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Shri Yoga is Brisbane’s home for yoga and meditation education, well-being and personal development. We offer non-heated alignment-based classes, which means you’ll learn HOW to do yoga rather than copying someone doing poses at the front of the room. Our classes range from challenging and playful to quiet and meditative. All levels of experience will find something here, from beginners through to teacher training.

Our CBD studio is an inner-city sanctuary, the yoga is top-quality and the vibe is playful and inclusive.

Born from a desire to create a hub for positive change, and with a mission to share the beauty of this ancient practice in a way that is relevant to modern life, Shri offers a new paradigm for Yoga.

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Shri Yoga Brisbane Australia
Julie Smerdon is a writer, storyteller, international yoga teacher and perennial student who has been sharing yoga, meditation and inspiration since 2002. Privileged to have studied under master teachers in both yoga and meditation, Julie offers these practices as a means to empower, connect and inspire people to cultivate a richer, more conscious experience of life. With her trademark warm humour and enthusiasm, Julie presents these concepts in a masterful style that blends strong technique with perceptive insights that ignite the soul. Julie... read more..

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4(20 reviews)

Jovie Marie

I've not gotten around to rating Shri ~ as life has changed so unbelievably since going... And I wonder sometimes how much if it may be due to starting what has already been an incredible journey within Shri's warm studio in just the last 2 months. Life-changing moments, new friends made, easing the loss of an old tribe. New beginnings happening every where, and Shri was just the start. Thank you Julie, and Emma, and your wonderful guests Lorin and Camille.

Karolyn Gainfort

Shri is a heart filled oasis in the middle of the city, the quality of teaching is outstanding. I work hard, feel and see the change in my body. Best of all, is the peace and calmness in my mind.

Kylie Walker

From day one I've found Shri Yoga an inspiring place to continue my yoga journey. The teachers are so knowledgable - both on asana alignment & the more philosophical aspects of yoga - & very effectively make this knowledge accessible to all the practitioners of the Shri community... I've met some lovely fellow yogis, & my yoga practice is evolving further with every visit... so basically, I feel Shri provides a very supportive environment. The workshops are also fantastic. I have to admit there are some nights when I think 'Staying home vs heading into the CBD for yoga... hmmm, tough call... staying home is definitely more convenient... but I do always feel great afterwards... yep, heading in is SO worth it'. Yay for Shri... good people, great yoga :D

Nicky Bennett

Shri Yoga Studio is a warm beautiful safe space and the perfect environment for meditation. I have a special thank you to Emma who was so genuinely caring when I had a major vulnerable moment and to Jo for inviting me to join her tonight. I will be back for both mediation & yoga classes.

Dara Tayrien

Shri is a great yoga studio and community with knowledgeable teachers. I think what differentiates it from the rest is that they help you to understand how you should do a pose properly (to get the most out of the pose and prevent injury). They've really helped me to take my practice to a different level. Plus there's all the other aspects of yoga if you are interested. I love how I feel when I'm there and after I leave. Thanks so much!

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