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Pva Ayurvedic Multi Specialty Nursing Home

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Pva Ayurvedic Multi Specialty Nursing Home

21 Reviews
I spend in PVA two weeks and during this two weeks teachers were changing their schedule to come earlier and stay back for me so I can do a 2 months programme is this short time. The knowledge and kindness of all doctors are huge!!! You can learn non stop here, because they are willing to give you as much knowledge as you can carry. I really like that they keep traditional methods of preparation of the medicine and with all the treatments helping so many people! I want to say a huge thank you for teaching me and taking care about everything!!! I really enjoyed visit here!!! I feel like I will definitly be back!!! Special thank you to Dr Sajna for all your knowledge and patience!!! Hope to see your again!!! Best Wishes!!!
I just finished the 6-hours BSS test, and I think I nailed it. Yay! This has been a very pleasant and peaceful month. The location is very nice (superb view) and the dedicated root is such a great opportunity for massage practice, yoga,taichi,or just dancing hysterically in the dark. I learned a lot of course, thank you Arsha, very good teacher who speaks very very fast and expects us to memorize 1000 sanskrit words for the next day every time . Thank you Rajesh for the massages, the patience, and the care. Thank you the female staff for trying every night If my varacious hunger (teehshagri) without succeding all the time. Don’t blame yourself, it is a hard job. Thank you Sibi for dealing sucessfully with our unlimited number of requests,always with a smile. I hope you want get flooded during moonsoon and that you continue on living a happy life. Take care

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