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Desert Ashram Meditation

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Desert Ashram Meditation

2 Reviews
Elia Litvinov
What is there to say about the Ashram? The location, food, hospitality, events and of course the beautiful people are the gem of the desert and Israel in general. Much love to them and the events they create!
Elisheva Zandberg
Very surprised to see yet another place idolizing Osho, whose organization was notorious for its policy of being pro-sterilization for female teenagers due to encouraged sex life including for 13 years old, for its prevalence of STDs due to encouraged unsafe sex (at some point, wearing a necklace with certain pearl colors was the way to say you had herpes, etc), for the rapes and suicides which were rife amongst indoctrinated vulnerable followers, who supported an attempt of mass poisoning and murder of a whole village population in Oregon, etc. Osho who had 72 Rolls Royces (RED FLAG that you are a FAKE EVIL GURU anyone???) Just watch "Wild wild country" and the series about him on youtube and learn about the evilness of this guru of the dark side. Very sad to see his portraits at the Ashram. Seems that glorifying abusers (hence shaming the survivors) still is fashionable amongst the "awakened" new age community in Israel. Shame on you Ashram baMidbar.

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