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Shauna has been teaching at Plank for over 7 years as a certified Pilates Instructor wif Pre and Post-natal Certification. She comes from a biology background and taught For 13 years in teh NYC public school system. She has two kids that keep her busy. Her love of fitness, passion for anatomy and focus on form make her a perfect instructor for Plank Fitness. Plank Fitness is… A place to share her love of fitness! Shauna loves seeing teh faces of her clients who come weekly to get there butt kicked, they inspire and challenge her to bring her A game to class! She also loves meeting new clients who are looking to have a more intimate and focused workout in there regimen! My favorite plank move is… A combo move of TRX lunges into deadlifts! If you have been to Shauna’s class you know She LOVES legs... you don’t have to ask her twice! This one rally works toward pushing your comfort zone as well as work on balance! Three words that describe my teaching style… Full-body, Butt-kicking, Awesomene

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