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One day I woke up with the deepest love for myself. I used to feel love for the world, but what I experienced that morning cannot be described in words. It is as if I’m in a state close to orgasm all the time, especially when I close my eyes and concentrate a little. Since then, interesting things and some changes began to happen, new sensations appear, with which I am learning to live anew. Immediately changed the diet, now I eat only raw fruits and vegetables. It all happens without an idea, it just feels like my body. I discovered that for people near me the Ego disappears, thoughts disappear and Awakening occurs. Then he learned to see and remove the Ego from people, just concentrating and observing. I saw from within the essence of the life of people - a simple and understandable vision of all life, where a person is a receptor of life for living feelings and sensations. This vision completes all spiritual searches and explains them. He developed his own meditation techniques, as part of the program for awakening people in 3-6 days. In Russia, he was the director of the reserve where he built a yoga hotel. Later he founded the LaBudhi Meditation retreat center in Thailand, where people from all over the world come to take their ego. Now I just do not live for myself, I help people to wake up, removing the Ego.

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