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About Daniel Dittmar

Daniel first came across the integration of Pilates with physiotherapy 15 years ago when he was living in Australia. He immediately realised the huge potential and great benefits this method could have on fitness enthusiasts, people undergoing rehabilitation and even elite sportsmen and women. Since then, he has been teaching Pilates and personal training for over 15 years in 6 countries, including the world's top destination spa, Chiva-Som in Thailand. This experience, combined with his Bachelor's in Applied Science (Human Movement Studies), has given him broad exposure to the health and fitness industry. His wide ranging exposure to various fitness training methods convinced him of the impact Pilates can have on a person's life. Thus, Daniel decided to concentrate on teaching and developing Pilates for fitness and rehabilitation. He lives in Singapore and currently owns and runs 2 of the largest integrated physiotherapy and Pilates centres in Asia.

Daniel shares "I strongly believe that our bodies have an inherent ability to heal itself and perform at peak levels without injuries, given the right environment, care and commitment.



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