Eleonora Tiberi

Preksha Yoga Teacher Training Mandrem, Goa

Location: Junaswada, Mandrem, Goa 403527, India

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Eleonora is a teacher of yoga and meditation based in Goa. She is a dedicated Vipassana meditator for many years, a passionate Breather and Ecstatic Dancer.
She got into meditation in 2010 in London then made landfall on the wide territory of yoga where she has grounded herself by the practices of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow and Yin.
She studied Life And Business Coaching at The Coaching Academy in London, where she lived for many years, then Counselling at The Gestalt Centre in London, in 2014.
She does teach Traditional Hatha, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Mindfulness theory and practice, yoga foundations and philosophy, coscious marketing for yoga teachers.
Eleonora’s teachings are embedded in the rich soil of yoga, tantraand mindfulness. These are an embodied and encompassing approach to vibrant connected living.
You will experience her signature style Prana Body Flow which she describes as ‘a Tantra-infused dynamic practice of yoga that combines mindfulness, mudras and pranayama techniques. This particular meditative process of dynamic yoga invites thefullness of every experience to be led by the Heart/Tantra so that we open to the flow of the universe, trust our instincts and inner intelligence, embrace ritual and bow to the mystic love that moves us creating the ground (aum) for alchemical transformation’.
Eleonora shared yoga and meditation in creative communities based in North/East London where she lived in between 2010 and 2017.
In particular, she has studied and delivered some of the meditation practices from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, such as Metta Bhavana that focuses on self-love, self-awareness, loving and forgiveness, and also Mindfulness and Breathing that helped billion of people to heal from many depression and stress-related issues.
In 2014, she became a meditation facilitator at LBC, London Buddhist Centre, in the heart of East London.
Eleonora’s first YTTC was in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2015. In 2016 she offered yoga classes at Ourmala - Free Yoga for Refugee and Asylum-seeking women in the UK.
In 2018, she has undertaken a 200H Multi-style YTTC in Goa, where she lives and teaches nowadays.
In 2019, she has undertaken a 300H Multi-Style and Yin YTTC in Goa where she teaches and lives nowadays.
She has also taught in Auroville (Tamil Nadu) and Rishikesh.


Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Philosophy, Vinyasa Flow Yoga

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Preksha Yoga Teacher Training Mandrem, Goa


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