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About Serenity House Senoia Meditation

"We feel so passionate about our little place. We focused on rental offices for professionals in the Peachtree City and Senoia area. If you haven’t seen Serenity lately, or ever, we encourage you to contact us to take a tour. Or, if you’re enjoying downtown Senoia’s great restaurants or boutique shopping, please feel free to just walk over. You can rent one or more days per week or rent the space for the whole month. We offer a discount for a longer lease. Join us for a half-day retreat at the charming Serenity House in historic downtown Senoia, GA. Using the ancient and sacred practices of mindfulness and meditation, together we will embark on a journey of inner stillness, deep peace, gratitude, and self-compassion. Led by Mindfulness-based psychotherapist and meditation instructor, Kimberley Mapel

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Serenity House Senoia Meditation Reviews

5(7 reviews)

Justin Dean

We signed up our 10 year old a couple months ago. Gave him the choice of soccer again or martial arts, and he chose hapkido. It’s been wonderful. He’s learned a lot about respect, and patience and humility as well. He’s working hard every day towards his next belt. I’ve never seen him work harder for a goal.

Prashant Pathak

This is an awesome place for kids and adults alike. My son has been attending the classes here for more than a year now and we all love it.

Lenka Panakova Mohwish

My 12 year old son had been going to Choe's Hapkido for about 3 months now and we love it. Everybody there is very kid friendly and the environment is amazing. He has learnt a lot and is looking forward to his adventures.

Stacy Paarz Swiger

My son was looking for an activity that suited him. He tried several, but none seemed to be the right fit. About a month ago he started classes at Choe's Hapkido and we knew from the very first day that he was exactly where he belonged. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and inspiring. They are amazing with the kids, and I feel like my son learns something new in every class. They emphasize fitness, respect, focus, and a quest to be your best... all qualities that I try to instill in all of my kids. Thank you, Choe's Hapkido!

Mandar Bhome

Signed up my 8 year old daughter for the class almost a year back. She loved it from day one. The instructors are very professional, friendly and extremely patient with kids. My daughter is now on her Green belt and took first place in a recent karate tournament in her category. The regular lessons, taught in the class not only involve physical training, but are also geared towards making the child mentally strong. Kids learn setting goals and then work towards achieving them...

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