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About Yasodhara Yoga Ashram

Yasodhara Ashram is a yoga retreat and study centre founded by Swami Sivananda Radha in 1963, in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia, Canada. Today, 53 years after it was established, Yasodhara Ashram is an enduring and vibrant spiritual community. Set in the beautiful mountains of southeastern British Columbia, we invite people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their self-development and discover the promise of yoga. Our purpose is to stimulate open intellectual and spiritual enquiry, supporting the potential of transformation in each person. We offer a wide range of yoga programs year round – from a three-month intensive, to private retreats, teacher certifications and introductions to yoga. Our popular Service and Study programs are for those interested in learning about Karma Yoga, or the yoga of selfless service, our main spiritual practice. Yasodhara Ashram is also a residential community, with a small number of full-time residents, swamis and brahmacharis who make our homes here. We are the stewards of Swami Radha’s teachings and the caretakers of this sacred space. We are joined in our efforts by many long and short term Karma Yogis, as well as teachers in training, course participants, guest teachers and retreat guests. We see over 1000 people pass through the Ashram in a year. The number of people living, working and studying at Yasodhara at any given time ranges from 50-120 people. Living with awareness in both the inner and outer worlds, Yasodhara Ashram is deeply committed to participating in sustainable environmental practices. From the Ashram’s perspective, environmental action is an important part of our social responsibility and ecological integrity, a practice of the basic yogic principle of ahimsa. With a lineage of leadership guided by women, our spiritual tradition emphasizes the nurturing and devotional qualities of the Divine Feminine. We are also home to the Temple of Divine Light, which recognizes the Light in all religions and the divine spark in each person. Our aim is to instill quality, care, awareness in all that we do, so that Yasodhara can truly be a spiritual home to all who come. Yasodhara Ashram is the hub of a network of urban teaching centres known as Yasodhara Yoga Centres, and the home of Timeless Books.

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Yasodhara Yoga Ashram Reviews

4.5(7 reviews)

Julie Mya

British Columbia, Canada

How many places can you go to where your authentic essential self is not only seen but absolutely encouraged? How many places uphold utmost integrity to the lineage they are a part of and to all of creation? When I go to the ashram - both my first 2 week visit and my 9 month stint including the YDC, I experienced both. I felt held and was encouraged to hold myself and gifted tools to do so. Tools that have transformed my life, live in my heart, cells and bones and connect me to a deep place of Light. Forever I am grateful and I absolutely suggest anyone who has a call to follow the call. As Swami Radha says ... The power that created you will sustain you, IF you give it a try. Give it a try!

Gail Southall

British Columbia, Canada

Such a beautiful, peaceful setting. I only stayed overnight but the atmosphere will stay with me forever. The facilities are spacious and very clean, the food delicious, and the people welcoming. I will go back for a longer stay.

Graham Streich

New York, United States

Beautiful place with a calming atmosphere, energy, and simple, clean facilities, however, the leadership structure is fragmented and there seems to be tension amongst the older members of the community. The silent meals are an example of that: the custom began after a male senior leader used meal time to get to know female visitors and develop relationships with them despite strict restrictions on relationships with different gendered people and ambiguous power dynamics. I believe this incident left a scar on the community that is sometimes palpable. Having said this, the place has the potential to offer amazing retreats.

Gwendolyn Hartland

British Columbia, Canada

I have attended several events over the years and each time was a special gift of growth and development. I am grateful that the Ashram sits in such an amazing place and is filled with so much light and love.

Kathy Law

British Columbia, Canada

What a light and lovely energy that permeates all; calm and zen combined. The staff person that I met was most insightful and accommodating and we were invited to tour the grounds with a map, at our leisure. I purchased a book of Swami Radha's that I had not yet read, and a mantra CD at the gift shop. I wish to return! ????

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