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Meditation Training Centre 5.0 (2 reviews)

East Bay Meditation Center

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East Bay Meditation Center: A diverse community sharing wisdom teachings and social engagement. The East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC) is an independent center located in downtown Oakland, at 285 17th...
Oakland California 610 Views
Bay Zen Center Image
Meditation Training Centre 0.0 (No review)

Bay Zen Center

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The Bay Zen Center offers a non-denominational approach to cultivating Zen mindful awareness and presence in the activities of daily life. It is open to beginner and experienced practitioners and peop...
Oakland California 381 Views
Yoga In Daily Life Bay Area Image
Yoga Retreat 5.0 (1 reviews)

Yoga In Daily Life Bay Area

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Oakland California 315 Views
Rockridge Meditation Community Image
Meditation Training Centre 0.0 (No review)
The Rockridge Meditation Community is the Oakland home of the Pacific Zen Institute. We offer a quiet and inviting space for meditation, Koan study and conversation.This is a meditation retreat for di...
Oakland California 314 Views
Won Buddhism Meditation Temple Of Image
Buddhist Meditation Centre 0.0 (No review)
Oakland California 306 Views
Solyogatrips United states Image
Yoga Training Centre 5.0 (1 reviews)

Solyogatrips United states

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Solyoga creates yoga inspired adventures around the world for the young at heart. We work with incredible teachers; we travel to magical places; we seek authentic adventures; we give back to the commu...
Oakland California 271 Views
Rachel Simone Wilkins Image
Yoga Teacher Training Center 0.0 (No review)

Rachel Simone Wilkins

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For me, yoga is a celebration of the cosmic, creative pulse that connects and moves us all. My personal practice and public offerings weave together intuitive movement, somatic awareness, spontaneous...
Oakland California 20 Views
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