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Yogi Sidharth, was born and brought up in Eastern state of India, Odisha in 1989. His both parents are very spiritual. They make him how to leave a spiritual lifestyle. He learn first time yoga from her mother because we leave such culture which is part of yoga.then Initially, he worked as a graduate in telecommunications. In 2008, he began practising various forms of yoga. It was then he decided that he would take this as his profession and thus, in 2010 and got his Yoga Alliance Hatha teacher training certification.

In 2012, he went to Mysore to his Ashtanga teacher training certification. As an instructor, Sidharth realizes that he has a moral obligation as a yoga instructor, to empower students not only through movement for the class but also in crafting the themes that students can live and breathe into every day life.

His teachings for the students carry far off the mat. His energy can lift you up and can make you feel at ease. The best gift he gives to the students in each moment of the class is that he creates a lively atmosphere and a breathing art. The stuff that makes the yoga come alive in his classroom, as well as after, is the ecstasy of students seeing the teaching readily apparent in their lives.

The best way to describe his movements: slow, methodical and precise. When you take something seen as complex and break it down and make it accessible, yet doing so in a way that's 100% unique and authentic to you, we'll that's pretty amazing and that's what he does. His unique emphasis on precise anatomical alignments and attention to minute details are interwoven with the philosophical roots of yoga.


Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Alignment-Oriented Yoga

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