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Dr. Radheshyam Mishra

Dr. Radheshyam Mishra


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Dr. Radheshyam Mishra, Founder Director of YogaLife Global (formerly known as Ujjain Yoga Life Society or UYLS) is admired for his notable contribution in teaching Traditional Classical Yoga across the world since 1993. He has a teaching experience with half a million people in more than 51 countries.

A man with profound inclination to serve mankind and humanity, at the age of 14 years, started his voyage and went to various places and Gurus in search of a true path in life. He has spent his initial years studying various traditions & cultures of India from various renowned Masters – classical music Tabla & Flute from Pt. Lalit Mahant, Pt Malhar Rao Kulkurni, Indian Ritual Traditions Karmakand from Pt Jagdeesh C Bhatt, Astrology and Ayurveda from Kesharimal Vaidya and Tantra traditions from Umesh Bhatt.

At a young age, Dr. Mishra realised that, he is suffering from asthma but his immaturity and ignorance never made him vigilant about the condition until it developed into a chronic disease in a decade time. As he turned 23, doctors claimed ‘he can’t be cured and is not going to survive more than 3 months’. He became very upset and helpless, losing hope for life day by day… that’s when Pundit Ji had a miraculous experience.  A Hindu Sanyasi (Monk) entered into his life introducing himself as Brahmachari Krishna Chaitanya. Looking at the grievous condition, he urged Pundit Ji to perform yoga under his guidance and his life would be rescued. In that anxious and depressed situation, he followed whatever tough training was given by the Brahmachari and within 6 weeks of Hatha yoga training, he realised that he is essentially out of the symptoms of Asthma. His body weight reached to 54kgs from 48kgs and now he is able to eat perfectly, work effectively and was so intrigued to learn everything about yoga, and unexpectedly the monk mentioned that he has to depart and will return soon. Although, he never did arrive back nor was he found again till date.

His systematic training in the science of Yoga started in 1993 at The Yoga Institute, Santacruz Mumbai under the guidance of his true guru, a living Yogi Dr Jayadeva Yogendra and his soulmate Dr Hansa Ji Yogendra. Pundit Ji completed his graduation in 1994 and processed to conduct Yoga training for various groups around the globe. He taught Yoga in many schools, hospitals, Police groups along with conducting workshops for the corporate world & trained many executives of renowned multinational companies.

Through his unending soul-searching quest, he then decided to devote his entire life to promote  Yoga in India and around the world and soon became a renowned International Yoga Guru. With a greater vision to uplift the society and to nurture its great potential in the field of Yoga, he established “YogaLife Global” in 1996 and has since traveled around the globe teaching, sharing and expediting his knowledge in the field of Yoga and holistic health. He has conducts teachers training programs and has established over 240 centers around the world.

Pundit Ji (Dr. Radheshyam Mishra) always desires of giving back to the society what he has received from his extraordinary Gurus of great lineage of Yoga and thus made remarkable contributions for the world by authoring six books on Yoga; released a world popular video DVD “24 Minutes Yoga for 24 Hours of Energy” along with an audio CD on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras known as “Pantanjal Yoga Darshanam”, making the great philosophy of Yoga easy for a layman to understand.

Additionally, he has been honoured with many awards and recognition from the Government of India. He has also been a member of Yoga expert committee for Yoga in Higher Education, nominated by Minister of Human Resource & Development for making policies and syllabus of Yoga in Universities & Colleges in India. He was also awarded with Ph D in Vedik Yoga from Y S University, Florida, USA

Possible to contact him directly by email – [email protected]


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