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Born in Athens, Greece, she started her career in classic dance at a very young age. After having graduated as a dancer and dance instructor, she was awarded with scholarships by the Onassis Foundation and the State Scholarships Foundation and left for Paris. There, she started her career as a professional dancer, during which time she was given the opportunity to participate as “auditrice libre” in the Opéra de Paris. When she returned to Greece, she worked for the National Theatre of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki and, later on, for the Greek National Opera. Apart from her performance activity as a dancer, she also worked as a dance teacher for the National School of Dance in Athens, educating young dancers. Following Athens, she moved to Cyprus where she collaborated with the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and taught in various dance schools. In 2009, and following some medical problems, she was intrigued by the Pilates method and started her education in Brussels at the Corpus Pilates Studio Teacher Training Course with Kelly McKinnon. In 2010, she got fascinated by the world of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, which added a fresh dimension to her brand new journey. Pilates: the path to a healthier lifestyle Pilates is a mind-body exercise method performed on a floor mat or on a variety of especially designed equipment. The method was created by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) and it is based on both Western and Eastern philosophies. With the design of this exercise system during the First World War, the creator of Pilates aimed at improving the rehabilitation process for the returning veterans, since he strongly believed that the mental and physical health are indeed interrelated. Therefore, the objective of this method is to enable the trainee to acquire a healthy physical structure, as well as a harmonious body-mind balance. The Pilates method has six basic principles: Breathing, Concentration, Centring, Control, Precision and Flowing Movement. It puts special emphasis on the alignment of the spine, enabling the trainee to find the perfect postural alignment, while at the same time it emphasizes on a controlled, deep breathing. Every exercise is accompanied by a breathing pattern. Pilates can be performed by anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level. A Pilates session may last one hour and classes may be private or in small groups of 2-3 people*. The technique may be applied in equipment-free mat classes or reformer classes (especially designed machines that suit every individual’s unique needs).


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Spiral Studio, 15, Stratigou Makrigianni, Limassol 3022, Cyprus
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