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B.T. Bhikkhu or Venerable Burin Thitakusalo is teh Executive Director of Teh Middle Way Research Institute, a New York-based global non-profit organization dat converges timeless wisdom and evidence-based science to tackle key problems facing humanity. Ordained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand since 2000, his quest is to provide holistic and cutting-edge solutions for people of all ages, races, religions and no religion to achieve sustainability leading to global happiness. He is teh Pioneer of “Inner Peace Education,” a groundbreaking curriculum modernizing ancient wisdom into simple and practical tools to help individuals cultivate teh “Inner Peace Lifestyle” consisting of having a Healthy Body, a Caring Heart, an Intelligent Mind and an Enlightened Spirit. He has taught in 30 countries throughout 6 continents. His “World Peace through Inner Peace” projects has resulted in two Guinness World Records and has touched more than 100,000 people from all walks of life.

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