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About Us

Ekahi “Ee-kaw-hee” means “one” in Hawaiian and waves are the one thing that connects us all. Co-founders and owners Siri Marken, MEd, BscOT and Brett Wade, PhD, PT conceptualized the Ekahi Center after the success of the Ekahi Method book and seminars. They wanted a place where people could come to reset, expand, and restore.

Both Siri and Brett have extensive histories in the medical field and education. Siri practiced as an occupational therapist for fourteen years across Canada and completed her Master’s at McGill in 1998, before transitioning to the role of a college professor. Brett has been practicing physiotherapy for nearly twenty years and is also a college professor. He obtained his PhD from Rutgers University in 2012. In 2013 Brett published Ekahi Method which teaches people how their own energy affects all their relationships and their health. Brett and Siri have been doing seminars on the Ekahi Method since the book’s release.

In 2014, Brett and Siri wanted to find a home for the Ekahi Method. With their medical backgrounds, and interest in long term health and healing, they realized that they needed a center that provided services and practice that were foundational to the Ekahi Method. Both Brett and Siri have seen the health benefits of fitness, mindfulness, and yoga and realized that their unique backgrounds, interwoven with the Ekahi Method philosophy, would be an excellent foundation for a yoga and mindfulness studio. To create a practice that could also include “waves”, they developed a patented indoor surfboard to rock like the waves on the water, and challenge balance and core stability. In addition, with their knowledge of the potentially harmful effects of some waves, such as wireless radiation, they wanted to create a space where a person could go daily that was Wi-Fi screened.

In July 2014, their dreams were realized with the opening of the Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfulness. The Ekahi Method remains at the core of the center. Each client is encouraged to complete the Frequency Profile designed by Marken and Wade. The profile assigns people into one of five Base Frequencies: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, and VIOLET. In the seminars and in the book Ekahi Method, people learn the importance of honouring their Base Frequency for their health through the practice of mindfulness. In addition, Ekahi Method products for sale at the center to assist with deepening the meditation. Body sprays, roll-ons, and candles are specifically formulated to help people RESET to their Base Frequency. Go here to do your profile and learn more about Ekahi Method

In designing the Ekahi Center, Siri and Brett wanted to make sure the studio reflected their beliefs by using products and materials that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and limited exposure to wireless signals (Wi-Fi reduced). The meditation room at the Ekahi Center is lined with Wi-Fi blocking mesh. Brett wants everybody to have at least one hour in their day spent in meditation and in a wireless free zone. The effects of wireless signals on human health is an active area of Brett’s current research. Siri insisted that the flooring be natural cork and the paint have no VOC. The piece de resistance of the studio is the reclaimed oak on the front desk provided by Derek Frechette. All paper products will be recycled. Clients are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, or purchase a glass Ekahi Center bottle and use our filtered water station. Towels are washed in a super water efficient washing machine. Siri has hand made all the soaps, lotions, mat sprays and cleaning products which are made with natural ingredients and essential oils in refillable containers.

In keeping with all things wavy, Brett and Siri designed the surfboards used in the Ekahi Center Surfboard Classes. You have got to try this. Imagine yoga moves and strength training on an indoor surfboard that moves like you are on the water. Now imagine a wall where ocean waves are projected from the overhead projector – it doesn’t get cooler than that! The Ekahi Center offers surfboard classes, yoga classes, meditation classes, and monthly seminars. Memberships offer as many classes as you like, meditation classes, and discounts on seminars and Ekahi Method products.

Ekahi Center Reviews (8)

Susanne Engel
Love going to the classes. Best place in Kelowna for yoga, small classes and very educated teachers
Pamela Thompson
I've been regularly attending yoga classes at The Ekahi Center for about a year now. I love the welcoming atmosphere the owners Brett and Siri have created! The instructors are all heart-centered and provide great value. I particularly love the surf yoga classes Libby does on Saturday mornings. I strongly recommend you try Ekahi if you haven't yet!

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