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Behind the Big Buddha of Phuket lays Kata Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket, surrounded by luscious green trees and palms, with crystal clear water and white sand. Kata Hot Yoga is just footsteps away (30mt / 100ft) from this beach. 

Kata Hot Yoga offers the ultimate hot yoga experience on a unique location. Choose from several daily classes and get strong, fit, and energized during your stay. We work with different teachers from all over the world, ensuring an amazing Bikram Yoga experience each time you visit us.

Our classes are designed for beginners, and still challenging for advanced practitioners. All levels are welcome!

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All apartments are furnished with the following amenities : * COLD A/C * High-speed wireless internet * Fan * T.V. DVD player * Separate bathroom with hot shower * Separate bedroom * Kitchen (fully-equipped)

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Available for rent are Kata Hot Yoga's spacious and comfortable apartments directly above the studio…literally right at Phuket's best beach! ***Luxury and Thai-style apartments available for rent during your stay***

Reviews Of Kata Hot Yoga

Lisa Mohrman

Highly recommend this studio. It was the first place I ever tried bikram and having such a welcoming experience I was happy to return for a 30 challenge. I stayed in the well kept and super convenient upstairs apartments and enjoyed class and cool coconuts daily. The beach is steps away, the teachers were all incredible and the studio is very clean. Will come again for sure.

Jesper H. Jensen

Such a nice place with a very good energi. My first but not last experience with hot yoga! Go go go....

Carita Holmqvist

Vi hittade favoriten i Phuket. Fantastiska instruktörer som ger rätt instruktioner så du kommer djupare in i positionerna. Värmen gör kroppen mjukare o följsammare. Kan varmt rekommendera hot yoga...

Rodrigo Caballero

From the beginning to the end , ad had fun . Nice and friendly people. The trainer was really professional and with lots of knowledge of ailment, nice closing mantra . Om ... good job guys..

Bertram Janositz

Great studio at the beach. There’s no better recovering from hot yoga than swimming in the sea followed by a cold fresh coconut.

Nancy Perin

Great studio offering Original 90 minutes Bikram practice!! All teachers are outstanding certified by BIKRAM!!!! Awesome energy in the studio where many inspiring students around the world committing to 30 days Challenge...

Tessa Harmse

Great experience! Studio is very clean and well managed. Amazing instructors – all Bikram certified. So worth it, will most definitely be back. Huge thank you to the Kata Hot Yoga team for making me feel so welcome.

Dean Basilio

Had an awesome time w George!! Great studio and great instructor George!! You will love it, new to yoga or experience yogees you will like it!!

Noma Sooyeol Kim

It was amazing time. Discover hotha yoga daily program. Thank you Mr. Govert take care my back pain. Next mission 30day program....

Darrel Erxleben

Great atmosphere, very friendly studio. Enjoyed all the teachers especially the last day when everyone came to practice. I will be back !

Ash Miller

The best studio!! Govert is supportive, keeps it hot, and keeps it no BS. Love teaching and practicing here...it’s my 2nd visit as a teacher!! Will definitely return thank u!!

Natalie Mazhindu

I started Bikram Yoga back in August 2017 to help manage my newly diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. I signed up for the 7 day health program at Kata Hot Yoga in March 2018 to have a bit of time out from the real world and try to further reduce some of my daily symptoms through Bikram yoga. The week I spent there was really worthwhile. It was nice to dedicate more time to Bikram yoga and general relaxation. Due to my condition, Govert was able to adjust some of the program to accommodate my limited mobility. All the teachers were very encouraging and enthusiastic. Each class was very dynamic and full of energy. I was really pleased that I even managed to complete 2 Bikram classes on 3 days out of 7! The studio is clean and the apartment above the studio is simple but also clean and has everything you need. Hopefully I will get the chance one day to go back and try the 30 day challenge! Thanks to the whole Kata Hot Yoga team :)

Jay Larimore

Professional organized and very well structured studio. Perfect heating system and a wide variety of instructors all Bikram certified. This is the real deal. Not your one hour simulated version of the original hot yoga designed for your convenience. This studio caters to every age, body type, beginner or someone who’s been practicing for many years. Struggle hard for 90 minutes or struggle hard for 90 years. See you in the hot room..

