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Yoga can bring you flexibility, renewed physical and emotional strength, weight loss and a new lease of life, whoever you are. Yoga literally means ‘union’ in sanscrit. The union of body and mind, of the earthly and the spiritual.

This practice has been tried and tested over thousands of years by millions of people, handed down from the enlightened sages in ancient to anyone in today’s hectic world who wants to develop a healthier body and mind. Yoga can benefit everyone, and now you can discover how it can enhance your life with a comprehensive programme of regular and varied classes across the island of Antigua.

What is yoga?

Yoga literally means ‘union’ in sanscrit. The union of body and mind, of the earthly and the spiritual.Our hectic lifestyles mean that we are now seeking what the ancient yogis worked out – a way of quietening the chatter in our minds and finding freedom from physical and emotional pain.

The practice of yoga in some form started many thousands of years ago, but has only in the last 30 or so years gained rapidly increasing popularity in the West.

Postures (asana) are one of only eight ‘limbs’ of yoga. The others are yama (restraints – for example practising kindness and non-stealing), niyama (observances such as self-study and discipline), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (control of the senses), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (ultimate bliss and enlightenment).

Yoga is both a home and a journey, a solitary practice and an international community. Above all, yoga is a lifetime’s joyful discovery.Jay Kipling has been teaching yoga since 2007, firstly in her home town, the beautiful city of Exeter in Devon, UK, and during the winter in Antigua, West Indies.

She first learnt yoga from her mother who took up the practice while the family lived in Singapore in the 1970s. Jay started taking a regular ashtanga yoga class in 2001, which dramatically increased her fitness and general health, and helped overcome life-long problems from a mild scoliosis in her spine.

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