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Fire Shaper is an evolutionary practice of Hot Yoga. We bring a number of different elements into our controlled heated room which enable you to participate in a way that you may have never imagined. WHAT IS FIRE SHAPER? Hot yoga is a series of poses, or asana’s, carried out within a heated environment, typically 100 – 105°F, and a humidity of 40% – 50%. Bikram Choudhury had introduced his version of Hot Yoga in the 1970s called Bikram Yoga which, quickly became one of the most adopted yoga practices in the US. The heat and humidity allows increased results and flexibility in the body, helping you gradually attain your personal best with the poses, whilst simultaneously expelling harmful toxins from your body. It will also assist you with a range of benefits, from losing fat, building core muscles, improving balance, increasing energy, assisting sleep, and decreasing stress. The combination of the poses and the increased temperature helps stimulate and restore health to your joints, organs, muscles, and immune system whilst detoxifying your body. With our new and much enhanced suite of yoga classes corresponding with all age and skill levels, Fire Shaper has evolved and redefined both the heated yoga and the traditional yoga experience. Our improved range of classes provides the benefits of the Hot Yoga core-strength and body-shaping practices, with traditional yoga programs, to bring you an entirely new perspective to our philosophy. Also, when you come along, talk to one of our trainers about becoming a Fire Shaper teacher yourself at one of several Fire Shaper teacher training courses we run. OUR ORIGIN Fire Shaper is the brainchild of Dr. John Surie and his wife Natalie, both teachers and practitioners at their four studios. Natalie comes from Australia’s Gold Coast and has practiced hot yoga across the globe, becoming a qualified teacher in 2001. Her husband Dr. John has been a licensed chiropractor since 1997 with his own practice in New Jersey. A skilled martial artist and certified hot yoga instructor, Dr John began practicing heated yoga when he met Natalie in 2000. In 2002 they opened their first hot yoga studio in Westwood NJ. Since then the company has evolved from one to four chic studio spaces. Natalie and Dr. John are passionate about bringing the Fire Shaper Hot Yoga experience to as many people as possible, and with the opening of their new studio in Australia, that dream has fast become a reality.

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Fire Shaper Yoga Reviews

4(19 reviews)

Anna Lewinsky

If you need a studio that is sincerely welcoming, with trainers that are incredibly kind, supportive, disciplined, and encouraging and help you every step of the way, then you need to go to Fire Shaper. I am so grateful that I found them. No more discouraging looks that say *keep up you are so far behind*, no more boring classes, or unfriendly environment! Thank you guys, you are definitely the best!

Jason Dahman

Yoga has been part of my life since I know about myself. When I moved to Salisbury, I felt like part of me was missing since I had to leave my yoga studio (in which I was going for 10 years or more). Fortunately for me, I found Fire Shaper Yoga studio and now it is my second home. Wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Love you guys, see you next week.

Samantha Snow

As a business woman, I rarely have a time to go for long walks, runs or wait in line to use some fitness equipment in busy fitness studio. That is why I decided to try Fire Shaper. But after my first class, I found at least 20 more reasons why I should stay with them. Great instructors, even greater classes. I recommend it to everyone!

Maria Erne

You know that feeling of accomplishment, joy, happiness, energy you get after doing something good for yourself? That is the feeling I get always after a Yoga class in Fire Shaper, that's why when I moved here the first thing I did was find a Fire Shaper studio! They definitely know how to say HELLO!!! A friendly environment in which everyone are welcomed. The training is awesome too. A+ from me!

Michael Anderson

I have been to a lot of studios until I found Fire Shaper. This is the perfect studio for 3 simple reasons: • It is incredibly useful (I lost around 15 kilos) • The instructors are nice, kind, always there to help you. • The feeling after classes is addictive, you feel like a completely new person. I will never change it and DEFINITELY I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!

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