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We are experienced curanderas and have led plant medicine ceremonies for more than 15 years.

During our long-term shamanic dietas in isolation with numerous master plants deep in the Peruvian jungle, we underwent hundreds of guided ceremonies with highly knowledgable indigenous shamans.

Our teachers are most honored masters like Kestenbetsa and Juan Flores Salazar, visionary Marko Evoré, Dr. R. G. Hamer, and energy healer Michael Barnett.

We draw inspiration from Tony Robbins, Arthur Janov, Stan Grof, and other mentors who focus on energy work and other aspects of life.

The unique approach we created together fuses ancient and modern consciousness-raising techniques.

Through our presence, we inspire our clients to fully step into their strength and sovereignty.

The number of participants in all our groups is limited to 12-15, so we can focus on everyone’s individual goals. Getting to know each person allows us to work intensely on personal goals, issues, and boundaries during the retreat.

In intensive group integration talks, we share our insights so that everyone can become aware of and resolve those issues and feel guided throughout the whole process.

With this, we create a synergetic effect that allows everyone to learn from the progress of all co-participants simultaneously.

Kambô treatments, mindful body and breathwork, and specific meditation practices complement our outstandingly protected plant medicine ceremonies.

We provide various tools that support a soft transition to your return home in inspirational talks and teachings.

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