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About Pva Ayurvedic Multi Specialty Nursing Home

P.V.A Ayurvedic Multy Specialty Nursing Home started in the year 1994 at Kannur, North Malabar, and Kerala,. Kerala is a land of fascinating culture, heritage & beauty, secluded beaches palm fringed back water mist clad hill stations lush tropical forests, waterfalls, exotic wild life, monuments, mangroves, paddy fields handlooms and more over Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is practicing all over the world, but it is preserved and practiced in its true form and spirit only in Kerala especially in North Malabar. Quite proudly we can say that our nursing home has grown up into a fully fledged hospital equipped with all the necessary facilities to provide treatment in all eight branches of Ayurveda. All the treatment procedures such as Elakizhi, Navarakizhi, Vasti, Nasya, Rakthamoksha etc are conducted by a team of experienced and professionally qualified doctors and paramedical staffs. Thousands of patients are treated successfully ever year by using our high quality herbal medicines. These herbal medicines are mostly organic and home grown and processed in our state of art facilities.

We prepare medicines only for our patients and it will not be available in the commercial market. We have very good medical garden at our hospital premises.

Dr. Abdulrahman is having practice experience of more than 28 years and is pursuing a notable career in the field of Ayurveda. He hails from an Ayurveda family of more than 160 years old. He did BAMS from Kottakkal Ayurveda College a world-renowned institution in Ayurveda.

The Government of Kerala accredited the ‘GREEN LEAF’ status to PVA Multi Speciality Hospital. The ‘Green Leaf’ is a Kerala Government accreditation. Seeing the huge number of the centres for Ayurveda Massage, the Kerala Government has recently taken some strict steps to strengthen the health regulations and safety. Based on the standards set by the Healthcare and Ayurveda experts, the Kerala government has began classifying into Green and Olive leaf to all the centers for Ayurveda Massage. PVA Ayurvedic Hospital is the only one Ayurvedic center in Northern Malabar which has received Green Leaf Certificate Accreditation from Government of Kerala.

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Reviews Of Pva Ayurvedic Multi Specialty Nursing Home

Colette Garrick

Greetings Dr. Poilan, I’m happy to report that I have started giving massages and I’m getting very good feedback. Thanks for everything and sending good wishes to your family and staff. All the best, Colette Garrick.


Thank you to all the staff in PVA. i was happy to see all people smiling every morning when i come. It’s a good place, calm and nice area.


I am attending an ayurveda massage and panchakarma therapy. In the morning frequent also a yoga course. I learnt a lot. My teachers Kavitha , Yazer and Sudeep have been very patient with me. And talking in English was no problem. All the staff was very friendly and helpful. I stand here one month and I feel like at home. Thank you for all and I hope to come back soon.

Giovanna Lorenzetti (Meena)

I think I have found the paradise here every think is wonderful .I treat myself and start learn more about yoga very good to do yoga class in the morning, Ayurveda course and Yoga theory , interesting how every thing is connected. Thank you all for the opportunity to learn all this and together have all the lovely and smily staff to help and take care of my body, mind and soul. I don’t have words to describe the beautiful view of the River. Feel the river to close , for me is magic. And watch the birds fly over the River and fishing is the pure nature. Watch all this helped me a lot to keep the place in myself. Thanks all the girls Tatha, Ragi, Angali, Silna for the treatments I felt at home. And thanks for every one who mande my stay here wonderful. A lot of love peace and magic for all I will be back soon


I am very grateful for my stay here at P V A. I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. I can also very grateful for all the treatments and care I received, it’s helped me a lot. Thank you to all the beautiful staff, your beautiful smiles and care. Tata I will miss your food The location is perfect in many ways A lot forward to coming back hopefully by next year. Nani With much gratitude and appreciation to you all.