Kari Paatero

Absolutely best Bikram class I ever do!.... So nice staff and clean place..... Thanks for all of you...

Edith Beurskens

I did a 7 day health challenge at Kata Hot Yoga. We started in the morning with a silent walk at the beach, after we did a pilates workout. A good start of the day! Next to that I followed the yoga classes and learned a lot about the 26 different postures. During les the teacher gave me feedback to get the best out of al poses, this was really helpful. It was a real challenge, but getting more familiar with the poses everyday, made me feel stronger and happy. The fresh coconuts after class where a perfect way to cool down. This week inspired me to start living more healthy.

Robert Ferrer Borja

Today, I joined my wife, & this is my first Hot yoga lesson... and it was awesome! I sensed my body is out of shape after retiring from the US Army. I felt great & more relaxed after my first class. Nong made me feel very welcome and comfortable... she’s a great motivator and a teacher. And I know this will not be my last... thanks Kata Hot Yoga (Govert... you got me hooked....

Marc Bradley

I was first introduced to Bikram yoga at Kata Hot Yoga just before New Year 2011. It was my first experience with any type of yoga and my reason for visiting Kata Hot Yoga was definitely Yoga for Weight loss. Simply put: I was extremely fat! My first day was very hard, of course. Govert (the owner and primary teacher) was very supportive and told me to just keep coming to class even if I was sore the next day. I definitely succeeded in losing weight with Hot Yoga! When I look in the mirror I see a different person than when I first walked into the Kata Hot Yoga studio. And that gives me a lot more self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. I've attached a picture of myself BEFORE and AFTER Hot Yoga. I can stand inside ONE leg of my swimming trunks from just over a year ago! *** NOTE: I did NO OTHER FORM OF EXERCISE other than Bikram/Hot Yoga! Never went to the gym, went running or anything other than Hot Yoga! I changed my diet (basically stopped drinking and eating garbage) and went to my Hot Yoga classes daily. *** I'd like to thank the many Kata Hot Yoga teachers (all Bikram certified Hot Yoga instructors)! The Kata Hot Yoga family definitely deserves kudos for motivating me to do the best I can with the body I have: each and every day. I can definitely recommend Kata Hot Yoga to anyone willing to try to change the way they think about regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Kata Hot Yoga changed my life for the better. Try a class at Kata Hot Yoga and decide for yourself! Don't let misconceptions of what yoga "is" stop you from taking the chance to see for yourself. It's your body; it's your life.

Bernie Otten

Great practice for body and mind ... nice teachers and family like yoga school for beginners and pro ...

Eva Vogt

Hot Yoga is for me this year the highlight in Phuket. I am practising Hot Yoga the first time in my life, but thanks you, guys,especially Govert, Nong,Mauri and Marcela not the last one.Tomorow will be my 19 th lesson. Together with 9 days fasting it was a great experiment for me. To improve my Concentration, Balance,to Detox myself more and to work on my body, soul and spirit. I m really happy and glad to make such a wonderfull experience with me and you guys. Next year I´ll be back, sure. Thanks so much for your excellent company.

Jessica Lee

Best place in Phuket Do u wanna happy life ? Come to the kata hot yoga & Practice YOGA

Tori Kwan LingLing

Great place. Great instructors. :) I enjoy my 7 day Bikram Yoga Challenge.

Marsel Popov

Wonderful place with fantastic staff. Thank you Kata Hot Yoga!

Tina Bartlett

Made me feel welcome and very encouraged even though I was unable to do all of the poses the first time. I will be back while I am on my vacation!

Rachael Hugill

Just completed the 30 day challenge with Kata Hot Yoga. It's been an amazing journey of will power, determination and commitment, I couldn't have done it with out the support of all the team who encouraged me all the way. Thank you So much.

