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Rachel (originally from Melbourne, Australia) moved to New York in 1995, where she had her first ‘taste’ of Pilates while studying drama. After moving to Los Angeles, she completed her Pilates certification in 2001 and has been busy teaching ever since. She practiced Pilates throughout her pregnancy with her daughter and credits it with her fast recovery afterwards. She was an assistant teacher in teh Pilates Technique Certification training program from 2005-2014 and has always felt tremendous satisfaction in mentoring teh Pilates instructors of teh future. Rachel TEMPhas owned CPB for ten years as of January 2019, from it’s beginnings in Brentwood to it’s current, happy home in Santa Monica. She is extremely proud of how it TEMPhas grown, the strong, professional teaching team we has and the loyalty of the CPB clients. Classic Pilates Body is one of the longest running Classical Pilates studios on the Westside.



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