I am very grateful for my stay here at P V A. I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. I can also very grateful for all the treatments and care I received, it’s helped me a lot. Thank you to all the beautiful staff, your beautiful smiles and care. Tata I will miss your food The location is perfect in many ways A lot forward to coming back hopefully by next year. Nani With much gratitude and appreciation to you all.


Well Ayurveda is truly amazing what it does to your body mind and soul. I feel very uplifted mentally and physically. It has and is rejuvenating my life on the whole. Especially after the completion of panchakarma. I feel I m getting back my health and youth.Most importantly the staff, therapists were cordial and always smiling Yasser was very helpful. The Dr Poilan, Aparna and Soya were supportive and very caring. Not forgetting Manager Sibeesh and simmi were always there to attend to our needs. Simmi tittled the place with the glow from a sweet smile.I didn’t feel I was staying in a nursing home. But in a house with a big family.. Mentally I felt relaxed while staying for a month. Once again I would extend heartfelt thanks to Dr, Poilan and his crew who were down to earth people whom I have never seen. My only suggestion if an accelerator can be fixed, it will be great. And soft music is provided during panchakarma therapy. Centralized music will be great All in all. Thank you all and love you so much.


I came to PVA Ayurvedic hospital after researching for a place were traditional ayurvedic treatments are offered. Due to many ailments, I decided to do the panchakarma for forteen days. Had no idea how much aches and pain I had until the treatments stated . It was a really good experience . Every one here are friendly despite.The fact that language is a problem but we managed. A big thank you to Dr Sajna, Dr Soya, Sruthi, jeena and Chinju. They were lovely all ways showing concern for my aches and pain On a less positive note may be the food can be further moderated to give a truely ayurvedic meal. This will then complete a truly ayurvedic treatment.


We came only for due week I don’t regret to have choosen this school we had a great time here and have metreally nice people. Our group was really nice and we enjoyed together a lot. The teacher were also really friendly to special mention for the theory and massage teacher. I am happy to back learned about massage and Ayurveda it was the first experience and I think for sure not the last one . May be the food could be a bit more varied but otherwise everything was really Ok. It is a peacefull place. If you come here you will enjoy it. But never took things to seriously Thanks a lot I have fun


It was very nice my time here. Thanks to all staff in special for my teacher Dr Soya. Hope I have the chance toreturn.I will miss this beautiful place. Thanks again.


First of all I would like to thank you all for this magical experience and for putting up with me Attending the lessons for the second time made everything fall in place. Your teachers are great My panchakarma therapie went well, thank you all for your attention and yoga was an excellent experience, well how else can it go with one of the greatest teachers in kerala, Thank you Sudeep I really needed this touch up after my teacher training two years ago. I would also like to thank the cleaning ladies. They are so helpful always bind and smiling aswell as the ladies in the kitchen for doing their best to satisfy us . A big thanks and huge hug to Tata for the ada. Thank you again for every thing see you soon with love and respect Dimitra. Sepceial thanks to Simmi and Ali for finding my lost treasure you know.


Hi this is Arup Nandy from West Bengal I came to PVA multy specilast Nursing Home to learn the 1month Ayurvedic Massage and panchakarma therapy, but when I came. Idont expect live that knowledge I can get from here, its so so good place to learn and live. Here its like sorry no like this isyour home. Every thing is so good,specally the all people. And I got somany knowledge about ayurveda. And I am so proud that I got like that Doctors and therapist. Its so so good. I feel so happy here and I getting preparation for the next course. Thank you PVA Special thank for Aslm Aslu, Fasal,Dr Soya,DrSajna, Manager, Dr Poilan and all the staff, love you all.


Thank you very much for every thing! Ayurvda is really the knowledge about life and you learn a lot about yourself. The teachers here are great , they are so friends and always try to reach it in a very short, every body is able to unsderstand it, I would have had such teachers look at school. To summarise is all I am really greatful so had she chance to learn more about ayurveda and I think it will give me a life enhancing imfact Keep on smiling.


