinging chair to catch up on your reading. All of our cottages are purpose built for your comfort and equipped with western style bathroom facilities, a double bed with a mosquito net and fan, lockable cupboards as well as a desk and chair for your study time. 

Ocean Campus Twin Share Cottage
These cottages offer the same comfort as the single ocean cottages but are equipped with twin beds allowing visitors to share accommodation.

Garden Campus Single Cottage
The garden cottages are situated in the Sattva campus, the tranquil garden side of Kranti Yoga. Choose to fall asleep nestled amongst the lush greenery of cashew, coconut and mango trees. A short 50m walk away from the Moksha campus and lovely Patnem beach, our relaxing garden accommodation offers the same comfort as the beachfront and ocean cottages. With western style toilet and shower facilities as well as double beds with a mosquito net and fan, lockable drawers, a private porch with a hammock and swinging chair you can make yourself feel right at home. 

Garden Campus Twin cottage
Our garden twin share cottages are equipped with twin beds to give students the option to share accommodation whilst enjoying the same comfort and tranquillity offered by the single garden cottages. 

Garden 4-Share
The 4-share cottages are situated in the Sattva campus of Kranti Yoga Goa and are a great option for students that are on a low budget but are still looking to experience a high-quality teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga. All dormitories come with two double-sized bunk beds and comfortable mattresses. Space to lock your valuables, mosquito nets and a fan as well as (shared) western style bathrooms make up some of the indoor features. Tucked away inbetween the lush greenery of the Sattva campus, our newly constructed tree house is a beautiful spot to find some quiet and unwind. It’s the perfect place to catch up on some homework and your readings or simply relax and enjoy your down time.

Accommodation Features

1. Hot water available 24 hrs
2. Wifi throughout the Yoga Village
3. All the rooms are air conditioner read with extra charge of 50 Euros per week
4. Swimming Pool
5. Mosquito net
6. Porch with hammock and swing seat
7. 24 hr security with 2 security guards and 48 surveillance cameras
8. Daily cleaner, on request
9. Warm bedding, fresh bedsheets, wash towel, hand towel, beach towel, toilet paper, hand wash
10. Fully equipped spacious western bathroom with shower and toilet
11. Huts made of completely natural materials
12. Free phone for local calls
13. Security locker
14. Communal fridge
15. Washing machine (extra charge)
16. Herbal teas and drinking water available all day



Kranti Yoga Tradition Goa offers strictly vegetarian and vegan focused food cater for lactose intolerant, gluten free and more. All the food at Kranti Yoga Tradition and Teacher Training Centre is sourced locally and so the menu will consist of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Local produce is organically grown and bought on a daily basis. The centre also buy groceries from nearby stores in order to support the local economy.

Breakfast - Turmeric Ginger oats (water based), Caramalized Nuts, Raw Nuts, Seasonal Fruit Salad, Poached Eggs, Bhaaji (type of various beans), Pancakes (vegan available), Yogurt/Curd

Lunch - Carrot and Lime, Soup Homemade, Spiced Bread (Vegan), Mint & Pea Brown Rice, Basmati Rice Dhal (Lentil Curry), Veggie Burger Seasonal, Salad Mushroom, Garlicky Penne in a Coconut Cream Sauce

Snack Time - Energy (Protein), Balls Spinach, Pakora Samosa, French Fries

Dinner - Basil Chickpea, Hummus Olive Brown Rice, Roasted vegetables (Steamed available), Vegetable Manchurian Pasta with Housemade, Tomato & Basil Sauce Spinach Zucchini Pasta

Dessert - Coconut Papaya Ice Cream, Banana Bread, Chocolate Banana Pie (Cashew Crust) 

How to reach Kranti Yoga School

By Air: You can fly to Goa airport directly from all the major cities of the world during the winter season. Within India, you can also fly from Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata and Kochin.

By Train: You can reach Kranti Yoga Traditon,Goa by train from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochin, Mysore and Pune.

By Road: It’s also possible to reach Kranti Yoga Tradition & Teacher Training Centre by Volvo / Deluxe / Semi Deluxe buses from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

By Taxi: Goa airport and train stations have pre-paid taxi counters. Once you have reached the airport or the railway station, you can take a taxi directly to Patnem Beach. The prices of these taxis are set and so you won’t need to bargain. ( 2000/- from the airport, 1500/- from the railway station.)

By Bus: In case you want to save money or want to experience local Goan transport, you can catch a bus from KTC bus station in Margao directly to Patnem Beach ( 25/-) where Kranti Yoga Tradition is located.

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House No. 135, Patnem Beach, Next to the Palolem Beach, Canacona, Goa-403702
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