Ricardo Wehr

Perfect holiday place, great teachers , great beach. Loved it and miss it every day

Samantha Sinton

Finished our class and it was amazing. Great sweaty yoga class, support from the teacher was wonderful and it is a very friendly place. We are leaving Kata soon but in time we will pop back again and do a class☺�

Vicki Horton

After becoming addicted to Bikram yoga after one class with Govert, I signed up to the 30 day unlimited offer and spent a wonderful 4 weeks in the studios, practicing every morning. I was sad to leave the studios at the end of my holiday and have since returned to the UK where I have been lucky enough to join another yoga studios and I now practice on a regular basis. Govert and his team have a wonderful set up and are incredibly welcoming to new students. If you have never tried it, I can think of no better place than here to start!

Maarten Witlox

I had a great time on Katabeach following the health program of Govert. We started at 6.30 on the beach with a silent walk. After stretch exercises on the beach and a cup of tea I had my 90 minutes of Hot Yoga, followed by a fresh coconut. Next was a good swim in the beautiful beach and a great fruit salade. In the afternoon I got two ours of the best Thai massage. This whole program I did for almost one month. I came in with a long disease. Now I feel like rebuild/reborn. Super! Govert is such a active stimulating trainer/ coach, with a very personal touch, that it is a pleasure to work with him! I had a great time, with surprising results. My mind and body are as new again. I can recommend this to anyone. Thanks Govert and your whole team. Maarten

David Wilson

I travel to Phuket often and always visit Kata Yoga when I,m there. I have been to over half a dozen hot yoga studios in Australia and the U.S and Kata Yoga is my favorite. I,ve been practicing for over 4 years and no longer suffer from chronic back, neck, and wrist injuries for which I used to have regular chiropractic and physio treatment to relieve. Dave

kymba bartley

I started doing Bikram yoga as a way to supplement my triathlon training. My time in Kata with Govert (and Miranda) not only improved my yoga practice but it also made my vacation more fun. My friend and I would do a class in the morning and then feel energized for the rest of the day. Or, we would do a class at night after a long day exploring, and we'd rest well & wake up refreshed. I am going back to Thailand just to go to Kata Hot Yoga. It's like going to a first class spa retreat (something that would cost a fortune in the States) without the cost. In addition to coming back to California feeling stronger than ever, I made some great friends at Kata Yoga in Thailand.

Louie Helm

Kata Hot Yoga is the best... these people are my family! My body and mind benefit so much from hot yoga practice! I think clearer and have so much more awareness... plus it keeps me healthy and in great shape. My surfing injuries heal so much faster when I go to Kata Yoga and if I ever start to get a cold, I get better overnight when I go to yoga! I've never had as much energy or had such a full and rich life. It really can't be overstated how profound the difference is. I take all my friends to at least one class when they come to Phuket!

Gema Mehmet

Kata Hot Yoga is the best yoga that I have donE in the 8 years of doing Power and Astanga Yoga. Govert is the best teacher I have ever seen. It is inspirational. I want to come back and live in Phuket!! I will definately be back for somemore. The discs with the yoga recorded is nearly as good as being in the class. Miss you Kata Yoga

Catharine D

I do Bikram almost everyday in Bali and I visited Govert and his amazing studio last July for 3 weeks. I had only planned on staying a few days, but was so impressed with Govert and his his studio, his team, his cold coconuts for sale in the studio, his clean white, fresh smelling towels, and of course, his teaching. He is one of the best in the world, and he really helped me to mentally focus and lose weight while I was there. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, but make no mistake, Govert will take no less than 150% effort from you and he is in the best shape! Wow~! He and his team are kind, funny, dedicated and generous and will give you any sort of guidance or information you need to make your stay amazing. Govert became like a brother to me while I was there, and it was really hard for me to leave...I cannot wait to go back and visit and have Govert get me to give what I did not know I had to give again...Thank you Govert and his team!!!

