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Lukas' aptitude for energy healing modalities manifested in his childhood. At the tender age of 8 he was trained in Reiki healing by his mother - a yoga teacher and energy healer. Having practiced many forms of martial arts with focus on internal styles like Tai Chi has helped to further develop his abilities. However his spiritual journey started in earnest 6 years ago when he experienced a powerful week long state of Samadhi. Needless to say the memory of this event has driven his life ever since.
Lukas is sharing his healing passion by offering Chi Nei Tsang treatments. Chi Nei Tsang literally means "working with the energy of the internal organs".
It's an ancient Toasit system of abdominal massage utilizing Chi energy, detoxifying and rejuvenating the internal organs. Apart from that CNT treatments relieve suppressed emotions and energetic blockages thus being capable of producing profound transformational results. CNT is particularly useful for people undergoing various detox programs.


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Orion Healing Yoga Centre

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