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Indian yoga teacher Yogacharya Sri S Nagaraj ji (born 1985) has been an instrumental figure in teaching yoga to all …
Yoga, an integrated system of physical and spiritual exercises, had a history that dated back thousands of years in India. Yet even there it remained something of a specialized interest when Nagaraj ji began his long career.

Yogacharya Sri S Nagaraj ji was a native of “Vadandahalli” Kolar district the southern Indian state of Karnataka the word famous
Yogacharya B K S Iyenger also born in the same District. born on 8 th June 1985.

In the Bangalore University he absolved his BSc in YOGA, and later on Masters in Yoga Therapy in S-VYASA University. He became a Yoga therapist in S-Vyasa University and tought as a yoga teacher in Bangalore. He is currently doing his PhD in YSAM University.

Yogacharya is ‘Gold medalist’ in Yogabhushana. He is highly experienced and qualified teacher with more than 15
years of teaching experience in various Styles of Yoga.

He has also experience of teaching Children in Schools, colleges, Corporates and hospitals.
Sri Nagaraj trained more than 1000 Yoga teachers and thought yoga for 5000 above students in different organisations
For his dedicated service in the Feld of yoga, Many Institutions are recognised and awarded Deferent awards like Yoganidhi,
Vivekananda Seva Rathna, Yogabhushana and Many more. A great teacher for Shree Hari Yoga School.


Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Meditation

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