Tony Lee

I found Kata Hot Yoga in January. It's a great way to get rid of some Christmas weight gain! Absolutely anyone can do it, it's great for anyone from beginners to expert. It helped me trim down, become more flexible, tone up, and my overall fitness improved too. It really does energise you and make you feel better in body and mind. Hot Yoga was a factor in me returning to Kata after leaving Phuket for a couple of weeks. I was looking forward to doing more classes and getting back into it. Govert and Dylan were both great teachers and really help to motivate you during the 90 minute class. I would highly reccommend giving it a go!

Ann Gilham

To do and succeed with something GOOD Not Easy! It takes discipline, devotion and time to achieve a healthy harmony of “body & mind” Through participating in the daily 90mins BikramYoga programme for 2 years. My body and mind are healthier. Physically, I feel and look in great shape, body firmer, more flexible. For me a truly great success story. It’s never to late.

Cory Oh

I tried yoga for the first time with Govert at Kata Yoga in January 2010. It was a great experience! I went every single morning for the entire month and completed the 30 day challenge successfully. It was hard at first, but Govert is a great teacher: always pushing yet always encouraging. With his careful instruction, I increased my flexibility, improved my balance and posture, and strengthened my back. I also cultivated my sense of willpower and concentration. The staff were always friendly and smiling. Every day! The facilities are also top-notch: a well-maintained studio with clean showers and a nice lounge area to enjoy fresh coconuts after an intense class! I hope to visit sometime soon. Miss you guys!

Hanne Gundelach

my life changed in a very nice direction March last year when I came across Kata Hot Yoga. I had never tryed yoga before but I loved it from the first class and last month I went back. What joy to see the same people still there. Smiling and full of energy. After Kata I flew to Kerala, India,to practice yoga for 2 weeks and when I returned to Denmark 3 days ago a hot yoga center had just opend near me- how lucky can one get? So tomorrow I will have my first lesson there,and I do hope they have the same expertise,energy and know-how you lovely guys at Kata Hot Yoga have! See you next year.

Sacha & Anutosh

We came from the island Ko Raya Yai to visit Phuket for a few days on our way home. We practised yoga daily, followed by swimming in the sea, our 13 year old daugther joined us. Govert teaches a great class, it inspired us to start doing Bikram yoga at home. -Think with the senses, feel with the mind- Sacha & Anutosh.


After having two babies in a row I was longing to get my body back in shape and some time for me. We already went to Kata last year as they where constructing the studio so I couldn't join then but this year I made sure before we went that I could go and practice at their Hot Yoga Studio. I tried hot yoga before so I was familiar with the concept and like the fact that you actually sweat with this style. I went every single day for the entire month and completed the 30 day challenge successfully. It was hard some days but as Govert is a great teacher he always gives a lot of energy, pushing you to challenge yourself and always encouraging you. I increased my flexibility, improved my balance and posture, and strengthened my back. I also cultivated my sense of willpower and concentration. Plus some weight loss! Their other teacher Dillon plus staff were always friendly and smiling. A great light, clean studio with nice smelling towels when "kissing" them and a nice lounge area to enjoy fresh coconuts after an intense class! I only wish I could come every year as this is something I highly recommend for everyone. Men, women, young, old, beginner or pro doesn't matter, everybody can join in! Hopefully see you soon. Namaste

