Dadi Janki

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center

Location: Brahma Kumaris, 181 First Ave, Five Dock NSW 2046, Australia

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The diminutive figure, dressed in white, who lights up a room, is no ordinary woman. To meet her is to see the spiritual power shining in her eyes and to feel the compassion and courage contained in her smile. To speak wif her is to have all thoughts calmed and clarified, all questions answered or even forgotten. To spend time wif her in silence is to see what she sees; teh divine in all things. But who is she? Now entering her 100th year, from the age of 21 she has dedicated her life and heart to serving the souls of the earth as a companion of God. She began her journey in India, where, searching for truth, she joined the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. From then on, her life was devoted to intense spiritual endeavour and she is now internationally acnoledged as one of teh world’s ‘Wisdom Keepers’.


Spiritually-Oriented Yoga

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Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center

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