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Centro De Yoga Iyengar De

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Here is the schedule of regular classes during the course . 2016/17 started with classes on September 13th . With all kinds of afternoon classes th...

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Earth Yoga Center

Earth Yoga is a center for yoga, dance, theatre, and music with studios in the heart of Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca and another at Portals.CREATIVITY BASED ON KNOWLEDGE We are passionate abou...

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Yoga Center

School 3s Lanzarote

3S School is a surfing school, Stand up Paddle and Yoga at the first and most popular resort of the island, Puerto del Carmen. 3S School is born to offer a meeting point for all people staying in...

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Yoga Con Gracia

Who are we

Gracefully Yoga is a yoga workshop open to all neighborhood. A workshop to share our passion and dedication to yoga with all who live or work in Gracia (and those of oth...

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Masajes Yoga And Pilates

Massage Ibiza offers a home delivery service of Therapeutic Massage to any point of the island, private houses, boats, hotels, beaches ... Our goal is to provide high quality massage according to t...

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Yoga Center

Yoga Sutra Shala

Here at Yoga Sutra Shala we aim to provide you with excellence at every level during your yoga retreat stay as well as providing you with the feeling of being at home. Both your teachers have trave...

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