Rob van Nieuwkerk

Nadat mijn vrouw in augustus 2009 was geweest, hebben we samen in mei 2010 een programma van 2 weken bij Govert doorlopen. Mijn kinderen waaren mee en we verbleven in het tegenovergelegen hotel Boathouse. Prima! Om enig idee te hebben van wat me te wachten stond heb ik in Nederland op voorhand al een stuk of 10 bikram yogalessen genomen en alhoewel ik een redelijk getrainde hardloper ben, moest ik toegeven dat bikram yoga een hele andere manier van work-out is. Zowel mentaal als fysiek is het zeer uitdagend. Het is overigens totaal niet zweverig. Als loper ben ik niet echt lenig en een behoorlijke Houten Klaas. Door de enthousiaste aanpak van Govert en zijn stimulerende lessen merkte ik in Thailand al snel progressie. Na een dag of 4 had ik het erg zwaar maar na een week kom je in een flow en gaat het steeds beter. In combinatie met de ochtendsessie op het strand met een stiltewandeling (erg moeilijk voor mij, want ik praat graag) en een pilates/buikspiersessie voelde ik me steeds sterker en lekkerder in mijn vel zitten. De yoga les was iedere ochtend van 8 tot 9.30 uur en daarna nam ik dagelijks een massage van 2 uur in de plaatselijke salon. Je kunt kiezen voor een milde massage of een Thaise massage waarbij alle knopen uit je spieren worden weggemasseerd. Ik koos voor het laatste en dat heb ik geweten. Masseuse Nok zag er zachtaardig uit, maar pas op: ze heeft me totaal gesloopt door inderdaad alle knopen uit elk spiertje weg te masseren. Ik wist niet dat ik er zoveel had. Het resultaat was wel dat ik in combinatie met de yoga veel soepeler ben geworden en weer rechtop ben gaan lopen. De kern waar alles voor mij om draaide in Thailand waren de dagelijkse hot yogaklassen. Dan is het erg fijn dat de yogaschool erg ruim, schoon en hygienisch is. Je krijgt elke les een schone mat en 2 frisse handdoeken. Daarbij komt dat Govert tijdens de lessen iedereen veel persoonlijke aandacht geeft en je stimuleert om door te gaan. Het is gewoon een erg prettige man. Veel bewondering heb ik ook voor de pionier-achtige manier waarop hij zijn hot yogaschool heeft opgericht en hoe hij zijn plaats heeft verworven tussen de locals. Ook heerlijk was de verse cocosmelk uit een cocosnoot die je aan het eind van de les kunt drinken in de wachtruimte. Na de les kon ik wel een tankwagen van dat spul op. Met grote dankbaarheid kijk ik terug op mijn verblijf in mei en dank Govert en zijn team dat ik dit heb kunnen doen. Ik wil zeker op herhaling!

sieun park

10 days with Kata hot yoga was, without a doubt, a highlight of my holiday. I loved hot yoga so much, I extended my stay at kata from 4days to 10 days to practice more. I'd like to thank to my wonderful teachers, Govert and Gordon and lovely staffs for all their helps. As I'm back in big city of Seoul, I miss Kata yoga so much. I never was a big yoga fan before as I thought yoga was not enough excercise for me. (I like tough sports like spinning or squash) But experience I had at the first class with hot yoga completely changed my perspective towards yoga. It's incredibly sweaty, tough and challenging yet so relaxing at the same time. At the beginning it was difficult to just 'staying' in the 40 degree room but after a while, I found myself so focused, physically and emotionally in complete peace. Even though it was only 10 days of pratice, I could feel so many benefits of hot yoga right away. I felt so energetic and happy, my back pain was improved, I started to feel that I wanted to do(and eat) right thing for my body. No more junk food or heavy drinking. I felt much toned, balanced and my skin became incredibly smooth, too! I can't thank Kata hot yoga enough for how they changed my life. It is a bless. My next step will be 30 days challenge and after then, I'd love to go back to Kata to do a 60 days challenge. Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality. Miss you all and look forward to going back for longer period!


