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Evangelos Syrigos, owner of Ananda Yoga & Detox Center, was born in the picturesque resort town of Lavrio, Greece in 1968. In Greece, he had several successful businesses; teacher and owner of a computer school for children and unemployed adults and a director of stock brokerage office.
Despite his financial success at age 35, Evangelos started to wonder if there is more to life than financial rewards. Poor health contributed to his inner turmoil as well. More specifically, doctors in Greece advised Evangelos that the only way to heal his back was through surgery. Driven by thirst to find something of higher value, Evangelos took a journey to holy mountain, Athos in 2003.
Later on, a path of exploration led him to Thailand. When he arrived at Koh Phangan he felt at home. Evangelos returned to Greece with an idea in his mind to return to Thailand for good.
In 2004, during his second visit at Koh Phangan, Evangelos stayed at Thai Temple with monks and meditated. This was a time of emotional turmoil for Evangelos. He felt emotionally drained and physically weak. At some point he could not stand up as his back was locked and in pain. He received a healing massage from a monk. He was amazed how this helped him without medication or surgery, which was advised to him back in Greece. This experience gave him new hope for different methods of healing. This also helped him to understand his emotions, accept himself and made him feel stronger to start over again.
In Koh Phangan, Evangelos discovered yoga. After one month of yoga, Evangelos realized that the teachings of yoga were important to his life. He felt connected to the people he met and felt inspired by the teachers which would inspire him to move to Thailand.
Nonetheless, the decision to move was not that simple. Evangelos returned to Greece to volunteer for the Olympics. This was a time of confusion, as one side of him wanted to explore a new path in Koh Phangan, and the other side wanted to stay safe in familiar Greece. In the beginning of 2005, Evangelos arrived in Koh Phangan with no return ticket.
By this time, there were more people moving to the island after a tsunami, making it more difficult to find land for a resort. After a long search for available land, Evangelos’ destiny changed. He was able to find land, make a deal, sign papers and put down the deposit all in one day! He knew he was meant to be here! He started to build Ananda Yoga & Detox Center.
During this time, Evangelos practiced yoga and body purification methods. His back was getting stronger, he was becoming happier and more fulfilled. Evangelos knew that he was on the right path, despite all of the challenges while building the resort.
In January 2006, Ananda Yoga & Detox Center was completed with accommodation, a restaurant with healthy meals, a swimming pool, sauna and yoga studio. His struggles were rewarded when the government constructed a paved road and the local people came to realize the benefits of employment and business expanded as a result of Ananda.


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