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About Buddhist Meditation Center Mahamevnawa

Mahamevnawa Bhavana Monastery of New Jersey is a non-profit organization that was inaugurated in December 2007 in expectation of learning and distributing the Dhamma for anyone in New Jersey USA. We are a branch of Mahamevnwa Asapuwa in Sri Lanka and all activities are carried out by the venerable monks from Mahamevnawa. Monks of the Order of Mahamevnawa Bhavana Monastery strictly follow the ancient Buddhist monastic code.

About Mahamevnawa Moanastery

Mahamevnawa (pron. “Mahaa-maeu-nava” is Sinhalese for the Pali word “Mahamegha” which lit. means “great cleansing rain shower” and was the name of the royal park in ancient Sri Lanka where the first Buddhist monk upon arrival on the island of Sri Lanka delivered a discourse of the Buddha by reciting from memory and thus instructing the listeners in the teaching of the Buddha) Buddhist Monastery is an organization of Buddhist monasteries, of Sri Lankan origin established to benefit the spiritual development of human beings using the teachings of the Gautama Buddha. Its main monastery is in Polgahawela, Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka is home to 35 branches of the organization. Overseas branches are in Canada, USA, Australia, UK and Germany.

The founder and the chief Buddhist monk in charge of these monasteries is Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero, who is engaged in spreading Buddhism to both local and international communities, and in highlighting the aim of Buddhism: putting and end to Dukkha (suffering) or attaining Nibbana. Mahamevnawa is a reform movement and follows one simple yet profound ideal: to learn from the Buddha directly and put his very instructions into practice – a kind of Buddhist renaissance with the intention to discover the roots of Early Buddhism and to re-apply their timeless principles.

About New Jersey Branch

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Center of New Jersey Inc (MBMNJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the practice and teaching of Buddha Gotama known as Theravada Buddhism. MBMNJ is a New Jersey (US) branch of Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery of Sri Lanka.

It is our mission to advance the Buddha’s teachings of generosity, morality and meditation and to enhance the spiritual life of our members and the general public through cultivating friendship, compassion and wisdom. The services of this organization are open to any member of the public interested in learning and practicing Theravada Buddhism.

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