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The guiding principal behind all our efforts is The Holistic Life Mission, which is our overall aim of promoting spirituality and health among the masses. The need for this mission arises out of the contemporary divisions of life which has made growth lopsided. A professionally successful person is personally miserable. Someone who has lots of money has failed to enjoy life because of some chronic diseases that dog him. Another person who has found success both in his profession and on the family front, feels a spiritual void. Someone who is very considerate to others and is also hardworking and talented finds him a professional failure. All this happens because our focus on our own selves is lopsided. We develop certain sides of our personality more than other sides. This results in all the incongruities and discontent.

The Holistic Life Mission aims to restore the ancient Yogic vision that saw a wholeness in one’s life. For example, most of your physical diseases are reflections of the troubles in your mind. There may not be any physiological link, but there certainly is a psychological one. Yoga saw the whole life as one; indeed the whole cosmos was seen as one. The Upanishads too explain this oneness of everything as do Sufis and mystics from other religions. We are trying to bring that lofty philosophical vision to your personal life.

Our starting point is the belief that there is no division between personal, professional and social aspects in anyone’s life. Mind and body are one. This approach takes us to our holistic practices. We fuse Yoga, naturopathy, ayurveda and meditation to address the problems in one’s life. Even are basic courses are guided by this holistic vision. The Holistic Life Mission is an effort to bring much-needed balance to life. To make everyone look at life as a whole and not in parts. For, only when we consider the whole will be effectively understand the parts. If we try to handle ourselves in parts, our self-knowledge will also be partial.

We invite you to participate in this mission by propagating the idea of holistic life to everyone.

Dr.Satya’s Holistic Life Mission started way back in the year 1990 in a small village in Haryana(Northeren State of India ) when Dr Satya was only 15 years old with a name “JAGRITI” with only 35 members and he was the youngest among all as a Founder and General Secretary of this organization .
The main focus areas of this young brigade was Education and Social Work in the fields of Hygeine,Cleanliness Drive,Enviornment for Green India & Tree Plantation ,Performing as Volunteer Teachers in Schools of Villages ,worked a lot on curses like Population and Dowry and control of these evils from society.

The Beauty of this group of JAGRITI was that in which Poorest to Poor people participated in this mission by donating in cash and kind both. A Library for Children opened in the village and a physically challenged person was given a job as Librarian .A Yog Shala for Teaching Yoga was created and the facilities were established for young sports persons .Imparted education in field of Yoga /Pranayam ,Meditation and Ayurveda.

Dr .Satya followed GITA as a guiding book and MAHATMA GANDHI as his Guru (Teacher) and on 1st January 2006 the JAGRITI took a Re-Birth under the name Dr.Satya’s Holistic Life Mission which is in its 12th Year now helping people to live a Healthy ,Happy ,Peaceful and Successful life.

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Sheela Darshan
Dr Satya is a place where you can get health, happiness,peace & sucess. Its a total change center, you can get rid of all your mental, emotional & physical problems like strees, anxity, deseas & many more issues. I recommend to join Dr. Satya
Shailendra Sharma
Great drop-in yoga classes! I had a great experience taking two drop-in classes with Yoga Training Center

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