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We do hope you manage to find something of interest for you.Please feel free to mail us with any requests as we are able to tailor-make a package for any group of 4 or more.We offer Yoga Holidays, Retreats, Workshops and Teachers Training (up to 500 hours) courses in and around South Africa.Cheryl has qualified as a personal trainer, jazz dance teacher, traditional yoga teacher, yoga therapist, massage therapist, Pranic healer , Reiki practitioner and more recently a sound therapist working with Tibetan and Himalayan bowls and Tingshas. More often than not her treatments are an eclectic blend of the best of all these different modalities.Cheryl visits regularly, and has completed her teachers and advanced training in Nasik, with the Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

I am a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, jazz dance teacher and massage therapist. I resumed practicing yoga since 1993 / 1994, after which teacher training followed quite naturally. I have been to twice and completed my teachers training in Nasik, with the Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

My experience of Ashram life was so enlightening that I want to share it with as many people as possible. Yogic life in the Ashram, emphasises all aspects of yoga . Such as the Yama, Niyamas, Asana and Pranayama . More often than not, Western classes only have time to focus on the Asanas and a few Pranayama techniques.

With the pressures of modern lifestyles, I realize not everyone has 6 weeks to dedicate solely to the practice of yoga. For this reason I condensed a course into 5 days and combined it with a unique African experience. The lessons are the same as in the Ashram, the healing benefits just as profound. Hopefully a new routine will be started and continued indefinitely. The benefits of self discipline and self realization are infinite.


Our aim on the Southern Africa Yoga Safaris and Holidays is to provide you with a unique experience, combining Yoga practice with night game drives, early morning meditations, indulgent massage or hot oil therapies, delicious vegetarian meals and lots of peace, quiet and tranquility in a healthy environment.

On our RETREATS we aim to take your inner Yogic journey even deeper. To assist us with this we use sound therapy, Yoga massage, hot oils, asanas, meditation and pranayama to encourage you into a deeper more relaxed state of being.

Your host is a fully qualified Yoga teacher (trained in Nasik,), a personal trainer and a physical therapist. You will be personally evaluated, ensuring you receive the best Yoga exercise for your ability.


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Southern Africa Yoga Safaris, Main Rd, Elands Bay, 8110, South Africa
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