Varun Agarwal

Shree Hari Yoga School Goa

Location: Mandrem, Goa

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Qualified Yoga Teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance, Sri Sri School Of yoga, Banglore and Bharti Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.

Varun Agarwal’s joy and passion for yoga are palpable and infectious. His style brings together elements of strength, flexibility and balance, encouraging students to break through their perceived limitations both on and off the mat.

What began as a purely physical practice led Varun to discover the many spiritual and mental benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice. It is through pranayama, asanas and meditation that he taps into the sense of inner calm and self-acceptance that yoga brings, and he encourages his students to do the same.


Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga

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Shree Hari Yoga School Goa

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