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Om Ma Ya Om Conscious Living Center

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Om Ma Ya Om Conscious Living Center

2 Reviews
Eden Cohen
Truly life changing experience. Amazing people, beautiful nature and delicious vegan food. For me, the retreat was really interesting, useful and efficient. I learned a lot about myself and how to deal with pain and stress. I think it’s the best gift you can give yourself.
Silva Matiros
The Vegan food...It is to die for. Amazing good. The nature you are surrounded in is so good feeling. I felt directly calm. This is the place to dicover yourself, be more consens of your choises in life. Who am i? Do I respect and love myself? Have I the power to change my way of thinking? It is, in the end my choise to have a good or bad life. All depends if I want to feed the black wolf or the white. In this retreat I leard so much. It was really inspiring in all ways. Tools to use for better life, self respect and new way of be a "better me". Am I in my own business or others when I talk, act or behave? I am the fighter and the writer of my life. This retreat was so inspiring and in the end I felt stronger within myself when I did the 10 days of retreat. I cryied??, i was angry of my self, i got a "aha moment" and i also laught so much that my stomach hurt?? The staff was amazing and puched you to be awere of life ??????. I will definitely do the retreat of 21 days sooner or later xxx

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Sangkat Romonea, Krong Saen Monourom. Sen Monorom Town, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia.
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