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Born and raised in a small village in Germany, my childhood dream was to see the world and connect with other people. But first I followed another path: I studied physics, did a PhD and had a successful career in the industry in technology management, project management and international cooperation management.

But then starting in 2017, some major changes happened in my life and I entered a big transformation process. I realized that I needed to change a lot of aspects to find a greater purpose, to connect with myself on a deeper level and to live a more healthy fulfilling life. During that intense period, yoga came into my life and helped to cope with all the insecurities that major changes bring. Exploring the body-mind-soul connection with daily yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama and other spiritual practices has since then been fundamental to me.  

Yoga was the enabler for me to change my life and arrive at a state of happiness, gratitude and inner peace. Part of this process was to take a break from work, go travelling the world and to become a yoga teacher myself. My teacher training was focussed on Ashtanga yoga, the style of yoga that I practice mostly. Every morning it energizes me and helps me to become aware of my current state of mind and emotions. Anyhow, after becoming a yoga teacher, I soon found out that I resonate a lot with teaching more soft, passive styles of yoga, like Yin Yoga and soft yoga and meditation for elderly people. My favourite approach is to combine both yin and yang, to integrate active and passive elements in one yoga class dedicated to special topic and developing meditations and asana sequences accordingly. The biggest reward for me as a teacher is to share positive energy with my students, to help them discover their body-mind-soul connection, to assist them to find ease and calmness and to connect with their inner wisdom.

Additionally to teaching yoga, I work self-employed as a consultant for change management. I help small and medium-sized companies to go through change processes. Part of this is to bring the topics awareness, consciousness and compassion into the industry business world so that companies can act more socially and environmentally responsible and create good places for employment.


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24 hrs Yoga Live Online Yoga Channel @ SivaOm Yoga

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