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Yann is an anatomy and physiology expert who teaches students all they need to know about the human body. His diverse and extensive background, complimented with a keen desire to share his knowledge and expertise, allows students to learn everything they need to know about yoga anatomy and beyond.
Starting off with a Bachelor in Nursing at Caen’s University France, he started his career in Europe’s largest hospital, La Pitié Salpetrière in Paris. Here he was mentored in Cardiac and Thoracic surgery by two of the best heart surgeons, Professor Christian Cabrol and Professor Iradj Gandjbaksh (together they conducted the very first European heart transplantation!).
Broadening his skills in highly technical units such as Medical Intensive Care Units, Yann was treating people in a life-threatening and critical state, whilst also assisting people with various cancers (including lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia) and collaborating with the French blood bank and transplanting bone marrow and stem cells in Haematology. Yann then worked in Traumatology and Orthopedic surgery under the teaching of Professor Christophe Hulet allowing him to deepen his knowledge and understanding about the musculoskeletal system to the next level!
Yann has been working in Australia, New Caledonia and several countries in Africa (including South Africa, Gabon, Angola, Chad and Mali) where he was working independently as an Intensive/ Advanced Care Paramedic in extremely remote locations.
During the West African Ebola outbreak in 2014, Yann was based in West Mali at the border with Guinea and Senegal. He was heavily involved in the medical management of the refugees (fleeing the Ebola infected areas) and collaborating and reporting to the World Health Organisation, the Red Cross, Doctors without borders and International SOS.
Since his early years, Yann was very drawn to sports. He turned to track & field when he was a teenager and won several regional and national titles in various disciplines such as Decathlon, 110m hurdles and long jump. Achieving title as a high level athlete, he was very quickly involved in the training and coaching of others.
Yann’s extremely diverse professional experience, personal interests and advanced medical trainings, have allowed him to broaden his skills and knowledge in many different fields of medical expertise. He thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge, experience and stories with his students. Speaking from real life experience, this enriches his overall teachings and lectures and allows his classes to be easily understood, absorbed and relateable!
With a keen desire to share his knowledge and expertise, to help others to learn everything they need to learn about the body and how to save lives too, Yann has joined the American Heart Association ‘Instructors Team’ to facilitate International First Aid Training courses and educate others on correct CPR and First Aid knowledge and skills. He is excited to be able to present his graduates with this globally-recognised qualification, suitable for all yoga teachers, and any other teacher, parent or professional who wishes to benefit from life-saving skills.


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