Namaste Sincere thanks from the depath of my heart. I spend a very rich month. I learnt a lot. Arsha is an excellent teacher, service is plesent and the staff very carrying. Sibi is very kind and takes care of all our needs for our staying to be confostable. I discovered PVA from a friend’s advice and I will tell about you to those who wish to study Ayurveda. Thank you again to all of you. May be I will comeback with a letter english speaking. Dr` Poilan you can be proude of your staff. All my best thoughts from my heart. Wish you a happy future.


NAMASTE at all!!!”” So good the time spend with everybody!…. “ I am full of knowledge now but also I must learn a lots but thank you for your help in my experience here! I will miss everybody.” But don’t worry ,” I can come back from 1 day to other!”” Smile,smile,smile Everytime The best knowledge For happiness!


One more BSS exam tomorrow and that is it for my 1month here in PVA. Thank you all very much for this month. A special thanks to all the girls for taking care of us all day long bringing us chai, food and always with a smile! There is not much more needed to brighten up a day! Thank you very much to the teacher (thearoy&practical) I learned a lot,also about myself You’re doing a great joy. Thank you also to the yoga teacher for his enthusiastic teaching! Have a happy &heathy life!


I learned to much from India: Yoga, Ayurveda,dehachment, spirituality. And PVA was a very nice part of that great adventure! I discovered the wonderful power of plant and ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda will change my way of life for the future ofr sure.” And I hope to come back to continue to learn this treditonal medicine. Thanks everyone! Elise The course nice really internship, but I would like to have explaaination about the practical training (massages)explanation of the future, sense of the persume.


Today I finish with the course & with the exam, I’m happy about this experience and I like more the sense to peaceful that give me look every day the love infront my windows! I’m happy why during this experience. I have the opportunity to start to learn english! Thank you for this experience to teach me the basic principles of ayurveda&panchakarma Namaste! I like the course but the practical of massage is really easy,I’d like deeping the sense of the massage. Thank you


It’s the best place in my whole life like my home. Everybody in PVA hospital are good knowledge in different different styles. The studies in here start my changes in lifestyles and strat to think moreabout ayurveda and to find out new styles in ayurvedic styles. I am sure about myself that I will back to other course to increase the level of knowledge what I got from here. Doctors who teachers are really nice and feel like my sisters. And Dr Poilan, manager Nidhin, Fasal,Aslam(our massage trainer)are different and are awsesome in their way of doing thinks Alikka, Arunji so many chinju and some girls name I forget. There are special (my sisters)special thanks to all of us PVA wait I will be back sure


I just finished the 6-hours BSS test, and I think I nailed it. Yay! This has been a very pleasant and peaceful month. The location is very nice (superb view) and the dedicated root is such a great opportunity for massage practice, yoga,taichi,or just dancing hysterically in the dark. I learned a lot of course, thank you Arsha, very good teacher who speaks very very fast and expects us to memorize 1000 sanskrit words for the next day every time . Thank you Rajesh for the massages, the patience, and the care. Thank you the female staff for trying every night If my varacious hunger (teehshagri) without succeding all the time. Don’t blame yourself, it is a hard job. Thank you Sibi for dealing sucessfully with our unlimited number of requests,always with a smile. I hope you want get flooded during moonsoon and that you continue on living a happy life. Take care


I spend in PVA two weeks and during this two weeks teachers were changing their schedule to come earlier and stay back for me so I can do a 2 months programme is this short time. The knowledge and kindness of all doctors are huge!!! You can learn non stop here, because they are willing to give you as much knowledge as you can carry. I really like that they keep traditional methods of preparation of the medicine and with all the treatments helping so many people! I want to say a huge thank you for teaching me and taking care about everything!!! I really enjoyed visit here!!! I feel like I will definitly be back!!! Special thank you to Dr Sajna for all your knowledge and patience!!! Hope to see your again!!! Best Wishes!!!

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