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My name is Allison Rissel and I’m on a mission to make you happy by making you healthy. I believe that you deserve to live a pain-free and healthy life; and to feel supported by a like-minded community. Whether through my yoga teacher training programs or my signature health and nutrition program, I’m passionate about helping motivated people like you achieve more time and money freedom and make a bigger impact in your community…all while feeling supported, inspired and held accountable by a team of people on similar paths. My Story My journey to become a health, fitness & yoga trainer became clear when I was 20 and taught group fitness classes at my local gym. I was so inspired by my clients’ successes: their energy levels improved, they stopped “hating” the gym, they started waking up earlier and being more productive during the day, they picked up new hobbies and even got promotions at work. And every single one of them told me that exercise & fitness is what helped make them happy. My own discovery of the happiness/healthiness link came about while I was taking a Bikram yoga class in Austin, TX. I’ve always been physically active, but yoga spoke to my heart in a new way. In just a few short months, yoga helped fix my runner’s knee injury, reduced my blood pressure and lowered my stress. It also inspired me to change my nutrition and I began to focus on simple daily nutrition habits - making sure I was always fully hydrated, eating lots of fruits & vegetables and visiting the grocery store. I slowly started running & lifting weights again. By blending yoga, running & weights with great nutrition, my runs became easier, I started lifting heavier weights and I was able to continue with my high intensity workouts while my body through the power of yoga. I felt AMAZING and began to shift my approach with my clients to focus on healthy habits & nutrition in combination with yoga & fitness. Over time, my clients began to report feeling less stressed about what to cook around dinnertime and they began to ENJOY eating healthy foods!!! I knew that these healthy habits, combined with an appropriate fitness or yoga regimen, were the key to health. I firmly believe that health isn’t rocket science. It simply involves finding your favorite workout—whether it’s kayaking, running, yoga or hiking, and combining it with easy daily habits. Why Choose Me as Your Yoga Teacher? I’m an Extroverted Optimist! I absolutely LOVE being around people. I enjoy communicating with my clients and listening to their stories of happiness, stress, love & desires. I enjoy using my optimistic personality to remove barriers for my clients and turn negatives into positives to help guide them toward success. My Approach Focuses on the Physical. Once we are healthy, tension-free and can “forget” our bodies, then we can work toward enlightenment. That’s why I focus on the physical, because that’s where it all begins. I have a vast knowledge of human anatomy that I love to spread to my clients, both entrepreneurs and yoga teachers alike, to help them understand the beauty & wonder of their bodies. I’m a Natural-Born Teacher I taught undergraduate exercise physiology & personal training courses at Texas State University. I am patient, a good listener and I enjoy explaining the why & how of yoga, health & fitness. I can easily break-down and relate complicated scientific principles to my clients. For a full list of my certifications and publication references see below. Picture My Experience Formal Education Bachelor’s of Education in Physical Education with a Chemistry Minor Master’s of Education in Exercise Science Thesis: The Effects of Bikram Yoga on Cardiopulmonary Parameters and Psychological Constructs Current Certifications Yoga Alliance 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach (Pn1) AFAA Group Fitness Certification CPR & AED Peer Reviewed Articles Rissel AA, Miller BK, Lloyd LK & Williams JS. Hot, sweaty & satisfied: Effects of Bikram yoga on psychological well-being. Journal of Behavioral Health. Abel AN, Lloyd LK, Williams JS & Miller BK. (2012). Physiological Characteristics of Long-Term Bikram Yoga Practitioners. Journal of Exercise Physiology online, 15(5): 32-39. Abel AN, Lloyd LK & Williams JS. (2013). The Effects of Regular Yoga Practice on Pulmonary Function in Healthy Individuals: A Literature Review. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Med, 19(3): 185-190. Previous Speaking Engagements ?I love speaking to, and inspiring, groups of all sizes! I’ve given hundreds of lectures while teaching at Texas State University, and below are just some of the special topics I’ve covered. Women’s Health- Tips for Staying Healthy in Today’s Busy Society- Williston Women’s Network Cardiorespiratory Testing; maximal and submaximal tests- Texas State University Physical Therapy Department New Year! New You! Successfully achieving and sticking to your New Year’s resolutions!- Texas State University Professional Development The physiological benefits of walking- Texas State University Professional Development Nutrition for Athletes. What to eat before, during and after competition - Texas State University Exercise Science Department Available Jobs in the Fitness Industry - Texas State University Exercise Science Department An Introduction to Yoga - Texas State University Residence Halls Family Fitness – Texas State University Professional Development Relaxation Techniques for College Students- Texas State University Residence Halls Last but not least, I’d like to share a little bit about who I am outside of my business. I am an outdoor enthusiast and I love hiking, running, swimming or just sitting outside in the sun. I love spending time with my 6’4” husband Sean, whom I met in college. Together, we enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I can’t live without my girl friends who always make me laugh and bring so much fun into my life. I am slightly addicted to Audible and I enjoy listening to action-packed fantasy books. O yeah, and I say ya’ll all the time. I feel blessed every day because my health allows me to travel, meet new people, inspire others and run a successful business. If you want to experience similar blessings in your life, I want you to visit me over at my Work with Me page or my Yoga Teacher Training page right now. Once you’ve decided on which program is the best fit, contact me to discuss how we can get started! I can’t wait to inspire & teach you how to live a happier & healthier life!