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Creating a Life by Design is a game changer for producing your desired results and goals optimally. Our programs and coaching at the Costa Rica Wellness Institute advise you how to discover and create new distinctions. This is a powerful skill for designing and creating the results you want in all the areas of your life. You will open up new realms of ideas, perspectives and options, while giving yourself the structure and tools to design your practical action plan. It is invigorating to generate new distinctions and paradigms. Your projects come alive when you believe in your purpose and knowing exactly how to take action. Learning how to communicate  clearly and effectively, improves your ability to generate your goals with greater efficiency.

More and more people are awakening to know that Individual Sustainability is linked to Global Sustainability for humanity. At the Costa Rica Wellness Institute, we believe that creating structure and mastery of the tools needed for this to happen is key. It is your individual sustainability that has the possibility of making our global sustainability a reality. Filling the gaps between where we are currently to where we are going, is our challenge and our opportunity.

The same is true for producing the extraordinary results you want in your personal life. Life by Design gives you the ability to do just that! Creating your own mindful way of living authentically and being able to sustain it, becomes a priority and spills over into all of the areas of your life. Integrating all of this becomes the opportunity for designing forward everyday, while connecting deeper with your life.

Immersion Week Retreat was carefully constructed to provide continued learning, training and wisdom that will absolutely have you get what you want out of your life quickly. Participants claim paradigm shifts in their thinking and perceptions by the close of their immersion week. Even if you have already achieved everything you set out in life to do, Immersion Week will accelerate what's next for you, and the new opportunity to assist others to have an equally amazing life. The world is changed by focused individuals who understand how having balance and alignment in their lives creates flow. Including ones fears with confidence and doing it anyway is what is missing. This becomes a cycle you can repeat to create exceptional results in all the areas of your life. 

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