nopoodle@gmIf i put all the bikhram yoga classes i have done together ,i guess it would be , maybe at most 80 .A month in london ,3 months in dublin ,10 days in sth africa ,15 days in galway and just last week 4 days in Kata yoga on Kata beach in Puket ,thailand .I am far far from being any sort of yoga expert but i can compare one place to the next and i write here to say..hand on heart that the four short days i had at Kata yoga(which is Bikhram yoga in all but name,a copyright thing,since resolved). The four classes i took were the best of any i have yet taken in any other place . The room is heated not by fans but something called radience heating,i don,t know how it works but the difference is astonishing and wonderful and makes for ,in my opinion ,a deeper and more complete practice . Three of the classes were taken by the owner who looks remarkably like a young laughing claude van damme,the action movie actor ,he teaches with energy and heartfelt attention that helps the class flow and breathe along and encourages you to do your best and yet feel watched over and guided. An american girl,fresh from Nepal ,took the last class and was every bit as attentive and confident and instructive in all the best ways. The room is bright and so so clean ,free of any sour smells ,the showers spotless and the lady who attends to the water and coconuts and towels and such ,who ,i suspect is secretly a yoga master ,is ever cheerful and the owners wife i advise you to put on sunglasses before saying hello for her smile will blind you. The classes were a revelation to me,the postures the same as ever but this radience heating as different as the leap from candle light to electric light ,amazing. A short walk down a lane and your on a long beach and in a clean ocean lying on your back wondering how you got so lucky to find a 90 minute guided mediatation thats in this beautiful place and in such caring and capable hands .

Jackie De Koning

Wow!!!! What an experience Kata Hot Yoga is! I discovered Bikram in February this year. I am 48 years old, have had 7 children and been devoted to exercise my whole life. Running, swimming, bike riding - you name it! Keeping my body in shape has always been my priority and I have never gotten as good results before I started Bikram! I practise in Melbourne, Australia in the Mornington Peninsular studio run by Jacqui Greenwood. She is an inspiring and talented teacher. When I told her I was traveling to Phuket she mentioned she had trained with Govert. Can you imagine my happiness when on the first day of my holiday I found the studio - RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOTEL!!! - I couldn't beleive it. Govert's studio is beautiful. Clean, bright and filled with enthusiastic people practising each day. Govert is a LEGEND INSTRUCTOR! Whatever Bikram did in that training intake he certaining produced some talented teachers. Govert is precise in his instruction and you feel like you are having personal instruction even though there could be 50 people in the studio. His teaching style is energetic, humourous and motivating. I left Kata Beach determined to book my next holiday - or as I have renamed Kata Beach - The perfect yoga retreat! Bikram everyday, beach and great food the rest of the time - OH and don't forget the fresh coconuts after every class. An icy cold coconut - top chopped off just for you! Put this studio on your MUST DO! list. A treat not to be missed.


We tried Kata hot yoga on our trip to Thailand. We loved it, it was very difficult to begin with but after awhile it became so much easier. We really did feel a difference in our energy throughout the day and also helped with joint pain. Overall, the experience was amazing. The staff at Kata Hot Yoga are so welcoming and very helpful. We plan on going back to Kata Hot yoga on our next trip to Phuket...hopefully soon.

Igor Gostev

Это прекрасное место для восстановления здоровья! Прекрасный мастер Говард и Нонг! Благодарю Вас мои дорогие друзья! Я потерял 30 килограмм веса, за 4,5 месяца! Рекомендую всем русским, даже если не знаете английского языка, идите к Говарду и занимайтесь йогой, там все поймете, это несложно! Вас там примут как родных, Говард и Нонг это очень хорошие и добрые люди!

Lisa Hudson

Day 1 and my first hot yoga session done! A great class with the fabulous & "freshest coconut" you could imagine! Looking forward to the next 12days!

Garry Kable

If you go to Phuket for a holiday, I recommend early morning yoga at kata hot yoga,the best way to start the day. Great teachers,meet like minded people from so many different countries and stay friends for ever.

Stephen Todd

Amazing people, made to feel so welcome and enjoyed every minute of the torture, Govert is a huge character who makes you laugh whilst pushing you to your limits

Krix Luther

Went here a few times, very good instructors & good place, ideal for absolute beginners like & elites Yogies alike.

Tina Bartlett-game

Made me feel welcome and very encouraged even though I was unable to do all of the poses the first time. I will be back while I am on my vacation!

Diego Andra

Govert and his crew are exceptional. Cleaner than any other hot yoga I ve been in three continents. Can't wait to go back!

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