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Being a multi-passionate person with lots of interests, I’ve tried many things on my journey to finding what lights me up. But that meant that I had to battle with society telling me to ‘find one thing you’re good at and stick to it’. I risked others perceiving me as being flakey, when in fact I was hardworking and motivated, just passionate about different things. I knew that I had something to give the world and a message to share with people, I just wasn't sure what that was.    
My creative side fell in love with dance as a child, and later explored the professional dance world, trained to be a dance teacher and performed and taught all over London.
My academic side studied economics at university, and had a brief stint working in management consulting for one of the big 4 professional services firms.
The side of me that wanted to help others and give back trained to be a primary school teacher and taught in London schools.
The entrepreneurial side wanted to use my creative passion and set up a dance events company, providing services for events and parties all over the UK.  
That was all before the age of 27/28. I know, it’s a lot of seemingly random experiences, but in fact, they are all representative of the different parts of me. They could be four separate people, but they are all me. I disliked the idea of having to try and fit myself into a box to conform to society's expectations. I wanted to honour all of me… but it was still hard to ‘find one thing’ that did the job. 
I continued exploring, and developed a big passion for health and wellness, which is where my yoga journey began.
My yoga practice opened up a whole new level of awareness. What started as a physical practice to compliment my dance training, soon progressed into something much deeper. It became about finding full acceptance for myself, learning what true self-love really means, and developing my understanding that this present moment is all we ever have. Life is now, and only ever now... so stop waiting your whole life to start living! 
Around the same time as coming out of an 11 year relationship, I went to India to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Sampoorna Yoga. That was an extremely transformative time, and the true start of my spiritual journey. The pain I experienced at the end of that relationship was harder than anything I’d ever been through, and combined with the yoga philosophy I learnt in India, it fuelled my personal growth like never before. I realised that I had spent so long exploring the career stuff, the external… and not enough time exploring my inner landscape. The self-love, growth and healing that I experienced brought me back home to myself like I could have never imagined. A true homecoming: everything had changed, and yet I felt more like me than ever before.
With my first training in vinyasa and ashtanga, I wanted to continue to learn as much as possible and completed a further 400 hours of training in Thailand and London (upon writing this I have around 600 hours in total, more soon I'm sure!). With The Yoga People I broadened my knowledge of different yoga styles, training in yin, mandala, rocket, yogic arts and tripsichore. Combined with my dance background, having training in such a broad range of styles has helped me to develop a creative, playful, flowing vinyasa style that is about moving in a way that feels good and exploring what the body can do.
And finally… on to the coaching. Something I had been called to for a while, and after my deep inner growth and transformation I knew I wanted to be able to help other women do the same. To develop deep levels of self-love so that we truly believe we're worthy and deserving of greatness. To realise that we have all the answers we need inside ourselves. To realise that we are capable of creating any life we choose. To understand that we have the choice, in our darkest moments, to turn our pain into our greatest power. To connect back to our authentic selves so that we can live a life that feels true to us. I trained with Animas Coaching as a Transformational Life Coach, and embarked on a journey to help others through their own journeys.
In embracing being a multi-passionate person, I’ve learnt to honour myself and the way I work, rather than resisting and ‘sticking to one thing’ because I was told I should. I’ve learnt that we need to just lean in and see what unfolds for us. There may not be just one big passion, but a combination of things that light us up. Following the tiny sparks of interest that we have in things and seeing where they lead is the best way to live authentically.

So now, that's my mission. To inspire and empower other women to step into their most authentic selves, to develop deep levels of self-love, and to live a life that lights them up.
Come join me for the journey!

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