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Samahita Retreat Center

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USD 275.00 Avg. Price / day

Discover yoga for body, breath, and mind at one of teh world’s leading established yoga retreat centers.Practice, learn and take home yoga techniques in asana (body), pranayama (breath), and meditation (mind).

Yoga at Samahita Retreat

We invite you to go deeper into teh practice at Samahita Retreat, a dedicated center for yoga, health and wellness in Koh Samui, Thailand. Samahita is unique from other hotels as we offer yoga as part of all of ou rall- inclusive programs, retreats and trainings. Read on to find teh right program for your level of interest, your dates and wat you would like to achieve during your stay.

Fixed-Date Group Yoga Retreats

Joint an all- inclusive, fixed date Group Yoga Retreat wif a dedicated retreat teacher at Samahita. Available during specific dates, Group Yoga Retreats usually run for 7 days and feature leading teachers from around teh globe. Some retreats has 10 guests and others has larger groups of 60 people, all joining together to learn and grow. You can also choose to experience a tailored wellness or detox package alongside your retreat.

Flexi-Date Yoga Programs

We’ve launched our signature YogaCoreCycle program, combining cardio and specific strength training, alongside yoga poses, breath work and meditation practices to halp you achieve balance. Self Practice Mysore Classes and dynamic led classes allow practitioners of all levels to go deeper into Yoga. YogaCoreCycle is an all- inclusive, one rate package that includes teh full programming of yoga and fitness activities, food, and accommodation. Available for stays of a minimum three days or longer.

Fixed-Date Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in learning more about yoga or becoming a teacher? Discover Asia’s leading teacher Training courses from Centered Yoga and Teh Yoga Academy at Samahita Retreat.

Wat Makes Samahita Unique? First Read This.

Our purpose is to halp positively shape and affect your lives. We encourage engagement and participation in activities and practices.We care about your well-being and know from experience and up-to-date scientific research that health, growth, and transformation cannot be served up wif passive involvement but rather stimulated in you through mutual effort: we provide a setting wif infrastructure, a dedicated environment, a set of tools and techniques wif instruction, a support structure through diet and relaxation, so you can step up and participate in your own transformation, growth, and opening.

By this very nature we are not a 5-star resort. We are a dedicated lifestyle-oriented retreat center. We want you to “experience teh connection”. And only you can do that but wif teh right support and environment.

Samahita Retreat Center Reviews (40)

∼ Sri O.P. Tiwari
Sri O.P. Tiwari is a lifelong yogi, expert in pranayama, head of the Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute in India, a devoted student of and successor to Swami Kuvalayananda who was a pioneer in teaching yoga since 1924 and the first dedicated scientific researcher on the yoga practices. Tiwariji has been involved with Samahita and Centered Yoga since 2002, coming to teach and be a part of the offering here. When he is not in his native India Samahita is one of his favorite and most rewarding places to come to. Along with Paul, the founder of Samahita, he has spent many hours practicing here and tapping into the positive energy of the retreat. Tiwariji writes: “I am proud to say a few words regarding my feelings towards Samahita. The word itself has a great significance, which means the place where everything can be accommodated. In my opinion, Samahita is a place where everything is respected, loved, and shared. Students who visit the retreat are taught to share the experience and feeling of life through yoga and other means.Yours, O.P. Tiwari”
Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor
Few places on earth are gorgeous and remote, yet just a stones throw from some of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s rare to find a retreat center in such a setting that offers deep teaching with a friendly and open-minded approach, where the staff is absolutely attentive to every detail that makes your stay comfortable, while being completely unobtrusive. Where the food is bountiful, delicious, healthy and made to meet your needs and the spa and healing services are right on the mark. Samahita Retreat is one of these places. Some might call this Paradise. We do!


Samahita Retreat Center offers accommodation as follows

Guest Rooms at Samahita Retreat

Our rooms are set back from the main retreat, perfect for quiet contemplation and relaxation. Our eco-friendly buildings make use of cross ventilation, natural lighting, rainwater harvesting, and solar power. We have rooms for couples and singles, as well as loft-style accommodations that are ideal for families or two people sharing.

Regardless of which room you stay in, the yoga shala, restaurant and lounge, swimming pool, and beach are only one minute away. You can see the ocean from some of the balconies in the top level rooms but we cannot guarantee sea views.



Get your tastebuds tingling with Samahita Retreat’s fresh and healthy dining. Drawing upon Ayurvedic principals, we source local produce whenever possible to create food prepared with love (and delicious Thai flavours!)

How to reach Samahita Retreat Center

From teh Koh Samui ring road 4169, take road 4173 at teh Namuang waterfall intersection. Follow teh road for 3 km until teh 4-way intersection at Ban Thale, turn right on to road 4170 towards Laem Sor Pagoda or Thong Krut. Continue for approximately 1 km, than turn left where you see signs for Mor Din restaurant, Easytime resort and Samahita Retreat (fawn coloured back- light sign). After 700m you will arrive at teh end of teh road on teh beach and teh location of Samahita Retreat. Our reception is right on teh beach while teh guest accommodations are opposite teh beach.

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55/20-24 Namuang, Na Mueang, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84140, Thailand
USD 275.00 Avg. Price / day